Paper Shredding Guide Usage Maintenance Safety Tips

Paper Shredding Guide

Paper Shredding Guide – It’s essential! If your workplace deals in lots of papers, identity theft could be a real problem. To prevent it or to play safe, you need to have a good quality in-house paper shredding machine. In fact, federal laws bind certain type of businesses to efficiently dispose their paper documents.what-to-look-for-in-a-paper-shredder

Buying the Best paper shredding machine

You will find many varieties of paper shredders in the market these days. And not all of them are right for your distinct needs. So the first task is to actually purchase a high-performance machine that delivers on your individual requirement with precision.

How you do that?

By identifying what are your exact needs, of course. Here are 2 important things that you need to consider:

  • How many papers do you need to dispose every day. If it’s too much, consider a machine that shreds most number of papers in a single pass. Also, factor its running time. You don’t want to pick a variety that runs just 10 minutes and then requires an hour too cool off.
  • How does it look? While many overlook this, don’t be one of them. You don’t want to invest in a paper shredder that looks hideous in your office. Make sure it has a compact and attractive design that delivers on its look-value with just as much grandness as its performance.

Using paper shredder the right way

It might not look too much to think about. We mean how hard it really is to use a paper shredding machine? You just plug it in and start disposing papers. However, to ensure your eye-appealing possession lasts longer, you need to follow certain tips and guides on its proper usage.

  • Some machine do support bulk of paper in one pass—15, 20, and even 50 sheets. However, don’t go overboard; don’t overfeed it. Have patience and shred limited numbers in one pass.
  • Make sure there are no pins, clips or any other hard material between the papers. They may damage and break your shredder’s blades.
  • Some machine dispose cards, DVDs and other thick material, others don’t. If yours don’t (if it isn’t mentioned on specification) NEVER shreds cards and more. Again, they can damage the blades.
  • Never outdo than the mentioned running time. If the paper shredding machine starts heating up quickly, give it a rest. And start using it only after it has cooled off.
  • Don’t wait till the last moment to clean the container. If it overfills, there’s a chance things could get jammed. So whenever you get time, clean the of your paper shredder

Other than the mentioned ones, other important maintenance tips include:

  • Keep the space around very clean.
  • Don’t let dust settle on the shredding machine.
  • Every once in a while, take out its removable parts (with caution and guides) and clean things properly.
  • If isn’t functioning right – making noise or not shredding paper properly – get it checked and repaired by professional.

These tips will help you significantly improve the durability of your paper shredding machine. So buy well, use it efficiently and keep it in tip-top condition. Good luck!!

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