Top Electric Knives of 2018 – Reviews

A Line-Up of the Best Electric Knives of 2018 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Electric knives aren’t new to the market, but in 2018, technology has launched them fully into the future. Your kitchen can be transformed into a safer, more efficient, and more convenient hub to sate your cravings and entertain your guests. There’s no longer a need to manual cut through dense meats, breads, or vegetables. These electric knives apply force and precision so even the novice chef can have premium results. But why not see for yourself? Learn more about this top-rated selection of 2018, which have become customers’ favorite due to unique features and specs.”

Adding an electric knife to your kitchen means ease of use and more precision. If you’ve ever dreaded carving up the Christmas ham or always struggle to make exact slices in your homemade bread, then bring some fun back to the experience with the help of technology. Electric knives are hassle free and allow you to enjoy faster result with less difficulty, especially if your wrists hate the effort of carving vegetables, fruit, and other items.Best Electric Knife 2017

But which one is best for you? Having been on the market so long, how has the technology improved? Do you need a specific one for certain food stuffs?

Worry not. Here we have compiled our top tier picks for 2018, breaking down their best features and specs. These are categorized based on their affordability, long-lasting nature, if they can endure commercial use, and how easy they are to use.

Let’s dive in!

Best Electric Knife Reviews

Top 10 Picks of 2018

Cuisine Best electric knife $ 39.14 Cuisine Buy Now
Rapala Best electric knife $ 31.73 Rapala Buy Now
Oster Best electric knife $ 25.99 Oster Buy now
Hamilton 74250 Best electric knife $ 25.40 Hamilton 74250 Buy now
Hamilton 74275 Best electric knife $ 23.99 Hamilton 74275 Buy now
Hamilton 74375N Best electric knife $ 18.96 Hamilton 74375N Buy now
Mister Twister Best electric knife $ 39.99 Mister Twister Buy now
Cuisine EK-570B Best electric knife $ 14.64 Cuisine EK-570B Buy now

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

Quality is a fundamental component in the selection of every item. When it comes to the best Cuisinart CEK 40 best electric knifeelectric knife, never ignore this element. Always choose the branded item for this purpose. It plays an important role in your cooking, and the CEK-40 is manufactured by the innovative brand that makes your cooking super stylish. As a brand, they offer supreme, personalized items and have an online presence with various kitchen products. They make home delivery convenient for the customers, due to same-day pickup, and they offer 24/7 support.

But what about this knife in particular? Due to the exclusive quality, you can enjoy this durable item without any hurdle. It is highly feasible for you to leverage this electric knife’s abilities for all your small or big occasions cooking such as Christmas, birthdays, or even weddings.

It is designed to provide you a variety of options in the kitchen, with the aim of offering even entertainment through its speedy abilities. It’s all about simplicity and the delivery of convenience. Here are some of its perks:

  • Developed to North American Electrical Standards
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Includes butcher block holding tray, carving blade, and bread blade
  • Wood block storage tray
  • Efficient stainless steel blades

It offers a huge collection of smart features. You can enjoy special sales and exclusive offers to get this affordable knife for even less. Feel like a chef when you are using Cuisinart CEK-40, since these accessories are exclusive. You can use it on a 15 inch cookie sheet, in 12-cup muffin pans (with some angling), a medium loaf pan, a cake pan, and a round cake pans. It contains a stainless steel blade that makes it highly efficient and practical. The color coding decreases the danger of cross-contamination during food preparation. It is non-stick color coating for easy slicing.  The durable steel makes it a perfect choice for long-term use.

A decent style will regularly cost a bit, but this comes in at a reasonable price. It helps the users in managing their cooking, and is perfect for offering easy care. All the items are dishwasher safe and can be used in the microwave.

Brand Cuisine
Material Stainless Steel
Storage Block Wood
Blade Types Bread blade,  Carving blade, Butcher
Color Black, Natural
Dimension 12 x 4 x 5.5 in
Weight 4 pounds
Blade Length 7.5 in
Storage Case Yes
Customer Rating 4.4/5 By 117,6 Customers

Cuisinart CEK-40 electric Knife Buy Now

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Make your dinner memorable with the best electric knife possible.Rapala Heavy Duty best electric knife If you are fond of cooking, then quality kitchenware will be your first love. Rapala is the name of excellence, since they produce innovative items for kitchen and dining table use.

This knife contains the unique configuration that makes it highly efficient. It is composed of B-grade proclaim, which is light-weight and durable. It is BPA-free and designed in an elegant white color with contemporary grey-trim detail. The diversity of shades and colors make the collection more adorable at your dining table. For offering easy cleaning, this item is admirable.

The extraordinary shine of the blade makes it an eye-catchy product in your kitchen, since it contains a mirror polish. It is perfect for your use due to its eco-friendly nature, and it provides great carving of fruit and vegetables. It is dishwasher safe and great for everyday use, being made from stainless steel and with anti-toxic material. This heavy-gauge steel core won’t wither or get stuck on surfaces accidentally, as it’s designed to keep a tight shape at all times, unraveling only when you intentionally make it so.

