Best Scientific Calculators Review

Best Scientific Calculators

Best Scientific Calculators Review – Gone are the days when those handheld basic model calculators were in high demand. While still just as handy, we are living in a cutting-edge world where everything and everyone has taken giant strides towards advancement.Best Scientific Calculators reviews

Result: scientific calculators have taken over the scene. Innovative and superior on every front, these devices are helpful for school students, college-goers, and working professionals of various niches.

Many new manufacturers have emerged on the scene that has toppled the monopoly of dominance companies. The new-age scientific calculators are not only highly-functional but also equally flattering in their looks. They are portable, easy to handle and comes in many classy and forward varieties to suit different needs of different consumer segments with complete accuracy.

Combined everything, how one shop for calculators have changed significantly. Now you need to consider a wide range of factors, starting from your own distinct needs to your budget and everything in between.

Top 5 Scientific Calculators Review

Are you looking for the best scientific calculator?
Here are 5 best-reviewed, high functional and affordable scientific calculators available on Amazon right now:


Canon F710

Canon-F710 $ 10.76 Canon-F710 Buy Now


HP-G8X92AA $ 127.99 HP-G8X92AA Buy Now

Texas Instruments

Texas-Instruments $ 125.99 Texas-Instruments Buy Now

Casio fx-9750GII

Casio-fx-9750GII $ 45.99 Casio-fx-9750GII Buy now

Avalon A-25x

Avalon-A25x $ 7.99 Avalon-A25x Buy now

1. Canon F710 Dual-Line Scientific Calculator

This calculator stands out in the crowd thanks to its appealing and compact appearance. Canon is betterCanon F710 Dual Line Scientific Calculator known for printers and cameras; however it has done commendable job in crafting a powerful calculator for students, teachers and entry-level engineers and programmers. It is ideal for Algebra 1 and 2, chemistry, physics, statistics, geometry and trigonometry.

This calculator offers a range of advanced features that makes it the best from every angle. It offers two-line 10+2 digit display, 38 built-in formulas and 139 scientific and match functions. The large LCD of dual line, which makes seeing answer and problem entries easy and convenient, enhances legibility and offers contrast adjustment. Meaning, dim or bright, it can be viewed regardless the light condition. To that, the screen is much stronger, prone to damage, and vouches to last longer.

Functions of Canon F-710 include chain multiplication and division, constant multiplication, division and percentage calculations, factorial, exponential, hyperbolic, mean, square, standard deviation of population and sample, logarithmic, reciprocal calculations, fraction calculation, angles conversion and DRG mode calculation. It also offers trigonometric calculation, coordination conversion, permutations, combinations, correlation coefficient, random number generation, last-digit recall and last answer call. Build on advanced technology, the calculator is smart; it automatically switches off in 7-minutes of non-use. Also, it has an exchange display memory that offers sum to/store to and recall memories, along with constant calculation and repeated data input keys.

Solving scientific and statistical problems on F710 is fun, quick and super-easy. Perform lengthy, complex calculations without actually confusing yourself. With an attractive silver metallic finish, this powerful calculator is superior and affordable. Along with F710, in the box, you also get carrying case, users’ guide and batteries.

2. HP G8X92AA LA Prime v2 Graphic Calculator

HP is a name that strives to redefine tech with its innovative gadgets. And this calculator is no exception. HP G8X92AA LA Prime v2 Graphing CalculatorPacking advanced features with a blend of sophisticated outlook, it is perfect for every student, teacher and working professionals. G8X92AA features a Computer Algebra System (CAS) based on the open source Xcas package which can be easily programmed; this makes it very powerful, adept to do much more than just the calculations. Among many, one of its advantages is that the calculator is college board-approved for use on the PSAT, NMSQT®, SAT® Subject Tests in Mathematics, and select AP® Exams; and International Baccalaureate®-approved for use on IB Diploma Programme examinations.
The keypads are uniquely and compactly designed that are easy to use. The display is a large 3.4-inch diagonal, multi-touch display with has a high and convenient visibility in any lighting condition. The screen is hard and has anti-dust, anti-damage properties that make it long lasting.

This advanced calculator from HP highlights a portable look, weighing just 15.2 ounces. Coming in sleek black finish, its dimension is 10x 6x 2.3 inches. Along with 8 GB RAM, it also packs other cutting-edge hardware that improves its performance seemingly. Switching between symbolic, graphical and numerical table view is smooth and easy with dedicated buttons. Featuring RPN and programmable functions, everything from CAS and advanced graphing to dynamic geometry and spreadsheet applications, math’s made easy on this superior gadget. Its power backup is just as exceptional. It has 1500 mAh batteries that can work straight for about 15 hours with no downtime.

