Best Bed Sheets Review – 2020 Buying Guide

For having a good sleep, not only a good mattress matters rather using a good quality bed sheet is important as well. There is a wide variety of bed sheets available in a market regarding color, designs, texture and durability. Having a bed sheet according to your choice and liking would give you a restful sleep. One of the best part, for a person in his whole day is to climb in a bed to have a restful sleep after having a busy day and if the bed has a perfect bed sheet on it then you can get nothing better than this feeling. A scratchy or a course bed sheet can disturb your sleep and you would not be able to get up fresh to work for the entire day. If you ever feel that you are not able to get nice sleep then instead of changing your furniture or mattress, focus on changing your bed sheet, made of any other fabric which may provide you the most comfort and smooth feeling.

Sometimes, not only a bed sheet of a good print or a design matters rather there are many other various factors which account for the best bed sheet. We have reviewed all kinds of bed sheets and have listed down all of the available top best sheets for you so you can easily decide to pick one that fits your needs and preferences. The easiest way for surveying the best bed sheets to fulfill your needs, is to visit the online stores that would satisfy your search for the best bed sheet, offering you a large range in cost and other qualities. In this way, you can buy a one that is according to your preferences. Moreover, it is wise to search for the details of your item to be purchased before hand on internet within minutes, without being tricked by the shop-keepers who might sell poor quality bed sheets to you, without you knowing. Similarly, you would not have to waste your tons of time in exploring the whole market and can simply click on the item or product you liked to use for your bed.

The Top 4 Best Bed Sheets

Bamboo Sheet Set – 300 Thread Count Bed Sheets

These bed sheets are ranked as of the top quality bed sheets, from Cariloha.  Their design is decided at Carribean and is manufactured in Turkey. These Bamboo Bed sheets have been experienced as better in use than Egyptian Cotton Bed sheets. These provide enough comfort and soft feeling on touching. Bamboo Bed sheets are also available in large bed sizes. The bed sheets are available in various bright colors, designs and sizes. You must try one of these to lie on your bed to acknowledge the best quality and peaceful sleep.

These bed sheets can be made of Rayon made from Bamboo. Such bed sheets allow you to sleep comfortably without causing any sweating and keep you warm in bed during winters. Bamboo bed sheets are best known to be used by sensitive people suffering from any allergies as it is made of anti-bacterial material. You will be able to have a good night sleep and waking up all refreshed. The fibers used in its making are moisture absorbent. These bed sheets give you a softer feeling than a silk or cotton made bed sheets. Usually, a customer is fully guaranteed to have his money refunded if he would not like the high quality bamboo bed sheet but this rarely happens. These are preferably used in the bedding’s of Hotels for the customers to have a maximum relaxed and pleasant sleep. A user can get these bed sheets for any size of the bed, let it be a queen, king, California or a full size mattress. These are mainly available in Gold, Ivory, Sage, Grey, Smoke Blue colors, making your bed a unique representation for the viewers. The bamboo bed sheets are present in all kind of fashionable and classic designs and offer a smooth hand-feeling. The quality actually fulfills the needs of customers to make them satisfied by using it.

Material Rayon from Bamboo
Thread Count 300
Item Weight 5.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.5 x 9.3 x 3.6 inches
Manufacturer By eLuxury Supply
Primary Use Pure Softness
Customer Rating 4.2/5 By 194 Customers


Cariloha Bed Sheets Set

These bed sheets are made of extra soft and 100% viscose from bamboo fabric, making them two times as soft as cotton sheets. These are generally moisture absorbent and provide cooler sensation than cotton sheets. Cariloha bed sheets are well-known for naturally resisting any bad smell and provide comfortable sleep throughout the time period of their usage. Cariloha bed sheet set comes with 1 Fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet  and two pillow-cases. Mostly, sellers offer lifetime guarantee on purchasing these bed sheets and refunding option as well in case if someone is not satisfied with the product. The bed sheets are mainly available for California King size mattress.

Cariloha provides these bed sheets with 100% refund back guarantee because they know what they are selling and they are fully satisfied with product quality. Still if you find any problems with the product or you need any type of help you can call them at : 1.800.884.5815 or visit there official website ( link ).

Material Bamboo Derived Rayon
Machine washable Yes
Item Weight 5.3 pounds
Product Dimensions 10.7 x 9.3 x 5.3 inches
Manufacturer By Cariloha
Color Ivory
Customer Rating 4.5/5 By 60 Customers


Egyptian Bed Sheets Pinzon Bed sheet Of Egyptian cotton

The Egyptian bed sheets are made of purely high quality cotton. You would not have to think twice during the next time of purchasing such a costly Egyptian bed sheet because you will be assured with the 100% soft feel and durability even after washing it. The thickness and ultra comfort of these bed sheets will make you a permanent happy consumer of such best and high quality bed sheets. The special Egyptian cotton bed sheet is preferably used in summers, which not only beautifies your bed with attracting colors and designs rather it is sweating-resistant and shapes your entire room’s environment. These need to be washed in cold water. You will not have any sweating when sleeping on such bed sheets during the hot days of night. Believe me; you will be thankful later for doing yourself a favor by purchasing the Best Egyptian Bed sheet for your use because it will make your sleep pleasant.

