The 7 Best Bluetooth Transmitters of 2018

Best Bluetooth Transmitters Review

Best Bluetooth Transmitter – At times, the rate at which technology progresses can be unforgiving. Old box TVs are made irrelevant in favor of flat-screens, until satellite companies won’t service the older Universal Bluetooth Audio Transmittermodels at all. Old CD and DVD players require cords and jacks which aren’t compatible with new speakers and TVs, meaning they’re left in storage or sold for pennies. However, Bluetooth can solve this issue – bridging the connectivity gap. Where numerous cords, incompatible jacks, and outdated controllers become a roadblock, Bluetooth Transmitters can be integrated into your old devices and machines, allowing you to access them with your new devices and controllers.

For example, do you have an old CD player with an incomparable cord for your new speaker system? A Bluetooth Transmitter can be hooked up to the older jacks and then wirelessly transmit the appropriate signals to your Bluetooth-equipped sound system. Bluetooth can be configured to suit short range or long range, and without the tangle of cords, the transmission will be much clearer and cleaner, providing an enhanced experienced.

However, as advantageous as that is, how can you know which Bluetooth Transmitter is right for you? Which accommodates the greatest number of systems? Which has the most variety? What is a bargain and what is overpriced? Are there certain features or extras you should look for?

These are all valid questions and concerns. Never fear. Here we have compiled a selection of top tier Bluetooth Transmitters for 2018, which have made this list because of their superior price points, durability, specs, and features. Which one is right for you? Let’s find out.

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Indigo BTR9Best Overall Bluetooth Transmitter And Receiver 

Indigo BTR9 Bluetooth TransmittersThis model provides data transmission on comprehensive lines for the majority of customers at a commercial level as well as a residential stage. It offers a high class technology and functionality in many ways. As per the unique configuration, these are formed in numerous styles. For smaller houses and offices, these are suitable for the year, especially if you rely heavily on smart-tech.

Weather Proof
It is designed with weather proof technology that makes it highly desirable. It can be used in all areas such as wide halls, loading docks, parking lots, parking garages, and homes. These are perfect to use in the huge building because it transmits the data and signals on all sides equally. Extreme weather conditions never disturb its functionality since it’s self-contained against the elements, even during he rainy season.

Infrared Capability

Due to the infrared technology, it is ideal for the modern user. By owning this device, you will be rid of issues with wire nets. This model provides clearer night transmission with exclusive power. It contains infrared capability so even blocks such as walls or doors won’t hold it back, and cloudy or rainy weather will not be a hurdle.

Remote Monitoring
A user can use this technology for monitoring employees and staff for better performance, by controlling their remote security cameras via its connection. In this way, employees can be trained and customer experience can be improved. All sensitive areas where confidential records and precious items are kept can be monitored from a distance, making it very easy to use. It offers mobility with its small size and greater reach for all it’s connected to.

Brand Indigo
Bluetooth V2.1, 2.402- 2.480 GHz
Profiles A2DP, AVRCP
Range Up to 30ft (10 Meters)
Charging Time 3 Hours
Usage Time TX up to 11 Hours, RX up to 6 Hours
Dimensions 2″ x 1.4″ x 0.3″ (51.4 x 34.7 x 8.6mm)
Item Weight 0.3 ounces
Power Source USB
Customer Rating 4.3/5 By 565 Customers


MNXO Bluetooth BT01-001: Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

mnxo BT01 001 bluetoothThis device is a popular choice for you to consider, as it delivers the best output with extraordinary efficiency, whether you’re connecting it to your old TV or your favorite speaker system. The model is intended to meet your needs with the latest innovative technology, producing a strong connection through walls, doors, and even concrete dividers. If that sounds great, then remember that it can be matched with several different jacks hailing from 1980’s tech and forward.

They just don’t build them like they used to, eh? Well this transmitter’s sturdy material will match the durable tech it’s bringing into the future; it’s compact design ensures that it can take some bumps and bruises, lasting as long as your older devices.

An Excellent Indoor Device

The best Bluetooth transmitter performs dynamically in different conditions of the weather, and this model delivers. However, it works best indoors, where its signal can be strongest. All in all, this makes it safe against any spills by the kiddos or tampering by pets, and if you must place it outside – such as during a garden party when you need those speakers booming – it can handle a little rough environmental treatment.

