10 Best Tactical Pens In 2018

10 Best Tactical Pens

Whether a person is a student, a teacher, a banker, an accountant, a clerk, a shopkeeper or any other professional, he carries a pen while traveling to and from his work. That pen can simply be used as a writing tool. But we are living in a world where we can face anything at any time. Anything could happen anytime.

Being unprepared sometimes costs a lot. So we should make ourselves prepared to deal with such situations.The Best Tactical Pen in 2017

Are guns and knives only the way to protect you?

You can use your fist too but it can get bruises. Then why not with a pen that has a defensive feature in it too. Tactical pen is a multi-purpose tool. It can be used as a writing tool as well as a defense tool. This pen is a perfect synonym of the saying “a pen is mightier than a sword”.

A person should be aware of the dangers around him and he should be prepared for his safety. And if self defense is done with a thing so small that no one can recognize it as a weapon and that can be easily concealed then it’s amazing. Tactical pens are easy to carry. We can keep them in our bags, pockets and even in our wallets. A thing that appears very simple at first can be a life saving weapon.

Top 10 Tactical Pens Picks

Normal pens differ in color, features, qualities and prices so are these tactical pens. Among all of these pens, top 10 best pens are listed below with their qualities and specs.

1. Cold steel pocket shark

Cold steel pocket shark

It is also known as Charlie’s angels of pens. It is the cheapest pen in this list. It looks like a permanent marker. But there is a saying well suited here “appearances are always deceptive”.

It is made up of thick high impact plastic, walls that are 4 times thicker than an average marker. Its weight is 1.7 oz. Its cap screws on so that it is not interrupting while it is being used as a self defense pen. It can be used as a Yawara stick, a weapon in Japanese martial art. It is hunting and shooting equipment. It is virtually unbreakable permanent marker. It is strong, effective and a perfect tactical pen.

This pen is fat and solid both for some reasons. As it is fat it fits in your fist tightly and if you are going to stab it in someone’s abdomen it is so solid that it wouldn’t bend. It can also be used as a joint lock support device. Its dimensions are 7.5X4X1.

2. Uzi defender tactical glass breaker pen

Uzi defender tactical glass breaker pen

If you are being stuck in an auto accident or a building on fire, use Uzi defender pen to easily escape. Uzi is a brand that makes pens, knives and other gears. Uzi tactical pens are reliable companions in any life challenging situation.

It is made up of heavy duty lightweight aircraft aluminum. It has a carbide tip glass breaker. It has a hidden hand cuff key. It has paid a lot in defense purpose by special force elite. It has unique combination of life saving features. It also sports a nice pocket clip. It is included in this top pens list because of its sleek appearance, inexpensive feature and craftsmanship.

Uzi tac pen is basically available in two models “DNA catcher” and the other one is “glass breaker tip”. When you hit a person with this pen it scratches his skin and thus u get some tissues of the attacker that can help you out in identifying that person. The second model is simply used for breaking glasses. It is tough but not so heavy. In the midst of its body is a fisher space that can be refilled with ink. Retracting the tip requires 4 full turns. It is finished in gun metal grey. Its dimensions are 6.2X0.9X0.6.

3. Promag archangel defense pen

Promag archangel defense pen

If you are stuck in a situation that degrades into hand-to-hand combat, go for a PROMAG archangel defense pen. Pen features a CNC machined T6 aircraft grade aluminum body with a black type 3 hard-anodized coating. It can be used as a PDA stylus.

Its quality construction makes it provide superior strength and impact resistance. If it breaks, don’t worry, as it comes with life time replacement guarantee. You would get a new pen soon. Its cap screws on that prevent it to pop off while in use. Its cartridge is replaceable and pressurized black ink. Its unique design allows you to write while upside down or getting wet in rain. It was designed as a companion to police, military and executives.

This can withstand years of violent use. Its length is 5-3/8 inches and its thickness is .728 inches.

4. Schrade tactical fountain pen

Schrade tactical fountain pen

Want to flee from the clutches of your enemies? Use SCHRADE tactical fountain pen. This pen looks incredibly cool, not only this, it writes amazingly well too. It has a black aircraft-grade aluminum body, gripping is made easy with ridges on its surface, has replaceable cartridge, whistle and an incorporated fire starter (ferrocenium fire rod). This pen does not conceal a knife blade.

It is light weighted. Size and weight wise it is a pretty nice pen to hold. It’s actually a long pen as well caped, just a smidge too long to fit nicely in a front shirt pocket. This pen is a perfect choice for EDC or emergency situations. The end of this pen will do some damage. It is a cartridge only pen. It is finished in matte black. It has a fine point nib that helps you in jotting notes. It is recreational and professional. Its pen cap features pocket clip. Its looks are least aggressive. Its dimensions are 3.9X4.7X2.8 inches.

5. Smith and wesson military and police tactical pen

Smith and wesson military and police tactical pen

It is a 3 purpose pen, not only to jot important notes and get self defense, its perfect personal tip is used by tablet and e-reader users. This ingenious design is by Taylor brands. It is made of aircraft aluminum and glass breaking end is made of tungsten carbide.