You can purchase Pinzon bed sheets through online stores which are typically available in White, Light Grey, Plum and Chestnut colors. The fabric used in synthesizing Pinzon bed sheets is light in weight and gives soft or smooth feels. It is recommended to wash it before the first time use, so you can enjoy extra smooth quality of the bed sheet. Moreover, happy customers have commented that these bed sheets get softer after every time of washing. These are also available in different designs with detailing, lace; machine embroidered or handcrafted, giving a stylish look to your bed. These are used for homes; in hotels or for hospital beds. Pinzon Bed sheets are durable for use and quite airy. The bed sheets consist of higher number of thread counts, leading to the extra velvetiness feeling. Also, you can buy these for putting on either your single, double or King size mattress. The cotton bed sheets are anti bacterial and water resistant. Pinzon Cotton bed sheets are ranked at the top for the beneficial features it provides to the users.

Material Egyptian Cotton
Thread Count 1000
Item Weight 6.9 Pounds
Color White
Manufacturer By Exceptional Sheets
Primary Use Pure Durability
Customer Rating 4.2/5 By 542 Customers


Jersey Bed Sheets Brielle Bed sheet of Jersey Material

These are the 4th top bed sheets in terms of quality. These can be used in both winters and summers as they get warm I winter and stay cool in winters. You’ll definitely enjoy your sleep on them. They offer an extra soft feeling on touch and are available in highly reasonable prices. Jersey bed sheets can be found in large range of colors and design that you can choose according to your taste or requirements. These are famous for their durability and good quality in terms of offering strong and soft textural material. These can be easily washed in washing machines in cold water. Your pleasant sleep can be ensured if you use Jersey bed sheets for your bed.

You can easily find online products present in different sizes, color and other features made of Jersey fabric. You can get Brielle bed sheets for queen size, king size or California size beds with a pair of pillows, and a comforter if you want to buy one matching to your bed sheet. The Bed sheet is accessible in many colors like light blue, black, navy blue, red, plum, camel, coral, graphite or pure white color. These bed sheets are made of 100% pure Jersey cloth, or you can get Brielle bed sheet made of imported jersey material. It’s a completely flexible bed sheet. It should be washed in cold water either in a machine or by hands. Do not put it in dryer for a longer time, take it out immediately.

Material 100-percent Modal from Beech
Thread Count 1000
Item Weight 5 pounds
Product Dimensions 11 x 9 x 5.5 inches
Manufacturer By Brielle
Machine washable Yes
Customer Rating 4.1/5 By 457 Customers

Synthesizing Bed Sheet

Bed sheet are made from different types of fabrics, each one of them gives a distinct feeling on touch and have features that one user may like but the other may not, on the basis of choice or needs. You can simply buy a bed sheet of your choice of which you like the texture of.
The Best Bed Sheets are made from following main types of fabrics;

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Flannel
  • Satin

Cotton Sheets

Cotton made sheets are the most popular one in the common use of people as they have soft feeling and are quite easy in using like washing, create no sweating etc. Their price rates are very easy on the pocket for a consumer. There are further more sub types of ‘Cotton Bed sheets’, i.e.

  • Muslin Cotton
    The Muslin cotton bed sheets give rough feeling while touching and have a stiff texture. These are usually made for the children, having cartoon characters and other related designs printed on them.
  • Combed Cotton
    It is a type of bed sheet which is filtered off of all the impurities, leaving behind a pure and great soft feel bed sheet for your use.
  • Supima Cotton
    It is made in US out of long fibers, offering high standard and durable bed sheets with the sensation of intense softness. The Supima Cotton bed sheets are durable too.
  • Egyptian Cotton
    These are regarded as the best of all the cotton bed sheets for providing extra luxurious and soft quality as more of the fibers are used in making them. These are widely used among the consumers.

Silk and Satin Sheets
Customers generally have more desire for buying these silk Sheets because of the tremendous features it has. You will have no sweating in summer while laying on it. It gives a fine look to your bed and has a smooth feeling. Mostly, these bed sheets are made of Mulberry silk, which is best known for its long time usage. It’s another major benefit is, it is best for the use of people suffering from any type of allergy, allowing them to attain a calm sleep.

Flannel Bed Sheets
Flannel sheets are mostly used in winters as they keep a person too warm. These are not suitable enough to use in summers or you’ll make your bed get wet with your sweat. These are preferably used for baby bedding’s because of the soft texture. These are made of a mixture of wool and synthetic matter, which is why these are not recommended to be used by an allergic person.
Another well-known bed sheet is ‘Polyester’ made bed sheet, which is quite economical to purchase, providing comfort sleep but it is not suggested to use them during summers as you can end up in extreme sweating.

