Top 5 Windshield Wiper Blades Review

We provide you here an ample amount of Information about the Best Windshield Wiper for the use of your automobile, taking into account a variety of all types and brands of Windshield wipers available in the market.

Introduction Windshield Wiper Review

When it comes to windshield wipers, we are easily swayed by certain fraudulent companies and are tricked into buying something that does not entirely cater to our needs. We usually forget about it until we’re out on the road and it starts pouring down and Bam! You realize your windshield wiper is leaving streaks and smudges all over your windscreen and you can barely see in the downpour. What would you have yourself do? A downpour is definitely not the best time for you to discover that you need better windshield wiper blades right? And with some assistance from us, you may have all the safety hazards set in place for any driving conditions.

There are numerous designs and brands of windshield wipers and it gets rather complicated trying to find a more durable windshield wiper at a reasonable price. It’s not an expensive purchase since the prices range from $10-$25 but you have to get a good product right? If you go over to convenience store, the language baffles you, whether you want a basic rubber blade or would other features better suit you? And you might end up getting scammed. Here we have examined and inquired about the most famous windshield wipers amongst buyers and made your work easier for you by shrinking the list to the top three windshield blades considering their durability, design and price:

Top 5 Windshield Wiper Blades Review

5. Rain X 50792811 Wiper Blades

These wiper blades are considered as of the top quality wipers on the basis of best available designs and long lasting feature. The Rain-X wiper blades are made up of soft yet sturdy rubber with graphite coating which can stand any type of weather extremity. The Rain-X wiper blades are water repellent blades that assist in providing better visibility at the time of driving. Its elastic feature leaves no scratch and gives an even cleaning of the windshield. Such wipers thwart the attachment of snow and rain drops over the windshield and avoid any damage during hailstones or heavy storms. The size of the Rain-X wipers ranges from 16 inch to 28 inch, providing ease for any type of need. These come along with the manual instructions for easy fixing of the wipers to the vehicle’s windshield. The most common design consists of J-shape hook which easily gets installed in the windshield. Other designs of the wiper include the large size J-hook blades, side pin blades, spike-shaped blades, arm-shaped blades. All such designs are made for the universal use for all types of vehicles.

These wiper blades show a best performance in any kind of weather conditions either its extreme winter or hot summer. Such wiper blades neither get jammed due to freezing cold nor the rubber gets melted in intense sunny day. These are known best for the durability and the excellent flexible feature of the rubber has a firm grip over the windshield which is effective in cleaning any shape of windshield, even the curved ones. The Rain-X wiper blades are regarded as of the top one for working superbly in very high speed as-well. The wiper blades last long than the simple blades and are less expensive as compared to the high features they offer. These blades are of the perfect shape and structure which leaves a windshield all new and clean without any scratches or cracks on it. Moreover, these blades are aerodynamic hence neither a fast blowing wind affects its functionality. Another great advantage of the use of Rain-X wiper blades is that these are double-faced blades i.e. you can easily switch one side of the rubber blade with the back side at the times of need which increases the durability of a single pair of wiper blades and provides the maximum benefit over the high cost. Furthermore, the blades come with the additional adapter that enables the setting up of the wiper blades to any model and size of the vehicle.

Overall, customers have ranked this product as of the highest quality due to its long lasting benefit as compared to any other blades providing optimum gaining through one time spending of money and worry free time of buying a new one for every season as other get weary soon enough. The shape of the wiper blades is made to be used for different types of windshields and the long size facilitates to clean almost the entire windshield for a clear and non-blurry view to the driver and the passengers.


Material Synthetic Rubber
Multiple Sizes Yes
Item Weight 8 ounces
Product Dimensions 28.8 x 0.9 x 4.3 inches
Sold By Alliance Automotive
Customer Rating 4.0/5 By 3189 Customers

4. Bosch 26-A ICON Wiper Blades

Bosch wiper blades are efficient and among the high rated products for providing a well result in cleaning a windshield, without getting worn out for a longer interval of time. The Bosch wiper blades last 40% longer than the premium blade presented in the market. These oppose any scratch or crack of the windshield. The wipers carry out their function in even cold winter nights and in hot summer days without malfunctioning of the wiper blades.