So enjoy calculating on a device like never before. This robust and advanced HP G8X92AA LA Prime v2 Graphing Calculator vouches to deliver you a full satisfying experience.

3. Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX Graphic Calculator

This calculator from Texas Instruments has long been ranked as students’ favorite. And there are plenty of reasons behind that. Sure it is advanced, deliver a powerful performance and ace in every angle. But Texas Instruments TI Nspire CX Graphing Calculatorit’s with its display that it has managed to make the widest buzz. In its own words, “Visualize in full color – Color-code equations, objects, points and lines on the full-color, backlit display.” The screen is big and bright with high-resolution, full-color display that makes every exponent, variable and line very visible with detailed accuracy. It allows importing digital images. You can overlay graphs, equation and every calculation over the images, which is not only helpful, but also very appealing, giving you a whole different experience. It allows 3D graphing; so graph and rotate your inputs with complete ease. The display is strong that ensures it doesn’t crack even after falling.

Also it has click, scroll, create and save computer-like options that makes it quite easy use. To that, its overall dimension 12x 4x 14 inches – along with light weight of 7 ounces – makes it even more convenient to handle and carry around.

It has available memory of 100 MB. Its usage is wide and sufficient for students and professionals, including pre-algebra, algebra I & II, trigonometry, statistics and AP statistics, business and finance, biology, chemistry and AP Chemistry, geometry, pre-calculus, college math linear algebra. The calculator is also perfect for calculus and AP calculus, physics and AP physics, mechanical engineering and differential equations. Also, if you’re a life science, earth science or physical science student, it will be just handy for you. The battery is rechargeable that expects to last for up to 2 weeks for normal use on a single charge.

This calculator blends in power and functionality with sleek and attractive design. So were you looking for high-performance, affordable and best scientific calculator, Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX Graphic Calculator might just be the answer for you.

4. Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator

When it comes to calculators, Casio is possibly the most recognized name. A well-established player in this industry, the company, over the years, has played a pivotal role in conception and manufacturing Casio fx 9750GII Graphing Calculatoradvanced devices. And this Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator vouches this fact well and beyond. Although it sports a simple and sleek design, it delivers power-packed performance, suited for every kind of calculation. It boasts a long list of functionality that includes icon-based menu system, financial function, advanced and list-based statistics, depreciation calculation, and random number generation. Also, it supports a wide range of graph, including dynamic, dual, inequality, conic section, pie, graph, and integral graphs. Easily programmable, fx-9750GII packs 62KB RAM that makes lengthy and complex calculations and graphics quick, simple and very accurate. Its overall interface is simple, efficient, user-friendly and intuitive.

The calculator’s overall design is simple, made using strong and sturdy hardware. It features a high-resolution LCD display with enlarged dot-area technology that produces sharp, enhanced and ease-to-see formulas, graphics and statistics. The screen itself highlights a sturdy design that improves its longevity significantly. Also it supports USB connectivity; so share your data with other calculators and your personal computer and increase the device’s usability to its optimum value.

The high functionality of Fx-9750GII is ideal to support understanding of pre-algebra, Algebra I & II, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, AP calculus, AP statistics, biology, chemistry, physics, finance & business. The calculator is allowed in many big tests or exams like PSAT, NMSQT, SAT and ACT college entrance exams, along with AP tests.

Perfect for students, if you’re looking to boost your mathematical skills with an engaging and interactive interface, Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator is a right choice for you. It comes in different colors with a flip cover.

5. Avalon A-25x Scientific Calculator

Honing a black finish with an overall sleek design, the Avalon A-25x scientific calculator brings functionality and look under single roof with fine accuracy. It is perfect for all those students andAvalon A 25x Scientific Calculator professionals who demand high performance but also want a device that looks just as flattering. The body of this one-line calculator is made using dent-proof, scratch-proof anti-dust plastic. Also coming with hard slide case that protects it from any damage, its overall hardware construction is sturdy that ensures it lasts very long. It weighs 5 ounces and has a dimension of 6x 6x 0.8 inches, which makes carrying it around very comfortable and convenient.

In the functionality department, Avalon A-25x vouches to make every lengthy, difficult calculation quick, easy and fun. It includes “Auto Power-off” feature that aims to save battery and increase its running time significantly. The device is approved for AP, ACT, SAT exams. It is perfect to perform basic algebra I & II, statistics, coordination conversion, permutations, combinations, and much more including general science.

