Best Car Air Freshener -Top 7 Fresheners for 2018

7 Best Car Freshener Reviews for 2018

When it comes to accessories for your car, at times it’s nice to be lavish. You may spend hours researching and considering different seat covers and LEDs for the undercarriage.

However, what about the air fresheners? It may seem like a no-brainer –

How complicated can a little smelling tree be?

However, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when best car air freshener are called into question.

How to Choose the Right Air Freshener?

First you have the consider how environmentally friendly the scent is. If you’re inhaling the scent every day to-and-from work, social meetings, or school, you don’t want an abundance of chemicals. Because of this, it’s important than natural scents or specially tested artificial smells are used; if the container itself is recyclable, that’s a bonus!


After this, you must consider the air freshener’s longevity – and with it, the price point. When you find that perfect Hawaiian blast or new car smell, having it die out after 24 hours’ use is a bummer. If you’re using it to cover the smell of spilled coffee or old gym shoes that got left in the back seat for too long, it’s an unacceptable lifespan! Investing in a new one every week will become a large investment, no matter how cheap they are. That’s why your chosen car freshener will have to balance its durability with its cost.

And finally – it’s intensity. No one wants a freshener they can hardly smell, and a blast to the face can be overwhelming. With all this considered, how can you find one that suits your exact needs? That’s where we come in. Here we have compiled a complete buying guide – as well as detailed reviews – for the best car fresheners of 2018, presenting them to you based on their abilities, durability, and price points. Below you’ll find everything you need and more!

7 Best Air Freshener for Car

Little Trees Little-Trees $ 17.09 Little-Trees-Buy-Now
Moso Moso $ 9.95 Moso-Buy-Now
Air Spencer Air Spencer $ 21.25 Air Spencer-Buy-now
Febreze Febreze $ 7.40 Febreze-Buy-now
Ozium Ozium $ 14.99 Ozium-Buy-now


Little Trees Black Ice – Best Little Tree Scent

Little Trees is arguably the most famous brand when it comes to air fresheners. The company has been around for more than 70 years, building a reputation for quality and reliability. Customers all over the world trust their products, and they’ve undoubtedly become a household name – in the same way Kleenex is often interchangeable with the word ’tissue,’ whether or not they’re the seller. So, if you’re looking for a car freshener, we of course Little-Trees-Black-Ice-Little-Tree-Air-Freshenerrecommend the Little Trees Black Ice Air Fresheners – their most popular line.

Features and Pros

  • Strong air freshener scent
  • Long lasting smell


  • Dry’s too quickly
  • No refilling available

As the name suggests, the fresheners are tree-shaped, and while there are multiple scents – from vanilla, to sea breeze, to chocolate scents – their most popular is the Ice scent, hence its place at the top of our list.

Among many options, the Ice scent is indeed very strong, though not many people like this smell for that very reason. However, there’s no doubt that when an unpleasant smell has invaded your ride, nothing will drive it off faster and more effectively.  It also has the longest lasting fragrance as compared to other products on the market, capable of hanging around for at least seven weeks. It’s intense, but it certainly gives you your money’s worth.

If you don’t like fruity scents, then it’s a neutral option that falls somewhere in between that ‘new car smell’ and the more exotic aromas. This freshener also has very good customer ratings and comes in at a low price. You can get over 25 of the Little Trees Black Ice Air Fresheners for just $17 at Amazon. It is also good for all kinds of vehicles, delivering the same intensity to small and large cars.

Moso Natural Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator

The second on our list is the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag. Buy this freshener if you’re looking for a cheaper and a quick solution to get rid of odor from your car. It will maintain freshness for a long time, and is also better as compared to other products due to its refillable or reusable nature. If you want an odor-free, dry environment, then use this product.Moso-Natural-Air-Purifying-Bag

Features and Pros

  • Good for cars, closets, bathrooms, and pet areas
  • Fragrance-free
  • Kills odor up to 90 feet away
  • You can reuse the product for two years
  • Good for health as it does not have any toxic chemicals
  • Absorbs the bad scent which makes it more effective
  • Prevents mold
  • Long lasting as a car air freshener
  • Small and portable
  • Cheap
  • Does not allow bacteria to grow


  • You will need more bags for better results

It is a bag-shaped car air freshener, but one that also works for in-home use – be it in closets, bedrooms, shelving compartments, bathrooms, etc. We recommend it because, while it does have a massive reach, it does not have a scent. It is a fragrance-free solution which fights and gets rid of odors. What you will like most about this product is that you can use it for at least two extra years. Whenever the bag dries out and stops working, you can always reuse it; just place the bag outside in the sun for an hour, and it will start working again.

