Vremi Nonstick Cookware Set Review

Vremi Nonstick Cookware Set

Have you ever wondered that if it weren’t for the pots, pans and other cookware items in your kitchen cupboards, Vremi Nonstick Cookware Setyou would not be able to cook your meals and dinners. The truth is that a cookware set is simply indispensable in any kitchen. We all cook every day, and even if you are not much of a cuisine lover, you just have to prepare your meals. Thus having a good quality cookware set is essential.

Some people tend to attribute the price of a cookware set to its quality. There are various types and brands of cookware sets on the market and prices range a great deal. However, there is no need to break the bank in order to have a good quality cookware set. The Vremi Nonstick cookware set is evidence of this.

This cookware set is nonstick and made from good quality materials that will enable you to make use of these pots and pans for a long time. Besides, the design and vibrant colors of this cookware set will certainly brighten up your kitchen and your cooking mood!


The Vremi Nonstick cookware set comprises all that you could possibly need for your cooking. The set includes three saucepans measuring 14 x 6.5 cm, 16 x 7 cm and, 18 x 8 cm respectively. Each have a glass lid too. There is then a 24 x 11 cm stockpot, also with a glass lid. There are also two frypans, one measuring 20 x 4 cm / 8” and the other 26 x 5 cm / 10”. Besides the Vremi cookware set also includes 5 pieces of indispensable kitchen tools, namely a slotted spoon and spatula, a ladle, a pasta server and a potato masher. These are made from FDA grade nylon. There are thus 15 pieces in all.

One will be able to choose from the traditional black color, or the more modern option where the items are in very bright colors, such as yellow, purple, blue, teal and red. This cookware set is non stick and PTFE and PFOA free. Since they are made from aluminium one can expect longevity and durability from this cookware set.Vremi Cookware

If you have been looking for a cookware set which couples up durability and convenience with an affordable price, then you need look no further as the Vremi nonstick cookware set definitely strikes the right balance.

The fry-pans, saucepans and stockpot are of varying sizes, and they are ideal for all types of cooking needs, regardless to how big or small your family is. Besides there are the five kitchen tools included in the set as well, so that one does not have to buy such indispensable tools separately either.


In a nutshell, the Vremi nonstick cookware set is nicely designed to suit anyone’s preferences since one can choose between the multicolored set or the black set. And as it is made from non toxic PTFE and PFOA free aluminum, one can benefit from good quality and durability, coupled up with safety and convenience. The price is very reasonable and competitive too when considering that this is a nonstick cookware set and that it comprises fifteen pieces.

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