It has black pocket clip and a refillable black ink cartridge. It uses Parker and Hauser ink cartridge. It has screw on and off cap. Carrying it outside can cause issues as it is clearly a tactile pen. These are unassuming yet incredibly lethal. It is a perfectly legal tool for close-quarter combat in the middle of a flight. It’s just a pen, after all. But it’s also sturdy as hell. They are reasonably priced. Both sides of this pen are pointed. One side has a nib to write smoothly while the other nasty aluminum tip is your tactical defense tool.. it is perfect for damaging soft tissues of the attacker.

Griping is made easy by featuring it with circular indentations. Its length is 5.7 inches. Its weight is 0.06 inches.

6. Boker plus bolt-action tactical pen

Boker plus bolt action tactical pen

Want to break a window or to break a bone, your best choice is a BOKER plus bolt-action pen. Its body is made up of anodized milled aluminum that provides optimum ergonomics.

It has Maicarta body and its ends are titanium coated aluminum ends. It’s a handsome jet black pen with a blunt tip that saves you from harming someone mistakenly. It is entertaining in situations where you feel bored as in your class room, in pointless staff meetings, while listening to some one’s scolding and sitting idle waiting for someone. Opening and closing of tip use bolt action mechanism that is fun to use. As the metal bolt actuator makes an audible sound mimicking a heavy duty rifle.

There is a spring retention force that will automatically retract it. The only drawback in it is its small cartridge as most of the space is allocated for bolt action mechanism. It’s finishing is smooth, titanium gray and provides hard and durable exterior. It has clip integrated designs that provides easy placement in pocket. It is not a firearm. It makes no compromises in writing comfort. It is water proof. Rain and wet grip does not keep us away from writing with it. Fisher ink is used. Thumb area is designed with notched rings on it providing smooth grip. The tip can screw off showing a rubber O-ring to prevent water from entering in the chamber. It is retractable survival pen. Its dimensions are 6.2X1.8X0.8 inches.

7. Crkt tao tactical pen

Crkt tao tactical pen

Columbia River Knife and tool is an incredibly magical pen. It is a multi-quality pen. It comprises of three features: crown on the cap, pointed butt and the pen point that can efficiently make your work of defense easier.

These three features are used at three levels. First level is when you are being attacked by an assailant use the crown on cap by hitting on head or hands. Second level uses sharp pointed butt end to give disabling pressure point behind ear, at armpit or throat. Third level is started if we can’t resist the attack. At this level pen point is used to penetrate in soft tissues of throat, chest or abdomen. This is the worst attack if the assailant cannot resist it. It was designed by the renowned knife designer Allen Elishewitz. These are non-reflective. They come with nylon fabric case.

They are available in four colors: no reflective olive drab and tactical black, plus brown with bright grooves and black with bright grooves. It has fisher space cartridge and this pen can write in freezing cold, under water, boiling heat and at any angle. It is made up of highest quality aluminum, hard and anodized. It has tantalizing style. Its dimensions are 5.8X0.2X0.2 inches.

8. Gerber impromptu tactical pen

Gerber impromptu tactical pen

Quality, reliability and innovation of Gerber have made positive effect on their customers. This pen is made in collaboration with law enforcement professionals. It works similar to Uzi. This pen appears to be truly tactical both in its look and performance.

It can tear and break glass and can serve us well in any emergency situation. It is much more complex. It is much easier to hold. It is made up of rugged machined steel with cerakote. It is stout and thus fits in your fist easily. It has stainless steel pocket clips. “Rite in rain” ink cartridge features it to write in all weathers. Its militaristic design has some purpose as a survival tool. Inside its steel sheath is a ballpoint tip that can protrude out and acts as defensive tool. Tip is so sharp that it can even create a whole in your pocket.

It works in all seasons effectively. It is heavy because of its machined steel construction thus doubling its efficacy as a self defense weapon. Its reliable push button mechanism deploys ball point mechanism. It is most durable and well built tac pen. It has fisher space refills. It looks incredibly good. It delivers a sharp blow and can easily break glass. Its length is 5.59 inches.

9. Countycomm stainless embassy elite pen

Countycomm stainless embassy elite pen

Peace be with you! But be ready for any danger following you. Use a COUNTYCOMM stainless embassy elite pen. It is a heavy pen. Its diameter is 50 inches. It is really decent black colored pen of stainless steel. Its finishing is done with stone wash. It is robust and is made to last lifetime.

A medium pressurized fisher space refill is included. Stainless steel pocket clips fix easily to your pocket, belt or your EDC bag. Between the pen tip and the back body is threaded housing for durability. Cross hatched checkering provides good grip. Its cap doesn’t attach to back while jotting notes. It is a non-retractable. It is somewhat like a KUBOTON, a hand-to-hand combat weapon. This pen can be disassembled easily. Un-thread the cap and top of pen thus exposing the fisher cartridge that can be refilled. This pen can write at any angle thus known as “anti-gravity pen”.

