The Best Bed Sheet Sets to Buy in 2018 – Complete Review

Best Bed Sheet Sets to Buy in 2018

Our beds are our sanctuaries – a place where we can curl up after a long day or retreat to during a bout of the flu and rest in comfort. Having the right pillows, the perfect duvet, and the exact amount of plush in the mattress are all important factors, but just as crucial are the best bed sheets themselves. As you may know, the threat count, the material composition, the eco-friendly manufacturing policy, and much more play a vital factor in making up an ideal bed sheet. After that, there is color and design to consider.

best bed sheets review

If you’re not familiar with the range of threat counts, what Egyptian cotton really means, or what to look for in a manufacturer’s label, then fear not. Here we do more than answer your questions – we’ve compiled a complete list of the top tier bed sheets currently on the market. Evaluating their unique selling points and examining their overall quality matched to their price points, we present them to you here with detailed reviews covering all their assets. If you’re looking to deck out your home or personal bed with a better sleeping experience this 2018, then one of these options is certain to fit your needs.

Cariloha bed-sheet $ 199.00 Cariloha buy now
Bamboo Sheets cheap-bed-sheets $ 102.99 bamboo buy now
Egyptian Cotton egyptian-bed sheet $ 77.07 egyptian buy now
Beech Jersey top-bed-sheet $ 79.99 brielle buy now

Bamboo Sheet Set: Best High End Exception Bed Sheets

bamboo sheet set 300 thread count

From the house of Carihola, these 300 Thread Count Bed Sheet are one of the top-sellers. The bed sheet has been designed in the Caribbean and the manufacturing has been done in Turkey. As compared to any standard Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet, these Bamboo Bed Sheets are better in terms of quality, touch and feel. Moreover, these Bamboo bed sheets are also available in larger sizes. Also, they are available in many different bright colors to match with the decor of your room. If you are looking for bed sheets that can help you sleep comfortable and peacefully, this Bamboo Sheet Set is the way to go.

The best sheets ever have been made from Rayon which is derived from Bamboo. This will ensure that you are able to sleep comfortably without sweating in the summer months. Moreover, they will also offer adequate warmth during the winters. Moreover, Bamboo bed sheets are also highly recommended for people who suffer from any kind of allergies as they are anti-bacterial. This will ensure that you are able to experience good nights’ sleep and wake up fresh and full of energy.

The fibers which have been used in making these best sheets can absorb moisture. As compared to cotton or silk bed sheets, these are the most comfortable sheets. While the manufacturer offers 100% money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the bed sheet, this rarely happens. Moreover, they are also very commonly used by hotels in their rooms to make sure that the guests are able to experience maximum comfort and relaxation. No matter if you have a King size bed, a Queen size, California size mattress, these bed sheets are available for every size of bed.

These bed sheets are available in Ivory, Gold, Smoke Blue, Sage, Gray, and many other amazing colors to further enhance the appearance of your bedroom. They are available in an extensive range of beautiful designs and are sure to impress every visitor. The world-class quality of these bed sheets will ensure that the buyers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Material Rayon from Bamboo
Thread Count 300
Item Weight 5.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.5 x 9.3 x 3.6 inches
Manufacturer By eLuxury Supply
Primary Use Pure Softness
Customer Rating 4.2/5 By 194 Customers



Cariloha Bed Sheets Set: High-End Best Bed Sheets

Cariloha Bed Sheets SetThese extra soft bed sheets are made from 100% viscose, which is derived from Bamboo fabric. As compared to the normal cotton bed sheets, these bed sheets are almost two times softer, generally moisture absorbent, and offer cooler sensation as compared to cotton. Cariloha bed sheets are also very popular for their ability to resist bad smells and ensure that you are able to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

These top rated bed sheets set come with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillow-cases. Most of the reputable sellers also offer lifetime guarantees with these bed sheets, as well as a refund if the customer is not satisfied with the purchase. These bed sheets are generally available for California-sized beds.