Avalon A-25x comes with one-year warranty. So you can be sure of your purchase. If you’re looking for a beautiful, functional, user-friendly, and affordable calculator that makes calculating fun, easy and very convenient, Avalon A-25x scientific calculator is a right choice for you.

Buying Guide

How to Buy a good scientific calculator?

All these mentioned 5 devices are perfect and rated best on Amazon. However, which one should you go is a tricky question. Here are 3 important factors you should consider when making your purchase for calculator:

pc scientifics main chart

What are your exact needs?

Are you a student, teacher or a working professional? Do you need a calculator just for basic calculation? Or do you need to find some hefty, complex solution to graphs, statistics and more? Prioritizing your own personal needs and requirements is the foremost consideration. It comes even before the customer reviews. So instead of getting carried away to what others are recommending, sort out your own need. Answer “why am I buying this calculator?”

Are you going to carry it around in your house, university and other places?

This is an important factor that, sadly, many overlook when purchasing their calculator online. While compact-designed, lightweight device is preferred by everyone, they cost high as opposed to those bulky ones. So when buying your calculator, you need to find a fine line between its sleek design (weight and dimension) and the price. If you’re just buying it for your home or office use – with no need to carry it around – picking something heavier isn’t a bad idea. However, if you’re student, who will probably travel with it around to school or college, ensure that the calculator is lightweight and trimmed that fits into sizable pockets or bags easily.

best Scientific calculator reviews

Then comes the price, of course… How much does it cost you is an important consideration. What is its price, does it matches your budget—these are some foremost questions. But point to be remembered is that you shouldn’t over-prioritize the price. Sure you must refrain yourself from spending extravagantly.

You should also avoid looking for the “cheapest” calculator. If you want good quality, highly-functional and advanced calculators, you must be ready to pay for it; it won’t come at cheap.

These are 3 things you must remember when buying the best scientific calculator online. Know your requirement, have a good budget with you, and act smart.

How to Use Scientific Calculator

Oh-those-simple-days, when calculating was so easy on those handheld basic model calculators. Featuring selected digits, you would just put in the numbers on those un-fussy calculator and that was it. You would have your answers before even a blink, no complexities and no confusions.

Today, to match the pacing world and progressive needs of students, teachers and professionals, we have a wide range of advanced calculators available in the market. From basic and advanced scientific calc to the graphing and financial ones—each highlighting features in extravagance.

So, unsurprisingly, the question has emerged—how to use them?

Finding applications among wide consumer groups, scientific calculators are the most popular in the market. So an even more specific question that has the majority in confusion is how to use a scientific calculator. Are you one of this “majority”?

Invest In the Most Common Variety

Sure, at large, these scientific calculators do the same task. However, different companies offer varieties that not only look different but also have distinct features. One simple rule is to purchase the most common or popular one. Why? For one, the popular varieties have plenty of resources and guides available to help you master the device easily; second, when stuck, you can always ask for others’ help who are likely using the same variety of calculator.

So refrain investing in varieties and brands that no one have ever heard of. Casio, HP, Texas Instruments, Avalon and Canon are your go-to options.

5 Simple Tips to Any Use Scientific Calculator like a Pro

  1. Know why you need this calculator in the first place. What kind of calculations are you going to perform the most? Is it the Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry or more? Know this and spend more of your time in understanding the functions that are of more importance to you instead of spending hours into learning operations that you’re never going to perform. (Although, it is highly recommended that you learn what each key on the calculator key does, along with their basic functions.)
  2. Determine in what order the keys work. While some calculators perform function on numbers that are already entered, others perform on the following numbers. To avoid any future confusion, take time to know this; write it on a piece of paper if you think you’re going to forget it.
  3. Now is the time to get your hands dirty—to try simple calculations (other than plain BODMAS). Do square roots, power of numbers, SIN, COS and TAN; test percentage, factorial, hyperbolic, factorial, logarithmic, reciprocal calculations, correlation coefficient and more. Make yourself fluent with the basics. Get yourself familiar with keys position and adjust to the size of your scientific calculator.
  4. Dive into solving lengthy and complex problems. Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra 1&2, Calculus, general science or more—whatever you’re doing, ditch the basic calculations and go for the more complex and lengthy ones. Make yourself familiar to the whole process. How quick you are on the keys, how efficient are you—these are few things that you should care about at this stage.
  5. You won’t champ your scientific calculator overnight. So keep practicing; after all, like they say, practice makes perfect. Smoothen your calculating skills, also test the functions that you never use, and most importantly, learn to save and restore.

It’s okay if your learning curve is a bit longer. It takes time to get comfortable with the operation of new scientific calculators—even for the geniuses. Buy the right variety, understand the functions and keep practicing.

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