These pens are attractive because of their craftsmanship, hefty design ergonomics and amazing shape. It is joy to carry it with you. It is a master piece for military personnel, law enforcement personnel, technologists and tactical enthusiast. It measures 5.25 inches in length.

10. Tuff writer tactical pen

Tuff writer tactical pen

It is neither the replacement of knives nor the replacement of flashlight. This pen labels you a tuff writer. This can help you to write in the temperature of -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter how cold is the weather. It is unique both in its durable finish and smooth look.

It has pressurized fisher cartridge that can write in any angle. This combat tool has both sharp and blunt ends. It is the ultimate click pen. It is designed to last lifetime. This is a hefty pen. It is heavy and can cause fatigue if it is used for hours. The body contains 6 o-rings. Three rings are at the grip section while other 3 rings are under the clip. This makes the pen look aesthetically good.

It is a modular pen that can easily replace any part that has broken or is lost. Price doesn’t matter when the quality is assured.

Some more effective tactical pens:

Benchmade pen


Benchmade Aluminum PenBENCHMADE designed this pen. It is made of anodized aluminum. So it is durable. These pens are light-weighted having a blade edge. These are perfect for everyday use. They have o-ringed caps and so their caps fit tightly.

Their cartridge lasts for long time as compared to the normal pen. It is titanium built pen. It has a knife which can be folded. It is colored in black and blue. It writes with blue ink. Its dimensions are 5.9X0.6X0.6 inches.

Mil Tac Pen

Mil Tac Pen

It is made of aircraft grade aluminum. It was specifically designed for military and law enforcement purposes. But it can be used by anyone. It has stainless pocket clip that can fix it in our bags and pockets. Its ink color is black. The o-ring ribs on its body provide comfortable grip. Its one end is pointed for the worthy use of self defense while other one is blunt and works as a control device. Mil Tac pen is available in multiple colors. It is 5.25 inches in length.

How does a Tactical Pen Works?

Tactical pen is having an ordinary appearance but can deliver disastrous results. A very small object like a pen can save our lives at times. It works surprisingly. You can confidently work when you are having a defense pen. It can make you feel protected. In a hard situation, we can easily make use of tactical pen which can hardly be noticed and can amazingly work.

The use of tactical pens has lessened the use of terrible weapons like guns, pistols, knives etc. You can make use of this pen again and again. You need not to buy a new tactical pen every time. Instead of its defense use, its quality of writing is not affected. It remains the same. Different tactical pens are designed differently. We can use the caps of some tactical pens to stab someone, while we use the nibs of some to pierce the skin. We can also use the tips of some to cause pain to the attacker. And some pens are designed with inbuilt knives that you can jab in the body of other person. On the other hand, some have blunt ends that can cause contusions and bruises.

They are hard enough not to break and bend while hitting others. Dealing with any unpleasant incident, when we use tactical pens for our safety, we must know some target areas to strike the body of the attacker. Stab the pen into his eyes, nose, ears, throat, base of neck, armpit, ribs, sternum, back of hand, knuckles, groin, knee and thigh. Hit him multiple times and hit him so hard that he can’t attack you twice.

Buying Guides

All the best tactical pens with their specs and features are being listed above for your ease. It’s a guide that can help you. So, taking into account your priority, you can buy the pen that seems attractively perfect for your need.Best Tactical Pens Buying Guides
Some effective features that appeal your attention are listed below:

  • Unbreakable
    Their plus point is that they are unbreakable. The aluminum used in their manufacturing saves them from breaking, bending and cracking.
  • Refillable
    That’s not a big problem if the ink of the pen runs out because the ink is replaceable. Or the cartridge can be refilled. Their ink is available in the markets.
  • Pocket Clip
    Their pocket clip makes it easy to carry them. We can fix the pen in our pockets, with our collars, belts, ties and in our bag pockets too.
  • Glass Breaker
    These pens are effective as they can break glass. This feature demands our attention to buy them. They can easily pierce through glass and can free us from any tough situation.
  • Weather Friendly
    It is practical in all weather situations. Whether it is too cold or hot, or if we are using it under water or in rain, this pen works unaffected. No matter how harsh is the environment, this pen works efficiently.
  • Ease of Use
    These pens are easy to hide, easy to carry and easy to use.
  • Fire Starter
    If you need fire at some place and you are not carrying a match box or a lighter with you, you can use SCHRADE tactical fountain pen having this distinguishing quality to make fire.
  • Light Weighted
    These pens are light weighted and so are easy to grab.
  • Flash light
    If you are going to some dark place and you forgot to take some torch, but you have your tactical pen in your pocket, then you need not to worry. As some of these pens have inbuilt flashlights.
  • Grip
    These pens have ridges and indentations on their bodies and so they provide smooth grip. Sometimes our hands are wet or sweaty, so it becomes hard for us to handle a plain and slippery pen.
  • Style
    It comes in various styles comprising of different tools and uses. Some tools are glass breakers, some are DNA catchers and some are handcuff keys.

All the different tactical pens have different qualities. Some work efficiently for writing purpose while others are best for defensive purpose. So before buying a tactical pen, we should make sure that what we want to buy and where our priority stands.

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