It is antibacterial, meaning you can cleanse your car or home to improve the healthy standard of the environment. It will also prevent mold and mildew, with a feature to absorb moisture, making it a great addition to work vehicles that may encounter mud or rain often, as well as for bathrooms that struggle with this issue. Another quality is that it absorbs allergens from the air as well as pollutants, making it great for your health overall – but especially for people with allergies or asthma. To cap it off, it’s entirely free of toxic chemicals.

The price of Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag on Amazon is $9.95 – cheaper than many other brands while still able to work wonders. In addition to its long lifespan, it can last up to a month without needed to be refreshed. What a bargain!

Air Spencer Squash Scent – Best Smelling Car Air Freshener

Another excellent air/car freshener is the Air Spencer Squash. It can be refilled and comes with three free packs. It leverages a very high-quality anti-allergy air freshener scent which is designed to last, ensuring even the most sensitive noses can enjoy it.Air-Spencer-CS-X3-Squash-Air-Freshener-Unit


  • High-quality luxury car fragrance
  • Long lasting
  • Refreshing scent
  • Original Japan Domestic product
  • Good for cars, bathrooms or restrooms, storage rooms, etc.
  • Unique design
  • Refillable


  • Scent may be too sweet for a few people
  • The price may be a bit high as compared to other brands

The company behind this product is an original Japanese manufacturer for car fresheners. They deliver the best and long lasting fresheners for cars and home use, and the Air Spencer Squash is one of their best creations. It offers a different, unique, and stylish scent, which works by absorbing bad odors quickly and releasing fresh aromas into the air at the same time.

It’s impressive with an easy to use build, requiring you only to open the top and insert the scent refill. Make sure to place the freshener where the air flow is good, and it will last for at least four weeks without a refill. By refreshing the air while deodorizes it, it ensures a more thorough job is completed. It may be a bit expensive, but it is worth it. We highly recommend using this car freshener, at the price of $21.

PURGGO Car Freshener – Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener Scent

If you’re looking for a freshener with a long lifespan – and an interesting design – then buy the PURGGO Car Air Freshener. It will last up to one year, and is both a natural product and allergen-free. It’s not harmful to your health at all, and to top it off, it’s also not too expensive.PURGGO-Car-Air-Freshener


  • 100% allergen-free
  • Uses natural bamboo charcoal for absorbing odor
  • Long lasting
  • Non-toxic, chemical-free fragrance
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Good design
  • Excellent for cars


  • Does not have a strong scent
  • Not for use in-home or at the office
  • Takes a lot of time before becoming active and effective

The PURGGO Car Air Freshener is one of the best air freshener for car, but struggles elsewhere. It uses 100% bamboo charcoal and absorbs the bad odors with the help of this ingredient. It also works 24/7, so while it may work slowly, it works 100%. One of the most appealing features is its lifespan – the fragrance will last more than a year. It is the world’s longest lasting car freshener, and will save you extra costs which are otherwise spent on refills. If you want to save money, you need to purchase a one-time car freshener, and can rest for the whole year after purchasing this product.

Another excellent reason to buy is the environmental friendliness. We recommend it, as it has no toxic chemicals and the fragrance is allergen-free. That’s why the PURGGO Car Air Freshener is safe for your kids. No need to worry if you or any other family members have asthma; it does not have an artificial scent, which makes it so much more effective.

It is unique as it is 100% biodegradable. The product uses bamboo and hemp, both of which are naturally renewable resources.

