Best Paper Shredders Review 2017

Best Paper Shredders Review – The paper shredder is generally found in homes and offices. It is used for shredding up the papers that are not of any use to anyone, or for shredding the secret documents that one would not like to reveal to anyone. Typically, all of the shredders are usually same in structure that is; having two blades that rotate within the machine-body, a paper comber and a motor that is the most important component of the entire shredding machine. Its working mechanism is based on a simple procedure. The user inserts the paper, document, bills or receipts that he wants to dispose off, into the machine which then cuts up the paper into small pieces. Some shredding machines cut the paper into strips while some into small pieces. Thus, you can buy a shredder that cuts the paper in a shape according to your choice or need.

Introduction To The Best Paper Shredders Review

The main job of a shredder is to assist a user to get rid of all the unnecessary papers or the personal writings that one may not like them to be seen by others. The members of an office or home cantop ranked paper shredders review simply discard the un-wanted paper-documents to reduce the litter within a room. In the same way, the confidential files are also torn down to avoid unveiling of the secret information to others.
Till 1980’s, these shredders were only used by the governmental offices and military staff to destroy the sensitive papers. However, their used was spread, after the Supreme Court’s announcement, to the use by private offices and homes. Now, shredders are commonly used and have become popular to be seen in banks, organizations and homes that aid the users to cut the paper that needs to be disposed off, without showing any poor performance even after ages of time.
One can easily find a wide variety of shredders in market. Visiting online websites makes you become familiarize with the features of the best paper shredder and will help you in deciding buying a shredder that suits your needs. So, have a look at this article and you’ll get to know all types of shredders available in different styles and designs. Some shredders work to cut only papers while new ones can also demolish cards and thick material chart-paper. Similarly, some shredders are best for being used in homes whereas; big size shredders are popular to be used for the commercial purpose. Shredders diminish the amount of waste being collected in a store room and clears off a wide area for you to consume it for placing any other furniture or thing.
Having a fine quality paper shredder offers you many advantages while being at home or in a working environment. You can minimize a huge amount of trash from your place and it helps you in hiding the secret content before somebody can get a hand on it. Hence, buying a best shredder will benefit you in fulfilling the needs of your home or office environment. You would have to be very careful during your research about the shredders, to find a one that has best of the features and to keep in mind the purpose of using it. You will surely be freed of the worry and duty to assemble and manage all the documents by simply shredding the papers into small pieces that are not of need anymore. Customers have been very pleased by using paper shredders as they have been very convenient in concealing their special papers to be accessed unlawfully by thieves.

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Top Ranked Paper Shredders Review

We have reviewed all the types of paper shredder and mentioned below the top ranked ones to help you in making decision for buying the best paper shredder, that have great features. There are number of paper shredders present in different colors, sizes and designs in market. Mostly, some shredders are ranked at top as compared to others on the basis of their durability and performance efficiency. These are considered ideal and safe to be used in both home and office environment. These top ranked models of paper shredder are basically reliable to provide you relation and peace of mind that your top secret papers would not be disclosed to anyone after being shredded in to little fragments. All the top graded shredders come along with the facility of warranties, so when you plan to buy one, do not forget to register for warranty. So, in case of any accident or damage to the shredder, you can easily show your warranty receipt which would prevent you from having to buy a new one of a high cost.
Following are the best three paper shredders that you may want to buy one for your use;

Fellowes W-11C 11 Power-shred Paper Shredder (Cross-cut)

Power-shred paper shredder is different from other typical paper shredders because it has a special feature of cutting the paper cross wise, making the paper cut down in smaller pieces at a fellowes powershred w 11c 11 sheet cross cut shreddersecurity level of three (3). This type of shredder torn down the paper of size 8.5 x 11 into 400 minute pieces, that allows a user to destroy his important pages that could not be set back in to one single piece of paper. The security level (3) is a mid range level, good enough for using in business environment. The size of the Fellowes Power-shred paper shredder is suitable to be placed in home offices or in small private offices.
One can very easily shred things like credit-cards, receipts, invoices, old bills, school forms, letters, out-dates information etc by using this shredder to lessen the waste from your store. This shredder has a basket that has a capacity to gather 5 gallons of tattered paper so you would not have to empty the basket very often. The basket can be taken out and all the waste can be cleaned quite handily. One of the excellent feature it incorporates is the ‘safety lock’ feature which means if the shredding machine is in working mode and the covering lid is lifted off then the shredder automatically stops to avoid any damage or injury and this is the reason that this shredder is well famous as an outstanding safe shredder. Power-shred shredder can also very easily manage to shred papers with staples or other types of clips.
It has an automatic on and off button that provides assistance in operating this shredding machine. It also has a reverse button, to use for the purpose to clean out the jammed papers. Companies offer a warranty of 3 years on this product to the buyers.