Thread Count:

Thread count is basically the number of threads used in vertical and horizontal position to synthesize a bed sheet per square inch.  Generally, as much there are number of thread counts, that much best is the quality of bed sheet. If you are trying to find a soft textured bed sheet, then go for the one with higher number of thread counts.
For normal usage, 100-300 thread counts of a bed sheet would be appropriate enough whereas 30-200 would be enough for the bed sheets in children’s use.
Thread count mainly guarantees the better quality and soft feeling of a bed sheet that you want to purchase.

How to choose the Best bed sheet?

For choosing a best bed sheet, you should tend to look for the one that fits your bed size. You should measure the size of mattress before for buying a best size bed sheet i.e. width and length of it. If you do not want your bed to look improper and untidy with the bed sheet falling off the mattress or touching the floor, you should calculate the size of the mattress. You would need to measure the size from head to toe and from one side to another. Note down the measurements so it would be easy for you at the time of buying to buy the one that perfectly fits your mattress.

You can choose a bed sheet of your favorite color and design through the availability of huge amount of variety. Follow the under mentioned tips to get help in deciding buying a better color and print of bed sheet:

  • Choose a bed sheet that matches your furniture color and style.
  • Buy single bed sheet pair for single beds and double bed sheet for a doubled bed to make sure proper fitting of bed sheet.
  • Buy a bed sheet that suits your age e.g. a colorful and cartoon printed bed sheets for the use of children and floral bed sheets for the use of married couples. Bright colored bed sheets should be used by the girls.

Thickness of the mattress

You should also be careful about the thickness of the mattress that you would like to sleep on because many people do not like to sleep on thick mattress or some like to sleep on thin mattress to get comfortable sleep by having relief from back-ache. Buying a mattress fulfills your long time need; therefore, it is important to buy a one that absolutely suits your requirements and needs. Moreover, buy a bed sheet of a size that has deep side pockets i.e. the part of the bed sheet that fits the corners of the bed perfectly. If the bed sheet does not fit rightly then the sheet will be pulled of the bed and it is so disturbing especially when you’re sleeping.

Following is comprehensive information about all types of sizes of a mattress that you would need to know to buy a best bed sheet for your use;

  • Twin size mattress: This size mattress bed is mostly used by the children, for the sleeping of a single person at a time.
  • Twin size extra large mattress: These types of mattresses are used in hostel places and are longer in length than normal twin size mattress but the width is generally same.
  • Full size mattress: Full size mattress is actually double size mattress for the use of two people. However, people also prefer it for the usage of single person.
  • Queen size mattress: Two people can enjoy comfortable sleep on queen size mattress. These are usually placed in guest rooms to provide special relaxation to them.
  • King size mattress: This type of mattress is also called Eastern King mattress. Parents usually like to buy this type of mattress to accommodate their children on bed along with them and sleep in by enjoying much comfort.
  • California King size mattress: It is mostly used in western areas of US, being longer than the traditional king size mattress but quite slimmer.

How to take care of bed sheets?

It is important to take care of your bed sheets to ensure their long term usage along with maintaining their high quality. You can easily keep your bed sheets clean by following the under mentioned necessary points:

  1. Washing properly: It is recommended to wash the bed sheets in cold water either in a washing machine or by hands, however, you can use mild warm water to wash the stains out of the bed sheets. Avoid washing bed sheets in too hot water to keep them safe from losing their colors.
    Furthermore, always add detergent before putting the bed sheet in water to evade the staining and stiffness of it due to soap because adding later will result in putting extra effort to get the soap out of the bed sheet. Similarly, it is essential not to use any extra bleaching agents on bed sheets so that they do not fade away or the fabric does not get weary. Normally, it is enough to use simple detergents for washing.
  1. Changing time: You should change the bed sheet after every week. This act would keep you safe from any allergies and contagious diseases when someone is sick and will make the bed sheets usable for long period of time.

Make Your bed look GOOD through the use of Bed Sheets

A well set bed would look good to sleep on and would provide you great pleasure in sleeping in it. You can make your bed look neat and properly set too if you pursue the underneath stated necessary points:

  • Get a complete set of bed sheet that includes matching pillows, quilt and cushion covers.
  • Change the mattress cover as well at the time of changing bed sheet so that there would be an overall complete look and fresh smell.
  • Fit the bed sheet at the corners tightly so that there would be no wrinkles along the bed.
  • You can choose to slip off the bed sheets from the sides to cover the down area of the bed or to give a cozy look to the room.

Bed sheet buying is more complicated than you think. If you aren’t well-versed in the bed sheet lingo, here is an info-graphic that can help you get the most out of your money:


Not only beds rather good quality bed sheets are also important for having a better sleep. You can get a complete guidance here for choosing the best of the bed sheet according to your choice of color, size and design. Make your bed look good and your mood happier by laying a bed sheet that suits your liking best.

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