Febreze Car Vent-Clip – Best Plug in Air Freshener

This is a vent car air freshener, meaning it will not work if you place it anywhere else. To get the best results and to spread the scent, you will need to place it in front of the car vents. It has an excellent sweet smell.Febreze-Car-Vent-Clip-Air-Fresheners


  • Cheap
  • Has a good air freshener scent
  • Only for cars
  • Good for quick fixes


  • Not long lasting
  • Not suitable for home use

An excellent product which will give you a quick fix for bad scents is the Febreze Car Vent-Clip Air Fresheners. It is an excellent choice as it spreads the Linen and Sky scent, which is very sweet.

Like many people, you may find this scent pleasing. But the problem is that it may not last long. To get the best results, you need to keep using it constantly and continuously. If you’e looking for a cheap and quick solution, then this is the best choice.

Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel

Are you looking for a gel car freshener? If yes, then you should buy the Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator. It is one of the best and the most reliable gel car air fresheners on the market. It also has a strong fragrance. The ingredients in the product not only spread the good scent but also fight bad odors. It is why we highly recommend it for your car.Ozium-Smoke-&-Odors-Eliminator-Gel


  • Better for cars
  • Releases consistent fragrance
  • Long lasting scent
  • Ideal for smaller cars
  • Works by spreading the scent and also removing the bad smell
  • Also, removes smoke
  • Excellent quality gel (will not melt even at high temperatures)


  • Takes time to be effective

There are many car air fresheners which only work by removing the scents. There are many which work by spreading the good scent which overcomes the bad odor. But there are only a few that work both ways. If you are looking for such a solution, then make sure you purchase the Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator.

Another excellent feature is that it also removes smoke. Not many air fresheners can accomplish this, and that makes it great for those who smoke in their car or for people with asthma who have recently bought a car which belonged to a smoker. The gel has strong ingredients and an enhanced formula, and while it may take some time to be effective, if you place it in the right area, it will work wonders. The gel will last for about a month, at which point you may have to re-apply it on the affected area.

The gel works by absorbing the scent molecules, and you can control the amount of fragrance it emits. It will allow you to add more life to the product/gel by spreading it on thick or thin, as needed. Make sure that you buy this product if you have extremely bad odors. The price is $15, and it has good ratings as compared to many other products. We only review the best.

M Goodees – Car and Home Air Purifier and Ionizer

As the name suggests, it works for both cars and the home, operating as an ionizer – or, in other words, it is a gadget rather than a spray or a gel. It has excellent qualities, is effective, and is also low-priced.M-Goodees-Car-Purifier-and-Ionizer


  • Excellent product with a great smell
  • Long lasting air freshener scent
  • Good for health
  • Eliminates smoke and other harmful pollutants
  • Helps decrease blood pressure
  • It provides negative ions and ozone.
  • Works as a purifier too
  • No chemical scents
  • Portable
  • Minimizes risk of bird flu and influenza
  • Certified by Conformite Europeene, RoHS, and FCC (Federal Communications Commission)


  • Needs a power source to operate
  • Only good for small areas

The M Goodees Car and Home Purifier and Ionizer is another excellent product in the line of car fresheners. It functions by providing negative ions and ozone, which work as vitamins in the air, making it great for your health. These ions kill germs in the air, and can be used to remove smoke, dust, bacteria, as well as all kinds of bad odors – overall improving the air quality while preventing diseases such as influenza or bird flu.

It is also excellent because it works fast, requiring only 12 to 15 seconds to remove smoke. It is a portable plug-in car freshener, and uses 12 V power. The capability is just nine cubic meters, which is why you can only use it on cars or smaller spaces.

It is an extremely handy device with a design that makes it easy to use. The M Goodees Car and Home Air Purifier and Ionizer also has an excellent rating among users. You should not use this product if you are allergic to ozone, however. The price of this product on Amazon is $15.

Using Car Air Fresheners

The basic ingredients of an air freshener are harmless chemicals (when you use in small quantities), such as petroleum distillates, formaldehyde, aerosol propellants, and 1, four dichlorobenzenes. There are many companies which also use natural scents. Make sure that whenever you purchase these products, these are safe for your health.