Material Bamboo Derived Rayon
Machine washable Yes
Item Weight 5.3 pounds
Product Dimensions 10.7 x 9.3 x 5.3 inches
Manufacturer By Cariloha
Color Ivory
Customer Rating 4.5/5 By 60 Customers


Egyptian Bed Sheets Pinzon Bed: Best Flannel

egyptian bedding 1000 thread count egyptian cottonEgyptian bed sheets are made from pure, high-quality cotton, which you can rest assured will provide you with years of flawless comfort. They guarantee 100% soft feel even after you wash them multiple times. The enhanced thickness of these slick sheets will ensure that you turn into a permanent lover of this amazing fabric. They’re commonly used in the summer months not just because of their beautiful colors or designs – but also due to their ability to resist sweat.

It is highly recommended that these best sheets should be washed in cold water. They can be purchased online and are generally available in Light Gray, White, Chestnut, and Plum colors. The fabric which is used for synthesizing Pinzon bed sheets is very light in weight to ensure you experience a smooth and comfortable feel. But many of the Egyptian cotton sheets reviews and experts too suggest that you wash it once before use, so as to break the sheet in. It’ll get softer with every wash!

The top-rated sheets are also available in many different designs like with intricate detailing, embroidery, lace, and a lot more to add up the appearance of your room. Apart from the home, these bed sheets are very commonly used in hospitals and hotels too, as they’re highly durable and airy. The smoothness of these bed sheets is due to the higher number of thread counts. These bed sheets are available for single, double, and Kind-sized beds. They are water-resistant and anti-bacterial too.

Material Egyptian Cotton
Thread Count 1000
Item Weight 6.9 Pounds
Color White
Manufacturer By Exceptional Sheets
Primary Use Pure Durability
Customer Rating 4.2/5 By 542 Customers


Jersey Brielle: Luxury Modal Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set

In terms of quality, the Jersey Bed Sheets stand at the 4th spot in our line-up. These are one of the best available in the world and can be used throughout the year, as they remain warm in winters and stay cool during the summer. These are very popular for the soft feel that they offer and also for their reasonablebrielle 100 percent modal from beech jersey knitted sheet set queen light blue bed sheets price tag. Jersey Bed Sheets can be found in an extensive range of colors and designs to ensure that you are able to pick one which perfectly suits your room. They are also known for their durability and quality. Moreover, they can be easily machine washed in cold water.

Jersey Bed Sheets can be purchased online, not only from Amazon but other sellers as well, though the former platform provides the best warranty and selection. They’re available for California-sized, Queen-sized, and King-sized beds, and come with a pair of pillows and a comforter. If you are looking to buy a matching set, this soft bed sheet set is the way to go.

These best sheets to buy are available in colors like Black, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Camel, Coral, Plum, Pure White, Red, and Graphite colors. They are made from 100% Jersey cloth and you also have the option of buying Brielle bed sheets in the same package, which are made from imported Jersey cloth – giving you a more exotic feel to your bed in addition to that state-side comfort. These bed sheets are highly flexible too, able to stretch to water beds or air mattresses with ease. However, while they can be hand washed or machine washed in cold water, make sure that you do not put them in dryer for a long duration. They’ll shrink like crazy!

Material 100-percent Modal from Beech
Thread Count 1000
Item Weight 5 pounds
Product Dimensions 11 x 9 x 5.5 inches
Manufacturer By Brielle
Machine washable Yes
Customer Rating 4.1/5 By 457 Customers


Best Synthesizing Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are manufactured from many different types of fabrics. Each fabric offers a distinct feeling upon touch, as well as features to suit the different needs and preferences of the buyers.

Some of the most popularly used best bed sheet materials include-

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Flannel

Let us have a detailed look at these materials.

