Best Disc Golf Discs in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of interactive games which you can play. One of those games is the Frisbee. It is a famous game. Over the years there have been many versions of the game. One of the new versions is the Disc Golf. If you are familiar with Golf, then you will have a better understanding of this game too. You can play the disc golf just like the golf instead you won’t be hitting the ball, but scoring with a disc.

When you play a game such as this, it needs not only your talent and practice plus precision and the knowledge of the game but also the disc type. If you are an expert at throwing the disc in the air and Best Disc Golf Disc Reviews for 2017scoring, then you will need a quality disc too. Without a high-quality disc with an excellent flight rating, better glide, better stability ratings, etc. you can never score high on the game. It is, therefore necessary not only to be an expert of the game but also choose the best disc golf disc to throw.

Search the market, and you will find dozens of disc golf discs. There are many brands and manufacturers who sell on Amazon. It is important to make sure that you get the best. Playing a game with a low-quality disc will never allow you to win or score better in the game.
There are many factors at play such as the wind, the temperature, the disc material, the weight, and much more which play an important part in selecting the disc golf disc. We will discuss that later in the article.

An excellent disc golf disc will allow you to play easily. The quality of the best disc golf disc is that it will easily land in the basket. When playing the game, there are many obstacles there may be trees, shrubs and other obstacles between you and the basket. To clear all those obstacles and land the disc in the basket, you need a high-quality disc with excellent features.

Instead of buying an ordinary disc golf disc you should search for the best. You should buy the top-rated discs from the market. To make the buying easy for you, we will review the top brands of the disc golf discs in this article. These reviews will cover the various aspects of the discs such as the glide, the ratings, the material, etc. Keeping these factors and features in your mind; you can make a better buying decision. You can trust the reviews to provide you the factual information.

The information you will find in these reviews is realistic. Reading these reviews, you can make a better comparison between the various products and then choose what you think is the best. Our aim is to provide you a better insight about these various brands of disc golf discs. Make sure that you read these reviews and know about the disc golf discs. These are the best disc golf disc reviews for 2017.
You can buy the disc golf discs which we review easily at Amazon. Read these reviews and gain knowledge about these discs. Once you know all about these discs, you can purchase from Amazon. You will be very happy to read the reviews. We try our best to provide you with the information that you need to make the buying decision.

Best Disc Golf Disc Reviews for 2017

Gold Line Gold Line $ 15.99 Gold Line-Buy-Now
Innova Innova DX $ 6.95 Innova DX-Buy-Now
Latitude 64 Latitude $ 13.95 Latitude-Buy-now
Dynamic Dynamic Discs $ 12.64 Dynamic Discs-Buy-now

The Disc Golf is an exciting game. It is fun to play, and you will enjoy every moment of it. But to make sure that you enjoy the game, you should get the best disc golf disc. Without a proper disc with excellent characteristics such as Glide, fade, flight rating, etc. you will never have a good game. It is why you must always buy the best disc from the market.

There are dozens of brands available online. Make sure that you choose the best among them. It may not be an easy process to choose; it is why we provide you with the best and the most realistic reviews of the top disc golf disc brands. These reviews have all the information which you need to make a buying decision.

Gold Line Saint

Whenever you go on a game of the Disc Golf, make sure that you have a lot of discs in your pocket. The distance and the type of shot may vary. As a beginner in the Disc Golf, you should always go with the Gold Line Saintbeginner level disc. One of the best discs on the market that you can buy is the Gold Line Saint by Latitude 64. It is an excellent disc with excellent flight ratings. You will also like the weight of this disc which makes it easy to handle and throw. Make sure that you consider this disc when you are about to purchase the first disc.

Features and Pros

  • Better flight ratings
  • Gold Line plastic
  • Average weight
  • Made in Sweden
  • Provides good carry


  • Not good for curved shots

If you are a beginner, you will find it difficult to get the disc close to the basket. You may struggle with the flight. Buying a disc requires proper knowledge, as a beginner you should never buy a disc with larger Fade and Turn. While playing the game, you will face various courses. The 250 to 300 feet course is standard. It is a good choice for the beginners the 500 to 600 feet courses are the experts. These courses require a longer flight and long distance discs.

If you are starting, you may want to get a straight shooting disc with less Fade and Turn values. It is why the Gold Line Saint is the best distance driver. It will shoot straight as it has less Fade rating. It has the Fade value of only 2. It means that it will turn that much at the end of the flight. These discs make an excellent choice for the beginners.