Brand Rapala
Material Stainless Steel
Storage Block Plastic
Blade Types Fillet
Color Black, Grey
Dimension 2.2 x 6 x 15.8 in
Weight 2 pounds
Blade Length 7.5 in
Storage Case Yes
Customer Rating 4.4/5 By 177 Customers

Rapala Heavy duty Electric Fillet Knife Buy Now

Oster FPSTEK2803B Electric Knife Carving Fork

The best electric knife offers a wide range of functionality for executing all your carving needs. The Oster FPSTEK2803B best electric knifebroad selection of designs for this knife and its accessories is extremely exclusive. Oster’s target is to give an enormous and huge shopping selection to their customers, so you can make the best choice for your kitchen. They make it possible to enjoy a wonderful dinner or lunch with these innovative items.

This knife is perfect for home use. It adds extra flare to your special event, and convenience to your cooking endeavors. It is made from cadmium, and is PFOA- and lead-free. It is dishwasher safe and able to adjust where space is premium. You can wash it with warm soapy water by hand as well, which is recommended to preserve the knife’s original appearance.

Brand Oster
Material Stainless Steel
Storage Block Plastic
Blade Types Serrated
Color Black
Dimension 3 x 6.2 x 12.6 in
Weight 1.1 pounds
Blade Length 7.5 in
Storage Case Yes
Customer Rating 3.3/5 By 153 Customers

Oster FPSTEK2803B Electric Knife Carving Fork Buy Now

Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve’n Set Electric Knife – with Case

Carving in style is becoming the new standard, which is why Hamilton Beach is a trusted favorite for most of the country. The best Hamilton Beach best electric knifeelectric knife delivers style, class, comfort, and trust at one compact set – and this Carve’n Set certainly delivers it elegantly. The main goal is to provide safe and secure cooking for home users and chefs. It is no doubt a value conveyed with this item, as it has been designed by the group that exemplifies that thought, and consistently works to give you the best quality service possible.

This knife is designed with modern technology and the most asked-for features, upgraded according to the demands of a new era. All the items contained in this set  are made up of solid and sturdy material that will last a lifetime, making it a spendy choice but certainly one that will last.

Innovative brands offer electric knives made of material for your home to remain completely safe and secure. The classy collection of is available online. Exclusive quality always makes them unique and different from others. You will never find these items casual and informal because they always prefer style and class for you. Due to the diversity of shades and variety of designs, it will raise the elegance of your kitchen.

Brand Hamilton 74250
Material Stainless Steel
Storage Block Plastic
Blade Types Serrated
Color White
Dimension 11.8 x 3.1 x 5.8 inches
Weight 1.5 pounds
Blade Length 7.5 inches
Storage Case Yes
Customer Rating 4.6/5 By 4 Customers

Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve’n Set Electric Knife with case Buy Now

Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife with Case (74275)

Searching for the machinery or the appliances for home use is very common and you can get easilyHamilton Beach 74275 yourstrust branded item from the market at affordable prices. But, the real difficulty comes when you are going to buy the item that is substandard. Checking the best electric knife needs your special attention and keen observation. A user must focus on the high-specs of the device as well as check whether it is in a proper working condition or not.

The other vital issue that needs to be checked is that what is the negative point or cons of the device. Because this item does not need any repairs, no matter how much use you subject it to, it’s a worth-while investment. The efficiency and output of the machine is dynamic. It is simple in use and easy to install. The complicated item can give you a tough time after or during fixing. Always prefer modern technology and modified configuration because it is sure to give you the best results.

Choosing this device means you have chosen a trusted brand, offering an authentic configuration and dependable tools; their items are very innovative. It’s famous due to the shimmering features and its efficient materials. For the users it is completely safe, and users love it for its soft and smooth functionality.

Brand Hamilton 74275
Material Stainless Steel
Storage Block Plastic
Blade Types Serrated
Color Black
Dimension 6.9 x 3.2 x 13.4 in
Weight 2.4 pounds
Blade Length 7.5 in
Storage Case Yes
Customer Rating 4.0/5 By 592 Customers

Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife with Case (74275) Buy Now

Hamilton Beach 74375N Electric Knife

Hamilton Beach 74375N best electric knifeFor offering solid carving and providing support to your cooking needs, this knife is dynamic. With a variety of smart features, it helps you to enhance the taste of your dishes. Here are just some of the perks of this knife and its brand:

  • This product is extremely powerful and is designed with an original style.
  • It offers beauty to enhance the elegance of your kitchen.
  • Alluring and offers affluent shimmer.
  • Exclusive quality that offers easy care.

This knife offers an attractive modern designs. The diverse shades and variety of styles will give you ample choices. It is quite safe for your family because it’s easy to clean, keeping germs at bay. Use this innovative item for comfortable and long-time cutting, should you be hosting a large party with many guests and many dishes. It can handle the task. Among the users, this item is popular due to the easy care.