Brand Fellowes
Paper Cutting Speed (ft per min) 10
Cut Type Cross-Cut
Sheet Capacity 11
Shred Size 5/32 x 1/38 in
Run Time 20 min
Waste Bin Capacity 4.75 Gallon
Paper Feed Length 9 in
Weight 14
Customer Rating 4.0/5 By 2804 Customers

Fellowes W-11C 11 Power-shred Paper Shredder (Cross-cut) Buy Now

AmazonBasics High-Security 12-Sheet, CD, Card And Paper Shredder (Micro-cut)

This shredder has been ranked at the top because of the high quality features it offers. It has also been the Amazon’s best selling model of the shredder. Thisamazonbasics 12 sheet high security micro cut paper shredder can easily shred 12 sheets of paper at a time. Even if clipped with the clipper, stapler or hard glue the shredder performs it function thoroughly. This high quality shredder can also cut down the CDs, credit cards or card-boards and have a special opening area for inserting these types of things. The cutting speed of this shredding machine is 6-feet per minute, making the work of disposing off huge amount of papers much easy, in less time. One of best feature it includes is, it has an exclusive entrance area designed for the paper entry that may not cause any injury to hand while placing the papers into the shredder.
It is named as High-security shredder because of its capability to shred a paper at four times of security; which means the private files and documents are chopped down into such fine tiny pieces that they could not be put back together even if tried hard. Normally, it’s quite well known that using a motor machine would make much noise but this Amazon basic shredder is admired to be used in office settings, schools and homes as it does not make any noise at all. This special paper shredder does not occupy much space or area of the room and has a stylish design to be placed in a home or office environment.
Another latest feature it possesses is a ‘pull-out’ basket that can collect up to 6.7 gallons of shredded paper at one time. The basket can be easily drawn out with the rotating wheels attached underneath it for your convenience that enables a basket to slide out of the shredder.
If in case, paper or papers get stuck in the shredder, then simply switch on the manual mode and clear out the jammed papers to restart the machine automatically. It also has a safety feature of indicating the ‘overloading’ of the papers to decrease the pressure over the shredder at the entry area.
Customers have given extreme positive feedback’s by availing the benefits of using this paper shredder in office place and even in home. The Amazon sellers also provide a 1 year warranty for buying Basic high quality paper shredder.

Brand AmazonBasics
Paper Cutting Speed (ft per min) 6.5
Cut Type Micro-Cut
Sheet Capacity 12
Shred Size 0.125 x 0.47 in
Run Time 20 min
Waste Bin Capacity 8 Gallon
Paper Feed Length 9.1 in
Weight 25.8
Customer Rating 4.6/5 By 2342 Customers

AmazonBasics High-Security 12-Sheet, CD, Card And Paper Shredder (Micro-cut) Buy Now

AmazonBasics Cross-cut Cd, Paper, Credit Card Shredder

If you are in search of a simple cross cut paper shredder then Amazon Cross-cut shredder is the best option to go for that shows high quality performance. You would not have to remove the clips,amazonbasics 12 sheet cross cut paper cd and credit card shredder stapler pins etc before placing the paper sheets in this shredder rather this shredder can easily shred CDs and DVDs as-well, and have a separate entry area for them. The attached waste-bin has a capacity to hold 4.8 gallons of tiny paper pieces. The paper is shredded at a level of 3 of security level that does make possible piecing back the shredded paper by anyone, especially if it was a personal manuscript.
Its popular features include automatic starting function, the reverse option for clearing out the jammed papers and a safety feature of automatically shutting-off the shredder if it exceeds a certain level of temperature while in working form. This Amazon cross-cut paper shredder can shred 8 to 9 pieces of paper very proficiently but it has capacity to shred 12 papers at a time too. The Basic cross-cut shredder is considered as a normal shredder with the ability to cut 600 sheets of paper in one day, which makes it a useful machine to be used in homes, small offices and institutes.
This Amazon cross-cut shredder is available in a reasonable range of price, making possible for you to do your shredding work quite efficiently. However, it does make some noise as compared to other shredding appliances but a motor does create some sound while in working position. This Amazon shredding product is available with a warranty of 1 year for the interested customers.

Brand AmazonBasics
Paper Cutting Speed (ft per min) 6.56
Cut Type Cross-Cut
Sheet Capacity 12
Shred Size 7/32 x 1-27/32 in
Run Time 10 min
Waste Bin Capacity 4.8 Gallon
Paper Feed Length 8.7 in
Weight 12.8
Customer Rating 4.1/5 By 7327 Customers

AmazonBasics Cross-cut Cd, Paper, Credit Card Shredder Buy Now

What to look for in a Paper Shredder?