The Bosch wiper design gives a clearer view to the driver by evenly clear outing the windshield even in the severe conditions of weather. The original Bosch design of the wiper exerts pressure uniformly over the entire windshield and not just on the end positions or the center of the windshield. This wiper too is made to be fit universally in every type of motor vehicle. The Bosch wiper blades are available in 12 diverse sizes, having a range from 13 inches to 28 inches and almost all the types cover the whole windshield to be cleaned. These wipers usually come for both the front and back side of the windshields with easy installation facility and further adapters to make these wipers fit in to every means of transportation. Such design makes no sound while in function even if it is at the highest speed mode.

This type of wiper blade can be used in all types of seasons and do not get destructed with melting heat of sun or freezing snow. These blades are popular for their quality to last longer than traditional wiper blades even in tough situations of weather. The blades have a suitable weight that applies a leveled pressure over the windshield, saving your money to buy new wipers every now and then. The Bosch blades are of high standard blades used by the high level vehicles like BMW and Lexus. The users have given a profound feedback by appreciating and loving the Bosch product to be used for having a clear and fine view to be seen through the windshields. The driver copiously enjoys the driving even in harsh weather state. The wipers come along with the guide book for the users to fit in the wiper blades in the easiest way possible.

Material FX Dual Rubber
Multiple Sizes Yes
Item Weight 8.8 ounces
Product Dimensions 2.6 x 28.7 x 1.2 in
Sold By
Customer Rating 4.5/5 By 3429 Customers

3. ANCO-313124 Wiper Blades

These wiper blades are of the top pick because of the competency to perform high quality functions within a reasonable range cost. The ANCO wipers are made of DuraKlear rubber which enables a clear view through proper cleaning of windshields. These have adapters to make the wiper blades set in different types of automobiles. These are accessible in economic prices for the users.  The ANCO wiper blades are present in 16 different kinds ranging in size from 10 inches to 28 inches and depending upon your need, you can choose the suitable one for your car. The flexible makeup of the blades enables the hold on the entire windshield with the most convenient system of installation available in the whole market. Some types of blades are aerodynamically designed that work appropriately even at high speeds.

Such blades never leave any scratch on the windshield even in poor weather forms, proving to be a high quality product. However, the company suggests altering the wiper blades after every six months of time to get first-rate performance. The company also recommends cleaning the wiper blades at every time of wash to attain better end result because the dust may get stick to the rubber, making its efficiency to weaken with the passing time. During the winter, it is proposed to clean the windshield with a piece of cloth before operating the wiper blades to prevent the breaking of wiper rubbers or you will have to replace the wipers quite sooner and that would be a loss of your money.

The users have loved the economical ANCO wiper blades that make the work done in a suitable manner though you would have to buy new ones after 6 to 7 months but the inexpensive wiper blades have proved sufficient advantage in a less interval of time. These blades have easy to install feature that can be bedded in any vehicle easily by using the available adapters.

Material DuraKlear Rubber
Multiple Sizes Yes
Item Weight 6.4 ounces
Product Dimensions 26.1 x 2.1 x 0.9 inches
Sold By
Customer Rating 4.0/5 By 2084 Customers


2. Rain-X Weather Beater Blades

This wiper blade provides you with a slightly advanced technology for wiping the soot and road grime off your windscreen for the whole year round. The Rain X wiper blade has been rated 4.0/5 average which is an impressive rating on Amazon. These wipers are reasonably a good product and are recommended by most buyers.  The Rain X wiper blade is manufactured with a squeegee rubber, which makes it completely resistant against all the harsh weather conditions that may harm your safety on the road. The sudden onset of rain that might make you helpless on the road, or snow or even the blazing heat of the sun which interferes with the wellbeing of your wiper blade but the Rain X Weather beater has a strong resistance for all. Mostly all of these things cause the wiper rubber to crack and tear, making your blades inefficient in completely making your windscreen clean and smudge free. A good way to avoid all these situations is to choose a design that caters to all your needs.

These wiper blades also have galvanized wiper blades that can withhold the damp weather without leading to rust or smut. The Rain X Weather beater blades also come with an easy installation. You may get the manual for your installation from your purchase store or you can ask the local auto parts store to help you with the installation. The weather-beater has been designed to withhold all sorts of harsh and severe weather conditions. The different varieties of seasons bring different adversities, with them like snow, rain and sleet all keep you in danger of an unclear vision. With the modification of Rain X Weather-beater, which provides pressure at four specific pressure points, these wiper blades will make sure to get you best coverage, keeping your windscreen spotless.