Another excellent flight rating for this disc is the glide. It has the 7 rating on Glide. This disc golf disc has the glide value. It means it will go some distance. These are average glide ratings. It is also the reason this makes it good for the beginners. Although, it does not mean that it is only for the beginners. The experts who want to make straight putts can also use this disc.

Another excellent feature that this disc has is the speed. The speed value of this disc is 9. It means that it will go straight with a very high speed. It will ensure that your shots are accurate. Together with the Fade, Glide and the speed, this disc gives you better shots.

Overall the Gold Line Saint is an excellent distance driver. With the average flight ratings, it suits you best. Also, the disc weight is between 165 and 15 grams. It is the ideal weight for a disc to make the long shots.

You will notice that most of the distance drivers tend to be heavy, but this one is not. The reason is the high-quality plastic.

To make use of this disc better, you will need to throw it with a good arm position. It will give you a perfect S-curve during the glide. The Fade value that this has means that it will turn only after traveling a fair distance. So, if you are looking for long but curved-end shots buy this disc golf disc.
The user rating of this disc is also excellent. Although there are a few issues with stability, it is still the best. We highly recommend the Gold Line Saint for an excellent game. It is the best distance driver on the market. You can easily purchase it for $17.95 on Amazon.

Brand Latitude 64
Speed 9
Glide 7
Turn -1
Fade 2
Material Plastic
Weight Range 165-176g
Customer Rating 5/5 By 6 Customers


Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc

This disc will provide you good control over your throw and flight. It is a good choice if there is more wind on the day. It is an excellent choice if you need to make long shots with more accuracy. This one also has excellent user and flight ratings. It is an excellent fairway driver. This disc is for both the beginners and the pros. What you will like is the low price as compared to other models and disc golf discs on the market.Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc

Features and Pros

  • Good for straight line driver
  • Good for analyzer shots
  • Good for roller shots
  • Made of light-weight plastic
  • Good speed and fade ratings
  • Low price


  • Does not have long life as it uses light-weight plastic material

If you want to play the Disc Golf like a champion and want to practice best shots, then the Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc is the one you should have. It will allow you to practice and get good over time. It provides a solid slide on every glide. It also gives you a straight fairway. You will also like that this disc comes in various models. You can choose the model you like after searching the different ratings on each model.

This disc has some good flight ratings. Let us first talk about the speed. It gives a speed rating of 6. It means that it will not go too quick, but will have an average speed. Too quick speed on the flight can give inaccurate results. But quick speed also gives more flight. It is why the Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc is not a long distance driver.

The next on the rating list is the glide. It has a five on the glide rating. As it has an average glide rating, it will not cover more distance but will provide you better accuracy in your shots. It is why you should choose this disc if you are in a tough situation.

The Turn rating of this disc is -2. It means that it will slightly turn right when you throw the disc. It is also what makes it an excellent fairway driver. It also provides better control over the flight. So, if you throw the disc properly, it will give you the best results. It will meet your expectations. But for that, you need to practice how to throw. Never expect too much from the disc, you need to make your throwing better.

The next flight rating on this disc is the fade. It has a Fade rating of 1. It makes it an excellent choice for a straight drive. Purchase this disc if you do not want the disc to turn or hook towards the left at the end of its flight. It has fewer Fade ratings such as the Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc. With the 1 rating, it will slightly hook on the left making it a perfect shot.

Although this disc is not the fastest and will not travel far distances, it will provide you more accurate shots. It will allow you to score better while playing the game.
The Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc uses light-weight plastic. It means that you will feel at ease while throwing the disc. The weight of this disc ranges from 145 to 175 grams. You can choose any model from that weight range. We recommend the Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc with a 165-gram weight. It will have better ratings and will also be easy to control. This disc also has excellent user ratings. The price of this disc at Amazon ranges from $6.9 to $11.9.