The market is filled with the availability of huge variety of paper shredders with different designs and sizes. The most important thing to know is what is the necessary element to look for in a best paper shredder? Thus, the significant feature is the security level that a paper shredder offers. Depending upon your choice about the shredding size of paper, a paper shredder typically uses any of the three cutters to shred paper into pieces;

  1. Strip-cut: Strip cutter provides the lowest degree of security. When the papers or documents are inserted in to the shredder, then the strip cutter shreds the paper in to Ribbon like stripsreview of your paper shredder that are approximately 1/12 to 1 wide. Whereas, generally, as much wider a strip is, that much less is the level of security a shredder proposes. It means that a paper can be pieced together and the information can be revealed, that was unwanted to be read by any other person. The strip-cut shredder is popular to be known as cutting a paper in unfinished form.
  2. Cross-cut: Cross-cutters are used for the safe disposing off of the papers that are of high privacy. The cross-cut shredders are typically used in commercial environment where piles of papers are needed to be thrown out after some time to clean an area filled with waste material. The cross cutters cut the paper in horizontal and vertical style, making 500 to 800 small pieces of a paper. This type of shredding offers a huge security in regard of anyone’s attempt in putting back the pieces of paper to unveil the private information.
  3. Micro-cut: The micro cutter cuts the paper at the highest level of security. The micro-cut shredder is mostly used by the high officers and other governmental organizations in terms of keeping the private information hidden by shredding the paper collection. These micro cutters are capable of shredding a paper into hundreds of tiny pieces. Mainly, a micro-cut shredder cuts a paper in either of two states, i.e. in 6000 pieces or in 12,000 pieces. This type of shredding can turn a heap of paper in mini size pieces within minutes.


Each of the above cutters cut a paper for particular times in a specific shape, making paper either completely destroyed or being available in strips. Generally, more the cuts on a paper, more it is impossible to piece back the tattered paper. Thus, it depends upon your need and preference that which type of a paper shredder you would want to buy, with a specific cutter of your choice.

Safety measures for a Paper Shredder

A paper shredder provides a user a lot of features for the convenience at workplace or at home like the speed, waste-bin capacity and much more. A shredder that performs its work efficiently and provides security is the most important machine to be used in offices and is much valued among the users. More the features a paper shredder offers, more it is precious for the users. Thus, if a shredder can offer a person much assistance in his daily life then is not it’s his duty to take much care of such machine? YES, it is very important for a user to watch out over the maintenance and other precautionary measures of the shredder to ensure its efficiency and work ability.

  • Entry rate: It is the rate at which a shredder can handle a certain amount of papers and the speed at which it shreds those papers. The entry rate of the paper can be measured by the amount of papers you enter the shredder each day. If you need to shred a lot of papers in a day then it is recommended to buy a paper shredder that has a wide entrance and can shred a bundle of papers at once. If you have to use paper shredder quite often and for maintaining mass of papers then buy a one that is best in performing better high duty tasks. This type of safety measure will prevent you from the collapsing of the shredding machine. Thus, feed a shredding machine with a quantity of paper at a time, for whatever amount it has been made capable of shredding.

what to look for in a paper shredder

  • Items to be shred: It is extremely important to be careful about what you are actually shredding because a typical shredder is made to cut only papers and its attached paper clips or the stapler pins. Some machines are also designed to shred crumpled paper much easily. While some shredders have cutting blades that can easily shred CDs. DVDs, credit cards and other computer disks also. However, it is crucial to know which type of a shredder is best for shredding soft papers and which one for shredding the hard material items to avoid any damage and break down to your shredding machine.
  • Careful Handling: A paper shredder should be handled with much care as it works through the use of electricity and contains sharp cutting blades and has other moving parts. Always keep electric machines away from the water to avert any shattering of the machine. Be careful while plugging in the switch so you may not suffer from any electric shock. If you do not feed the shredder carefully with the papers then you may result in cutting your hand through the fast movement of the blades. This is the reason that many users have now shifted towards using an automatic paper shredder that has an auto shut off feature. This feature is best in keeping a user safe from any injuries; especially if he ever tries opening the covering lid during the working condition then the shredder automatically shuts off. Moreover, some shredders have a brilliant opening area for the paper entry due to which a person’s hand remains safe from any cut.
  • Cleaning: If you use your paper shredder most often, then it is important to clean the waste-bin of the shredder in time before it gets over flown and might become difficult for you to carry such a heavy basket to throw away the waste. Similarly, many users buy a paper shredder that has a feature of making no noise while in working state. However, after some period of time and due to frequent use of it, a paper shredder might begin to make some noises. And this is the time it requires to be cleaned i.e. a machine has a fan that becomes dusty. So, it is important to clean the fan of the shredder that starts to make noises because the dirt gets stick to it. safety measures for a paper shredder
  • Power save mode: Many shredders come with a feature of power save mode that puts the shredding machine in sleeping mode when it is not being used. This type of feature enables saving the electricity cost and ensuring the durability of the shredder as it is not being used continuously for drawing energy for shredding the paper.
  • Waste basket: At the time of buying a paper shredder, keep in mind the type of waste basket you would be easy to handle. There are different types of shredders that offer the different styles of waste basket. Some can be detached; others can be pulled out while some contain a bag. So, each shredder has its own type of waste bin to hold a specific amount of shredded paper.
  • Warranty time: A customer should always keep the warranty receipt safe to show it to the retailer in times of any accident occurrence to the paper shredder. In many cases, if the paper shredder does not breakdown but the warranty time is still present then companies offer replacement of the machine rather than offering repairing. You can prevent the breaking down of the shredding machine by following the manual instructions provided to the user.By following the safety measures you can ensure the long lastingness of the paper shredder and it would prove to work efficiently for years without breaking.

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