Material Synthetic Rubber
Multiple Sizes Yes
Item Weight 0.2 ounces
Product Dimensions 0.67 x 2.24 x 22.8 in
Sold By
Customer Rating 4.0/5 By 2500 Customers

1. Aero Premium All Season (Frameless)

The Aero Premium blades are frameless and come with all season modifications, which are designed to best fit your new car. Their premium design is manufactured to easily replace your
equipment and within a reasonable price. Reviving good reviews from purchasers, these blades have been rated 4.5/5 on Amazon. The biggest advantage of the Aero blade is the great variety of cars they adjust in. They are somewhat your go-to product. Their size range is quite extensive ranging from 13-2veni8 inches. It would be convenient to check the precise size of windshield wiper blade before replacement.The design and style of the rubber material make them a perfectly good option over your traditional wiper blades.

Material  FX Dual Rubber
Multiple Sizes  Yes
Item Weight  10.1 ounces
Product Dimensions  20 x 4 x 4 inches
Sold By WiperMaster
Customer Rating  4.5/5 By 1951 Customers

Installation of Wiper Blades

Mostly market blades are provided with adapter that help user to install specific brand product with much more ease. Most common process use J-hooks for attachment along with small and large pins, side lock’s and a top lock. The companies have started to design the wiper blades that could be installed in almost every type of vehicle, without a user getting frustrated and annoyed with the ease of availability of extra adapters. Thus, the most common in use adapters are as follows:

  • Kwik Connecting System
  • Multi Adapter
  • Instant Click Adapter
  • Universal Quick Lock
  • SWIFT Adapter
  • EZSNAP Connecting Structure

How To Use Windshield Wiper Blades

Each vehicle has its own size of the wiper blades in accordance to the size of its windshields. If you want to purchase new ones for your vehicle so you can easily visit the store to choose the best of the product for your vehicle’s model. Selecting wrong size blades would result in poor results of cleaning due to extra long or short size of the rubber blade. If the wipers are too long then they would run over each other and wouldn’t perform the actual function of cleaning whereas, too short size would not cover the entire windshield to enable a plain view for the driver or a traveler.

If one of the two blades gets worn out so you should change both of them at a moment because the other may not perform well as the new one and it would affect the view through the windshield. Similarly, even though the back windshield’s wiper blade may not come in use very often but it is necessary to alter the front and back windshields’ wiper blades simultaneously as with the passage of time the rubber gets cracked and may not work proficiently.

In addition, it is very important to keep the wiper blades cleaned and to frequently wash them to achieve efficient results for a longer time. For this purpose, it is recommended to wash them every time you wash your car which would favor their durability along with better performance. The simplest way is to use a piece of cloth to wipe off all the dirt and grubby material glued to the wiper blades to foil cuts and scratches to the windshield. This cleaning task is useful for you in means of using the product for availing the advantages for a plenty amount of time. Also, even though you have purchased high quality and high costly wiper blades, you should prefer not to use the wiper blades to clean off the snow because it would directly damage the work ability of the wiper blades and would bring thin scratches to your windshield. It would also lessen the efficiency of the wiper blades to work for a longer point of time.

There are mainly three main indicators to recognize that when you need to change your wiper blades:

The Climate: An extreme cold or hot weather would definitely affect your wiper blades.

The Area: A place where you drive your vehicle has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your wiper blades to work properly.

The Usage Interval: How frequent the wiper blades are used, result in the durability of wiper blades.

If your wiper blades make noise, along with putting scratches on your windshield then its probably the best time to change your wiper blades before it is too late.

Choosing The Best Products – Buyers Guide

Windshield wipers are a very crucial feature for safety on your car and must be kept in a good condition. Deteriorated blades that are either cracked or worn out may not give you a clean and clear windshield in poor weather conditions. While it may seem a simple feature, quite unnoticeable at times, it has ability to prevent an accident by keeping your windscreen clean during adverse conditions.