Brand Innova
Colors Multiple option
Weight Range 165-176g
Customer Rating 4.3/5 By 61 Customers


Latitude 64 Opto Line Claymore

Are you trying to buy a disc golf disc which will give average flight and moderate flight ratings? If yes, then the Latitude 64 Opto Line Claymore is the best choice. It does not offer long distance but offers a mid-range flight. So, if you are trying to make mid-range putts, this is an excellent choice. It is also cheap. It is reliable and is better flight.Latitude 64 Opto Line Claymore Midrange

Features and Pros

  • Good, high-quality plastic
  • Better flight ratings
  • Good choice for mid-range drivers
  • Better stability ratings


  • Heavyweight
  • Not a good choice for long putts

The Latitude 64 Opto Line Claymore is the best mid-range disc. The style of the disc is perfect which make sit excellent for both pros and beginners. You can get your hands on this disc easily. It has excellent flight ratings with average weight i.e. 170 to 180 grams. The benefit of the mid-range discs is that you can land difficult and tricky shots easily. Once you know how to handle the disc, these mid-range discs will enable you to make easy shots.

The Latitude 64 Opto Line Claymore is a better choice for difficult cuts and curves. This disc may not be as good for beginners as it is for pros. The beginners, however, can practice the mid range curvy shots using this disc.

This disc has excellent flight ratings. The speed rating is 5. It means that it will not provide you fast and quick speeds. It is the reason it is good for the mid-range shots. With the glide ratings also at 5, it provides an average loft. You will not get more height on the shots that you make using this disc, but it will certainly give you better accuracy.

The Latitude 64 Opto Line Claymore is excellent for stability. This disc has the highest stability ratings. The disc uses excellent quality plastic. The plastic is not heavy-weight. It is durable and can sustain hard hits. This durability provides a longer life for the disc. The glide and the speed ratings provide better stability for the disc. So, if you are looking for more stable shots, purchase this disc golf disc.

The fade rating on this disc is 1. This rating means that it will not turn at the end of its flight. It may turn, but it will not turn with a great angle. So, if you are looking for the disc which will not turn too much, you should buy the Latitude 64 Opto Line Claymore.

The turn rating on this disc is -1. It also means that it will not turn when you throw the disc. It will initially go straight and with the Fade rating 1, it will also land straight. These ratings provide better accuracy as the disc will not turn a lot. It is why this disc is also good for more challenging putts.
With this disc, you can easily take shots which are 200 feet long. It may not be suitable for longer distances. The disc’s weight makes it easy to score on a windy day.

This disc uses excellent quality plastic. It is easy to handle and score. The weight of this disc ranges from 10 to 180 grams. It may be a bit high, but it will provide stable mid-range shots. We recommend this disc only for mid-range shots and not for long shots. The price of this disc at Amazon is $15.95.

Brand Latitude 64
Speed 5
Glide 5
Turn -1
Fade 1
Material Plastic
Weight Range 165-180g
Customer Rating


Dynamic Discs Classic Soft Judge

Are you looking for a disc which gives you more control over the throw? If yes, then you should buy the Dynamic Discs Classic Soft Judge. This disc has an excellent design and the best flight ratings. It will do whatever you want it to do. You can throw it in any direction you want, and it will go there. It is why we recommend this. It is the best approach and putter disc on the market.Dynamic Discs Classic Soft Judge

Features and Pros

  • Excellent flight ratings
  • Classic soft plastic material
  • Highly favored among the disc golf players
  • Predictable flight
  • Great at absorbing impact
  • Good for upshots
  • Excellent stability ratings


  • Not for mid-range shots
  • Not good for longer putts

There are many discs on the market which offer better flight and excellent control. The control makes these discs a perfect choice for the beginners. So, you should buy this disc if you are trying to learn the game. But it does not mean that it is not for the pros.
The Dynamic Discs Classic Soft Judge is the best when it comes to putting. Now you can putt like a pro with the help of this disc. It is easy to control and maneuver. This disc will offer excellent stability and flight.

We also recommend it as it uses classic soft plastic. This type of plastic is soft, flexible yet very durable. This disc is best at absorbing the impact. So, it is a smart choice if you want smart and great upshots. The disc is easy to control which enables it to throw anywhere you want.

The flight and user ratings of this disc are excellent. The speed rating on this disc is 2. It means that it does not go fast. It is a slow shot disc. So, if you are looking for a long shot disc, this is not it. But the speed ratings make it predictable. The glide on this disc is 4. It also means that the disc will not travel far or high. This disc is only for scoring more and not traveling far. It is why we only recommend it if you want to score and not cover the distance.

The Turn rating on this is 0. It is good; it is an excellent choice if you want to make straight shots. There is no turn on this whatsoever. It is why we only recommend this for scoring goals from a small distance. The disc will not deceive you to goal from a short distance. The Fade rating on this disc is also 0.5. It means it will not hook towards the left side at the end of its flight.