Comfortable to Use

We’re not all tech savvy, so bringing out old technology into the future may seem, well – impossible. However, you don’t need to be an expert to hook up this innovative Bluetooth transmitter; it’s as simple as lining up the cords, turning it on, and finding its name in your phone, computer, or tablet’s drop-down menu. It is easy to utilize, lightweight, and easy to modify. Additionally, it offers effectively transmitted data and signals at once.

Modern Designs

It contains the dynamic elements that make it an absolute necessity for the workplace, with its smooth look and modified technology.

Brand Mnxo
Compatible With TV, PC, CD Player, mp3
Audio Port 3.5 mm
Range Up to 30ft (10 Meters)
Charging Time
Extra Features AV Cable Connector
Dimensions 2.8 x 1.8 x 1 inches
Item Weight 2.1 ounces
Power Source USB
Customer Rating 3.8/5 By 357 Customers


Mpow 2-In-1 MBT-3: Bluetooth Headphone Transmitters

Mpow Bluetooth 2 in 1

For excellent connection performance and signal transmission, this is a great option. If you are using this device, then forget about buffering and low connection. It is very easy to use because it offers solid connectivity – easy to plug and play. Its wireless and dual band innovation offers plenty of features to for making video games, music, video streaming, and communication easier across your devices.

Wireless Technology
Due to its wireless technology, this device is very easy to use, making the task of connecting all your devices easy and comfortable for you. No more jumbled mess of wires and no more confusion about which cord goes where. If you’d like to connect this to your old device, enhance your Wi-Fi with it, or bring a newer but non-Bluetooth-equipped device up to speed, that’s all possible with this module. As a bonus, should you want to make it wired, it offers these ports as well.

Superior Coverage
It provides perfect signal coverage, with a transmission strength that makes your tasks very easy and feasible. Due to the unique configuration, it offers a wonderful output as an efficient and multi-functional device. This is made possible thanks to infrared technology that can pinpoint available devices and link up easily.


  • It is an automatic device that needs no on or off buttons to regulate.
  • You need not to divert your attention to monitoring it.
Brand Mpow
Battery Type NiCAD
Audio Port 3.5 mm
Range Up to 30ft (10 Meters)
Bluetooth Transmission MP3, CD / DVD players, e-readers, TVs and more
Extra Features AD2P Bluetooth Or Standard RCA
Dimensions 3.1 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight 1.8 ounces
Power Source USB
Customer Rating 4.1/5 By 1520 Customers

Tao Tronics TT-BA06X: Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

TaoTronics Bluetooth TransmitterThis Bluetooth transmitter can help you to connect easily and experience strong transmission, so that multiples devices are linked to your more advanced smart technology, your communication between TVs, radios, and more is enhanced, and you won’t struggle with connection speed.

High functioning, cost effective, and easy to install, even if you’re not experienced with hooking up Bluetooth transmitters, you’ll have this one figured out in no time. As a bonus, with this device, you’ll also receive:

  • One-year warranty
  • Infrared innovation built right into the device
  • Free updates and detailed range display
  • Smart link compatibility
Brand TaoTronics
Bluetooth 4.0
Audio Jack  3.5mm / RCA
Range Up to 33ft
Charging Time
Usage Time
Dimensions 0.35 x 1.77 x 1.3 in
Item Weight 0.48 ounces
Power Source USB
Warranty 1 Year
Customer Rating 4.7/5 By 66 Customers

Mee Audio T1: Best Bluetooth Receiver

MEE audio Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter

Most users have issues with transmitting data or commands due to weak signals. It can be easily solved by using the best Bluetooth transmitter, listed right here. This device is used to boost your signals and connection speed. For efficiency and innovation, infrared technology enhances how quickly it can identify other devices and link to them within your office or household.

As a bonus, if you’d like to own more than one of these devices to expand your connectivity, they come in multiple colors and designs to avoid confusion. Each offers transmission speed up to ten gigabit, including an easy to use cable for linking up with all your older devices. You can easily control the signals by setting the transmission as per your convenience. It’s small, mobile, and easy to store away from sight, should you be low on space or if you prefer a clean area.

Suitable for small homes to large buildings, it offers support for a wide range of the devices. It is a cordless transmitter that provides incredible functionality, premier fun, and extreme efficiency to the users. Additional features include:

  • Available in five colors; white, red, green, blue, black
  • Suitable for POE devices, VoIP phones, NAS, network media players, switch boxes, routers,
  • printers, computer servers, PCs, and many more
  • It is lightweight
  • Water proof
  • Powerful item
  • Durable due to the strong material.
  • Very easy to setup and fix to your device
  • Offers efficiency due to innovative infrastructure
  • It is intended with 5.8 mm outer, PVC jacket, CM grade, gold plated contact, and 8P8C RJ45 connector

It is perfect for home users thanks to its easy care and customizable design!