Generally, we consider the use of windshield wipers no more as a part of vehicle but its importance is realized in the times of rain and storm which makes the driving possible much easily and delightful. The windshield wipers are basically a safety measures to prevent any accident or mishap during driving due to adverse conditions of weather. Whereas, an unclean or damaged wiper can leave scratch marks and would  make a windshield blurry so it is extremely important to choose the best windshield wipers according to your needs beforehand,  as a precautionary plan for assuring the safety during driving to evade any sort of accident.

When we often find out that the windshield wipers are broken so in a rush, we simply buy another pair of wipers of cheap price just to fulfill the immediate need for wipers but in reality we are deceiving ourselves by buying a cheaper product which doesn’t work for long as compared to a quality one which may be high in cost but gives a lot convenience in performing a better function for a longer epoch of time.

There is a huge variety of different brands and types of windshield wipers that at the moment you may become double minded while buying that which would suit your requirements. It depends upon your choice that you want a simple rubber blade or a one with diverse features. The price of the windshield wipers falls from $10 to $30 making the purchasing quite reasonable for buying an inexpensive product of high quality. A heavy-duty wiper blade is made up of material that guarantees the crystal clearing of the windshield even in adverse weather conditions.

While making a decision to choose best wiper blades for your vehicle, you should specifically keep under consideration the model of your vehicle to purchase the wiper blades that fit your windshield. Most of the wiper blades do not come with warranty, thus, you should keep in check the state of the wiper blades and change them within time before they become useless for the purpose of cleaning.

Furthermore, it is not guaranteed that a higher cost would result in high quality products though it is a very common fact. However, an expensive product offers various features to rely on for having the maximum benefits for using for their vehicle’s windshield.

If you have to travel long distances and cover rough roads then it is recommended to use premium wiper blades that would last for a longer period of time and suitable for driving within a dusty area as only a high quality wiper blades can with stand the dirt elements and perform best. On top, in the daily use of vehicles within a town, the basic wiper blades would be appropriate enough to work well.

Material Used In Windshield Wiper


Conventional wipers are made of rubber because it is inexpensive and easy to make one, The flexible rubber easily grips the windscreen and is a good combination with the steel housing. The only drawback of rubber is that it may get dried up and start cracking after a certain season and is not that durable when it comes to exposure whether it’s snow or the crackling heat of sun. For such reasons it needs replacement every six months.


They are the trendiest material in market because they prove to be more durable than rubber blade and can hold up to harsh conditions such as off-roading. Another advantage of silicon is that it provides a touch of oil to the windscreen, making the blades’ work easier. Mostly 4X4’s vehicles use silicon blades for high performance while off-road. They are accessible at more sophisticated markets and for sports cars.


In order to achieve the best results in performance, blades should be manufactured with better and upgraded rubber properties. Choosing right stuff increases the durability and to make them long lasting. Teflon and Graphite are famous for coating blades. In most cases blade edges are coated with such material. This makes the blade even more durable and provides better results.

The main two styles of existing wiper blades are either framed or bracket-less. The framed wiper blades comprise of steel frame which doesn’t exert equal pressure on the blade and rather on only few positions of wiper blade which can lead to the formation of streaks on the windshield. The framed wiper blades are the traditional wiper blades for cleaning purpose.
On the other hand, the bracket-less wiper blades are of the new style that has a beam attached to it additionally that works to put even pressure to the wiper blade. This is the reason that new designed wiper blades have been liked and purchased by most of the customers.

Following is inclusive information about all of the best types of windshield wipers, which will provide you the knowledge needed to buy wipers for your vehicle that would fit in your necessities while driving in any kind of weather, either during a normal rainy day or a hailstorm.


Windshield wiper blades are an essential part of your vehicle, providing protection against any mishaps while you are driving yet there are some people who do not consider the presence of wiper blades as important as they are and that is the reason they might suffer with a trouble of vague vision whereas, the people who recognize the actual advantage of wiper blades are the one to gain the utmost benefit by avoiding poor vision. The proper care of the wiper blades makes sure that you would not have to change your windshield, that might get scratched by the use of broken wiper blades or otherwise you would have to experience an unclear view during driving. An important point to bear in mind is to not wait for the wiper blades to get damaged or cracked rather you should take in advance steps of changing or upgrading your wiper blades to ensure proper and safe driving.
You can easily have an access to your requiring information about the best existing windshield wiper blades in a market within seconds through online websites that would assist you in answering your search for the right type of wiper blades for your vehicle.

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