An air freshener is “oil” in concentrated form. It works like just any other fragrance. The mechanism of the air freshener distributes the concentrated oil which creates the fragrance. There are five types of car fresheners and each of these works in a different way. For example, the plug-in fresheners use concentrated oils you plug in a power source that heats the oil, and the scent distributes in the air.

As the name suggests, you will use them to get rid of bad odors present inside your car. It is common that you may spill something in your car, and even if you clean it, it will still leave an odor behind for a few days or even a few weeks. Additionally, when you buy a new car, it has a unique scent. You may not like that scent, and to get rid of it, you will have to use an air freshener.

Best Car Air Fresheners

How To Choose the Best Car Air Fresheners?

What kinds of fresheners work best for which situations, and what should you ask before buying?

Well, you may need a quick spray for a quick fix, or you may need a permanent solution. So you need to choose a type of car air freshener for various purposes. For example, for more effective fresheners, you should choose vent sticks. There are also oil wicks, aerosol cans, auto plug-in fresheners, and more, each which serve a different purpose. When picking yours, ask about:

  • Price
    Many people think that expensive air fresheners are better than cheap ones, but it isn’t true. We always recommend going for the quality, not for the price.
  • How long will the fragrance last?
    One of the most vital things, when you are about to buy, is how long it will last? How long will the fragrance last in the car? Always choose the fragrance or the car freshener which lasts for several days. Only low-quality air fresheners will last only a day or two. There are several products which will last for more than a week. So, always consider the one which has long lasting fragrance.
  • Does it work like an air purifier?
    Not all the car air fresheners work as the air purifier, but it is a plus point. You may want to consider the product which also purifies the air.
  • Is it refillable?
    It is always a good idea to get a product which is refillable. You may not want to buy a new product every time. This way you will also save time and money.
  • Is it only for the car?
    Of course, you are buying the car air freshener, but multiple uses means multiple saving avenues. Can you use it also for your home or office?
  • Size of the car
    The size of the car matters a lot. For example, if you have a small car, then you may want to get a vent stick car freshener. For a large sized vehicle, you may want to buy a can style or plug-in car freshener.

Best Car Air Fresheners Top 7 Pick 2017

Types of Car Fresheners

There are five types of car fresheners.

  1. Canned Freshener:
    This type is, as you may expect, in the form of a can. The can has holes in it and may contain gel-based contents. You can use this type of freshener for cars, home, and offices too, though it doesn’t last long. Buy this only if you want a quick fix for an odor.
  2. The oil-wick:
    This type of freshener has a bottle filled with concentrated oil. You need to insert a wick inside, and when it reaches the top, all you need is to place it in front of the car vents. It will last relatively long.
  3. Auto plug-in:
    This type uses power to spread the fragrance. The container of oil plugs into the power source which heats the oil, making it evaporate and spread around. It is not portable, as you cannot place anywhere other than in front of a power outlet in the car.
  4. Spray cans:
    These are easy to use and simple. It is just like the local perfume which you spray on the body.
  5. Cardboard:
    Cardboard fresheners, like the little trees, are exactly as they sound – pieces of cardboard you hang in the car. The cardboard is scented and spreads that scent slowly. It may be long-lasting, but it is not as effective.

Benefits of Car Air Fresheners

When you’re in need of a fresh scent for your car, scrambling last-second is never a wise option. Getting rid of that forgotten cheese burger smell or that unpleasant plastic aroma waits for no one you will need a best car air freshener.


However, you’ll likely buy something cheap and ineffective, or invest in something large and glitzy which only offers the look but not the durable aroma. Instead, deciding which brand and variety suits you best now allows you to experiment with other smells at your leisure, so you can change up between classic Black Ice or Tropical Breeze or so many more, based on your current tastes.

These reviews have compiled the best, the most effective, and the most cost effective – all based on customer ratings, brand reputation, and detailed research and tested completed by ourselves. Air fresheners should be a simple buy – but make sure they’re the right one for you!

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