With these flight ratings, we ensure that the Dynamic Discs Classic Soft Judge is the best putter and an excellent approach disc. It will not work as a mid-range disc and is not suitable for longer putts.
The disc also has excellent stability ratings. The weight of this disc ranges from 170 to 176 grams. It may be a bit heavy, but it is the weight which gives excellent and accurate shots. The price of this disc at Amazon is $13. It is a cheap disc and provides the best shots. Make sure that you buy this disc. We highly recommend this disc for better game-play.

Brand Dynamic Discs
Speed 2
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 0.5
Material Classic Soft Plastic
Weight Range 170-176g
Customer Rating 3.8/5 By 6 Customers


What is a Disc Golf Disc?

Flying disc and frisbeeThe disc golf is a disc which is more like a Frisbee. Instead, it has a better mechanism. The disc golf disc is for the game of Disc Golf. In simple words, the disc golf disc is a Frisbee which the players throw to score in the game of Disc Golf. The disc golf disc is around 20 to 23 cm in length and weights from 120 to 180 grams.

It is important to have a good quality disc golf disc to play the game. If you do not have the right disc with a better glide, weight and many more factors, you will not win the game or score in it.

What is the use of a Disc Golf Disc?

The primary use of the disc golf disc is to play the disc golf. The game of disc golf is more like golf, instead of the ball the players will throw a disc to score or pot. It is an easy game to play, but it requires precision and practice. If you do not have a high-quality disc, you will never score. The chances are that when you throw the disc, it will fly in the wrong direction. The disc should also be equally weighted. The too heavy disc will not reach far, and the too light disc will not reach hole or the net.
You can use the disc golf discs to play not only the disc golf but also other interactive games. These are high-quality discs which you can use to play many more games. Or just have fun throwing them around.

How should you choose a Disc Golf Disc?

Like you many people who play Disc Golf search for the disc golf disc online. They take proper care in purchasing the best disc from the market. Like them, you may also search the market and try and find the best. Like other people, you will also ask around about the material, the quality, the glide, the flight rating, weight, etc.

These are the major factors which allow you to choose the best disc golf disc from the market. To make it easy for you, we cover below the primary factors which you should consider before buying a disc golf disc.

You will want to know which disc is the best. Which one will fly a long distance and which one will not fly in the wrong direction during the strong wind conditions? Here we will discuss the factors which will help you get hands on the best disc golf discs. Make sure that you read these carefully. These factors will help you not only choose the best disc but also provide you information about the best frisbee golf disc.

How easy is it to control the disc when in flight?

One of the major factors is the control. How easy will you control the disc? Will it go in the direction in which you intend it to or not? Make sure that you consider the control of the weight. The light-weighted disc may be easy to throw, but you may not control it well.

  • The Glide

Glide is perhaps the most important factors when choosing the best disc golf disc. Make sure that you purchase the disc which has an excellent glide. Glide means the discs ability to loft during the flight. A disc with more glide means that a disc will cover more distance. But the discs with less glide are more accurate.

  • The Fade

Fade is another important consideration. Fade means the ability to hook left or the tendency of the disc to go left at the end of its flight. You should know that the fade has a rating from 0 to 5. The disc which has a fade rating of 0 means it will go straight and will not fade at the end of the flight. The rating of 5 means it will hook towards left very hard at the end of its flight. Make sure that you choose based on your needs. If you want to skip shots, then get the discs with more fade.

  • The Turn

Turn means the tendency of the disc to turn right at the start of the flight. The disc with +1 rating will not turn or will turn the least. The disc with -5 rating will turn the most. Choose the disc on the basis of your needs.

  • The overall design

There are various types of designs of a disc golf disc. There is a type of disc (the distance driver) which provides better glide. There is another type of disc golf disc (fairway driver) which does not travel long distance but is good for control which makes it better for beginners. So, if you are a beginner make sure that you get the type of disc which provides you more control, rather than long flight.

  • The Material

The most important factor is the material. Almost every manufacturer use plastic to manufacture the discs. However, there are several qualities of plastic. It is important to look out for the type of plastic which is more durable yet very flexible. You may not want a disc which breaks apart upon colliding with an obstacle such as a tree or a bush. Always purchase the top quality flexible plastic so that if the disc collides, it will not break.

  • What is the purpose of the disc?

There are many disc golf discs which are good for general purpose usage. There are a few which are good for turnover shots. There are the types of discs which are good for professional gaming, and others are for home or indoor usage. So, make sure that you take into consideration the purpose of the disc golf disc you are purchasing.