Brand MEE Audio
Bluetooth 4.0
Audio Jack 3.5 mm , RCA, or optical TOSLINK
Range Up to 30ft
Charging Time
Usage Time
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in
Item Weight 3 ounces
Power Source USB
Warranty 1 Yr
Customer Rating 3.9/5 By 201 Customers


Trond BT DuO S: Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter And Receiver

Bluetooth transmitters are very beneficial for safe data transmission. It is the ultimate choice for people who want to get rid of the wires, so as to enjoy the best connection and best TROND 2 in 1performance. What are some of the perks of this device?

  • No tangled extension cords.
  • It is intended to offer high powered signals.
  • It reduces vibrations and noise, and enhances battery efficiency.
  • Increases the performance of audios signals and extends the life of the transmission with solidity.
  • It is compact and portable.
  • It is lightweight and an ideal device for small- and medium-sized areas.
  • It is wonderful as back-up Bluetooth technology to easily adjust
  • It is an Energy Star certified
  • Offers a full two-year warranty

Affordable Rate
This device is designed with modern features, and is both compact and portable. It can be placed anywhere at home or in your office, while offering high functionality, thanks to its to sleek design. An advanced transmitter with high-class excellence, it’s efficient and multi-purposed, handling all sorts of adaptations to Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth V4.1, CSR 8670 chipet, A2DP
Supports Dual Stream (TX mode); Multi-Point (RX mode)
Range 33ft / 10m
Charging Time 2 Hours
Usage Time About 8 hours
Dimensions 1.8 x 1.3 x 0.4 inches
Item Weight 0.5 ounces
Power Source USB
Warranty 18 Month
Customer Rating 4.4/5 By 714 Customers


Tao Tronics TT-BA09: Best Wireless Audio Adapter For TV

We’ve covered a wide number of transmitters so far, but we have to say – this one is our favorite. TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter and ReceiverJust glancing at its design proves this device is compact, ready to be stored anywhere, and can take a few drops or spills. If you’d like to use it for older devices, then that’s doable with its multiple jacks, while it also offers plugs of the more modern variety on every side. With easy to navigate controls on its side and an accessible power button, the Tao transmitter is aesthetically pleasing and powerful. It does not take more than ten minutes to unpack the device and get it in working order, making it suitable for all experienced levels in users. The 40V battery is fully charged in the sealed packaging.

Brand TaoTronics
Bluetooth 4.1
Audio Jack 3.5 mm
Range Up to 30ft (10 Meters)
Charging Time
Usage Time 15 Hr
Dimensions 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.8 inches
Item Weight 0.8 ounces
Power Source 5V DC & Battery
Warranty 1 year
Customer Rating 4.4/5 By 473 Customers

How to Increase the Functionality of Your Bluetooth Transmitter?

It is a common issue that if a device’s signal drops, you should change the location or the room where you’re sitting. But what is this, 2004? Now you can enhance the signals to reach all areas of your home or office without moving an inch –  the right transmitter, that is! Here’s how to make your new Bluetooth device work even better in difficult spaces.

Change the Location of the Transmitter, or Have Multiple

A reason for degraded signals if they have to pass through solid objects, such as walls or doors within your office or home. By moving your transmitter closer to your main area, or having multiple that can carry the signal farther, you’ll have greater power and reach to overcome blocks.


Here we have lined up the best Bluetooth Transmitters based on their abilities, but your final choice still comes down to two very important factors. Your array of devices or machines, as well as your budget.

Certain products included in this list are best suited for specific technology categories – such as headsets vs. MP3 Players vs. TVs, etc. When it comes to helping your old technology into the future, it’s best to invest in one transmitter which can be moved from machine to machine as needed, rather than buying several to then only be used in intervals. However, transmitters with more versatility are also more expensive.

Best Bluetooth transmitters Reviews yourstrust

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It’s wise to evaluate how many old pieces of technology you had on hand and how often you’d like to use them. If it’s only one or two, then investing in a two transmitters may be cost effective. However, if it’s dozens, then a versatile option is the wisest. In either case, this selection offers you the best picks based on customer reviews, brand reputation, and of course our own research and testing. One – or more – of these are sure to suit you.

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