Meguiar’s G10464 Car Wash Soap

Your car is one the big investment you did in your life and by saying that you make sure that its well-maintained to help in long run. The most important job in taking care of your car is washing it on regular bases. With all type of cleaning products available in the market, keeping your car clean is easy and simple. It can little bit hectic when you are going to buy products online. To make is simple, we are going to review one of the best car wash soap.

Meguiar’s G10464 Car Wash Soap (Deep Crystal)

Meguiar is one bestselling brand when comes to car care but to find out whether Meguiar’s G1064 fits your requirements or not we added detailed featured review below.Meguiar's G10464 Deep Crystal Car Wash

Meguiar’s G10464 ph neutral liquid gel gently clean the dirt from the paint without damaging it. Using G10464 you can safely remove grime and dirt from your car while preserving its fax protection. Its deep crystal formula comes with special ingredients that produce amazing suds even with few drop. Its sudsing action stay for much longer time giving you best cleaning effect.

Meguiar’s non-streaking formula gives you dazzling finish by safely brighten the paint of car. Its deep crystal form is really helpful for removing contaminants from the paint before they etch or bond.


  • Non-streaking formula leave a dazzling finish
  • Gentle dirt remover
  • Wax protection
  • Long lasting suds
  • Neutral Ph


Overall, Meguiar’s G10464 with biodegradable formula and high sudsing action, it is one of the best car wash shampoo for car care. Choosing right product helps to keep the spic and span of your car. For less budget geeks meguiar’s G10464 is the best choice.

best car wash soap

Meguiar add number of different product every year or two in car washing section. If you are interested in products from other company don’t hesitate to visit our complete review on car wash soaps.

Brand Name Meguiar’s
Product Size 64 fl oz
Item Weight 4.60 lbs
Biodegradable Yes
Foam Super High
Care Product Form Liquid
Product Type Car Wash
Poisonous No
pH Balanced Yes
Product Dimensions 3 x 6 x 11 inches
Customer Rating 4.6/5 By 1168 Customers

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