Brand Hamilton 74375N
Material Stainless Steel
Storage Block Plastic
Blade Types Serrated
Color White
Dimension 3.1 x 7 x 7 in
Weight 3.1 pounds
Blade Length 7.5 in
Storage Case Yes
Customer Rating 4.0/5 By 94 Customers

Hamilton Beach 74375N Electric Knife Buy Now

Mister Twister MT-1208

This knife is Mister Twister MT 1208 best electric knifeknown on the market for the supreme quality and most efficient abilities it offers. It knows how to cater your needs, comprised of durable material. It plays an energetic role in making your cutting, carving, and slicing needs easy, with smooth operation and quality results. It is a waterproof item that keeps your metal safe from getting rusty, even after multiple runs in the dishwasher.

It is the best electric knife because of the smart features. It sets standards of quality and manufacturing according to the demand of customers. The eco-friendly material is perfect to provide soft support, and it’s both lightweight and comfortable to use. At such a great price, it’s certain to fit with your kitchen needs.

Brand Mister Twister
Material Stainless Steel
Storage Block Plastic
Blade Types Fillet
Color White, Blue
Dimension 11.3 x 9 x 3 in
Weight 1.5 pounds
Blade Length 9.0 in
Storage Case Yes
Customer Rating 3.9/5 By 71 Customers

Mister Twister MT-1208 Buy Now

Elite Cuisine EK 570 B

This knife is extremely functional, unique, and consistent. Due to the high quality, it is one of most efficient devices, with Elite Cuisine EK 570B best electri knifesharp blades made shiny due to stainless steel. It is solid and sturdy, and intended with sleek design for slim slices. It contains two serrated blades and can adjust its power to suit thicker slices. It is very easy to clean and easy to wash, with convenient buttons to eject the blade and make your work very simple.

This item saves you the time that you waste in cutting. The unique configuration and modified technology is wonderful for making your kitchen tasks easy. You can even use it on a commercial level, should you like to introduce it to your restaurant or small deli.

Brand Cuisine EK-570B
Material Stainless Steel
Storage Block Plastic
Blade Types Serrated
Color Black
Dimension 4 x 2.5 x 11.5 in
Weight 1.5 pounds
Blade Length 7.5 in
Storage Case Yes
Customer Rating 3.8/5 By 60 Customers

Elite cuisine EK 570 B Buy Now
Why an Electric Knife is for You

Electric knives make things faster and of higher quality – perfect for carving delicious hams, holiday turkeys, and many other items. By using these devices, you can make your dishes more delicious due to the variety of carving. The best electric knife does an excellent job slicing fruit, vegetables, meat, or bread. In the morning, it seems a blessing for those who have to make a meal and get out of the door without hassle. It is much easier to cut with these electric knives instead of using cutting boards, as their power is controlled and thorough, meaning no accidental cuts on your counter tops.

In hotels, restaurants, and other food preparation spots, these knives are used for increasing the functionality of the worker. It carves the food in thin and thick slices as per the requirement of the moment. It will provide enough support to the users for finishing their tasks. It makes your food tender and tasty as compared to the other manual devices. Due to the unique configuration, these items are wonderful for daily use. Modern technology makes them dynamic for the long-term.

What is Important When Choosing the Best Electric Knife?

Always choose the brand that offers of high quality kitchen items. They must be popular for their best electric knifeamazing style and for their knowledge of how to fulfill their promises. It is the best way to keep you within your budget. Do not miss this offer because you get an attractive package.

  • These electric knives are of high quality.
  • These are incredible because of the variety of designs.
  • The attractive colors and appealing outlines enhance the allure of the products.
  • These are made up of sturdy material and are in great demand.
  • They are completely comfortable due to the easy clean-up and care.
  • These are very simple to use. Moreover, for your delicate teenagers, the innovative brand provides you a completely comfortable environment in the kitchen.
  • The brand knows how to cater your cooking needs.

Online shopping becomes very easy with these options.

How to Choose a Reliable One?

When making your choice, it’s important that they feature these key aspects in their design and build: electric knife yourstrust

  • They are very easy to grasp or to hold.
  • You can use these lightweight electric knives on the go or when visiting friends.
  • Due to durability, the item is a dishwasher-safe product.
  • It contains eco-friendly material.

Furthermore, what else does  a great knife need?

Offers Quality

Improve your cooking skills with a knife that offers the opportunity to learn and improve. The main objective is a secure material that’s easy to practice with. It must not be a health hazard, and assembly must be easy.

best electric knife yourstrust

Safe for Beginners

If you’re introducing children or teenagers to the kitchen, then an electric knife offers a safe, easy, and fun way to do it. Since they’re the ‘technology generation,’ using a ‘smart knife’ will be much more exciting than the traditional routine; and since the blade takes care of all the work, there’s little worry of younger children cutting themselves accidentally. As a plus, even if your kids don’t like helping in the kitchen, an electric knife’s speedy work means they can complete their tasks fast and efficiently – and then be on their way. No more having to slave over meal preparation by yourself! Additionally, the blades are durable and come in an assortment of colors, allowing you to mix-match and boost the fun for all involved.

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