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A smart watch is the ultimate smartphone accessory. But the difference in prices and quality between the iPhone and android smart watch has waged a war between the two. Many people would agree that the high end products provide the same features as do the android smart watch. In this regard, MSRM provides reasonable smart watches that MSRM Smartwatcheswork just as well with android as well iOS smartphones.
The features that MSRM smart watch comes with are discussed in detail so that you can view a full description of the product before buying it.


The smart watch has a 1.54 inch touch screen that can be operated easily and has a smooth touch. The MSRM smart watch is sweat proof that means you can wear it while jogging, going for a walk, exercising, playing, etc. It also comes with an adjustable watch band that you can adjust to fit your wrist properly.

Compelling features:

The MSRM smart watch is inexpensive but comes with surprisingly compelling features. It will answer or dial calls directly from your wrist and can also support hands-free calls. There’s also a Bluetooth pairing option that lets you view caller ID on your smart watch if you sync the contacts on your smartphone.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

It supports the basic social apps designed for android such as Facebook and twitter. It also includes, phonebook, Two way anti-lost, remote camera, Fundo and push notifications for email etc.
The MSRM connects to the music player on your smart phone. It also includes a sleep monitor, calendar, calculator, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, web browser and last but not the least remote camera. These features are available for an iOS smart phone system but for iPhone, only some of the features are supported.
The partial features included by iPhone are Calendar, Call sync, Pedometer, Music player, Stop watch, Hands free and of course, the Clock.

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Maximum Compatibility:

The Smart watch support android version 4,0 or higher and for an iPhone it supports iOS 7.0 or higher.

Sim or SD card:

The MSRM smart watch supports Sim as well SD cards. Once you put a sim inside it, it can be used to make calls, (GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900(2G) send or receive texts as well. It can also be used to view websites. With the micro SD card and Sim, the Smart watch almost works independently.

Our Verdict

Keeping in mind all the features the MSRM Smart watch provides we would like to suggest that you take note of the Smart phone you are using and what kind of smart watch is most compatible with it. The MSRM has all these incredible features and comes at a very reasonable price but you won’t be able to fully enjoy its incredulous features if it’s not compatible with your phone. All in all, the large variety of features it comes with including the adjustable wrist support, hands free calls and being sweat proof make it quite unique.
It is also important that you buy this product only from TIMOTHY LEGROW stores only because the sell genuine products and you can save yourself from any fraudulent companies.

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