  • How stable is it?

You should have proper knowledge about the stability of the disc golf disc. You will find the stability ratings in our reviews. The disc which has the stability rating of 3.0 means it will be difficult to control. It means that it is for professional players. The discs which have a high stability rating will not be easy to control, and it will be challenging to control the flight.

If you get a rating of -3, it means that the disc is quite unstable. You can control these types of the disc when you purchase, but as time passes, it will become difficult to control the throw or the flight.
Make sure that you purchase the disc which is easy to control, and is stable. The stability rating more than 0 and less than 2 is good.

  • Weight

Heavy material means the disc will weigh more. You should know that the weight of the golf disc affects the stability. If you are a professional, you may choose the heavy discs. If you are a beginner, then you should purchase a light-weight disc. Make sure that you purchase the disc with the weight range from 165 to 175 grams. It is an ideal weight to have an excellent game.
If you want more flight or range or the distance the disc covers, purchase the disc which is less 150 or less than 150 grams.

  • Speed

Another consideration is the speed. Make sure that you buy the disc with more speed only if you are a professional. You cannot control the disc with more speed if you are a beginner.
These are a few important factors which you must consider to make sure that the disc golf disc you get is reliable and will give you a better game-play. Make sure to read our excellent and well-researched disc golf disc reviews. These reviews provide necessary information about the factors mentioned above.

Best Disc Golf Discs

How does the Disc Golf Disc work?

The working of the disc golf disc is very simple. As it flies through the air, it will work excellent when you throw it right at a better angle. The flight of the disc depends on the type of the disc that you will use.
Choose the best Disc Golf Disc

Make sure that you read our reliable and trustworthy reviews so that you can buy the best disc golf disc. To play the game, it is important that you have a high-quality disc. The higher the quality of the disc; the better will be your game. Make sure that you do not go for the highly expensive discs. You will get an excellent disc to play the game from $12 to $18.

Types of Disc Golf Discs

There are six types of disc golf discs.

  • The Distance Drivers
    These are the discs which have a design that allows them to travel a long distance. These types of discs provide long range and maximum speed. These discs also provide better glide with good control. These distance drivers are an excellent choice for both beginners and professional players.
  • The Fairway Drivers
    The fairway drivers will provide you better control over flight. The design is such that it provides more control that makes this disc a better choice for beginners. This disc will suit you if you are a new player or new to the game.
  • Mid-range discs
    If you want to control for a variety of shots, then you should choose the mid-range discs. These discs provide better control for mid-range shots. These are also good for short drives and approaches.
  • Putt and Approach discs
    As the name suggests, these discs provide better control for putt and approach shots. Buy this disc to get accurate Putts.
  • Specialty discs
    These are the discs for unique situations. You can purchase the discs which are only to play games or to use only for flight.
  • Recreational discs
    These types of discs are good for the games which involve more throwing and catching.

Available features of Best Disc Golf Discs

Good for all games
A good disc golf disc is one with which you can play anywhere in any condition.

There are four main characteristics of the disc golf discs: the glide, the fade, the flight and the stability. Make sure that you consider these characteristics while buying the disc golf disc.

How to buy a Disc Golf Discs from Amazon?

Amazon is surely the best place where you can buy the best disc golf putter. It provides you excellent search features. You can search by name (the names of the discs we review in this article). You can search the discs by just entering the text “disc golf discs.” Once you get the search results, you can filter the search results by brand.

Select one from the list and purchase by providing the details. Amazon will ship the product right at your doorsteps. Before you order you should know if there are any shipment charges or not. It is the only way you will purchase the best disc golf discs.


Are you looking to play disc golf? If yes, then it is the time that you purchase the best disc golf discs. Purchase the right kind of disc for the type of game you want to play.

The only way you can find the best, and the most reliable disc golf disc is by having proper knowledge about these discs. The knowledge such as glide, flight rating, stability rating, material, type of disc, etc. is necessary for purchasing the disc golf discs. To have this knowledge read our trusted reviews. These reviews will provide you with an in-depth analysis and give you every detail that you need.

We only review the best and top-rated brands of disc golf discs. We consider every aspect and then recommend these brands. You will be happy to read the reviews and will certainly buy these disc golf discs after reading the reviews. We highly recommend that you buy only these brands of frisbee golf discs. These discs will provide you with excellent gameplay.

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