Best Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets are the most popular and are known for their soft feeling. They are very easy to wash and help reduce night-time sweating. They are highly affordable too. However, the best cotton sheets are further divided into four categories-

  • Muslin Cotton- The muslin cotton bed sheets have a stiff textures and provide a rough feeling when touched. These cotton sheets are generally made for children and come in a wide range of bright colors and designs.
  • Combed Cotton- Combed cotton is a type in which all the impurities are filtered to ensure a soft touch and feel. These are great if you are looking for a soft bed sheet for your room.
  • Suprima Cotton- These sheets are made from long fibers to ensure enhanced durability, strength, and comfort. They are very soft and are perfect for summers and winters.
  • Egyptian Cotton- As compared to the types of cotton mentioned above, Egyptian cotton sheets are the softest. The best Egyptian cotton sheets are known for their luxurious touch and feel. As compared to other types of cotton, these bed sheets require more fibers and are very commonly used in homes as well as hotels.

The Best Silk and Satin Sheets

If you want to know what are the softest sheets, silk and satin definitely make excellent contenders. Silk sheets are very popular among consumers for the wide range of features they offer. These soft sheets will ensure that you do not sweat during the summer months, and the smooth feeling combined with their beauty makes them a perfect pick for every home. These bed sheets are generally made from Mulberry silk, which is well-known for its durability. Moreover, another major selling point of these bed sheets is the fact that they are anti-bacterial and ideal for any person suffering from allergies.

Best Flannel Bed Sheets

Flannel bed sheets are generally used in the winter months due to their ability to keep you warm. They’re not used in summer as you’ll most probably end up waking wet and sweaty. These are also very commonly used as bedding for babies due to their soft texture. Flannel is made by combining synthetics with wool and, thus, is not recommended for people suffering from any kind of allergy.

Thread Count : Higher isn’t always better

When buying a bed sheet, a common term that you will have come across is ‘thread count; What is thread count? It’s the number of threads used in horizontal and vertical positions, for synthesizing per square inch of the bed sheet. Generally, the high thread count sheets mean better quality. If you are looking to buy a soft-textured bed sheet, you should definitely buy a higher thread count.

So, what is the best thread count for sheets? For normal use, a thread count of 100-300 is ideal. However, if you are looking for one which will be used by children’s, look for between 30 and 200. High thread count sheets generally guarantee better quality and softer feeling.

how to choose the best bed sheets

Choose The Best Bed Sheets That’ll Have You Sleeping Like a Baby

To pick the right bed sheet, you should measure the width and length of the mattress. If you want to make sure that it does not looks untidy, begin your search by first calculating the size of your bed. Once you have a rough idea, search online to see what definition that falls under – King, Queen, etc. Then only buy sheets specifically fitted to that bed sheets

We have listed all the common size types to help you.

  • Twin-Sized Mattress- This mattress size is generally used for children. It can only accommodate a single person.
  • Twin-Sized Extra Large Mattress- These mattresses are generally used in hostels. They are longer than the above mentioned twin-sized mattress, but generally have same width.
  • Full-Sized Mattress- This is a double-sized mattress which can accommodate two people. However, these are generally used for a single person.
  • Queen-Sized Mattress- A queen mattress can comfortably accommodate two people. These mattresses are generally used in guest rooms.
  • King-Sized Mattress- These are also known as eastern king-size and are generally used in family bedrooms where the parents want to accommodate children with them.
  • California King-Sized Mattress- These mattresses are generally used in the western parts of the US and are longer than the standard king-sized mattresses, but are slimmer.

How to Take Care of Bed Sheets?

When you have finally purchased the best sheets in the world, to maintain their quality and ensure that they are able to last for longer, it is very important to effectively care for them. Use the tips below and your bed sheets will definitely retain their quality.

  • It is recommended that you should wash your bed sheets in cold water by hand or in a washing machine. However, you can wash them in warm water if you want to remove stains. Make sure that you never use water that is too hot, as this can damage the color.
  • Also, if you add the detergent after placing the bed sheet within, it can result in stiffness and staining, as you’d be required to put extra efforts to remove the soap completely from the high-quality sheets.
  • Make sure that you do not use any kind of bleaching agents on the bed sheets to make sure that they do not lose color or do not become weary. Normal detergent is generally adequate for washing bed sheets.
  • Make sure that you change the bed sheets every week. This will protect you from allergies and contagious illnesses when someone is sick. This will also ensure that the bed sheets are usable for a longer duration.


best bed sheets review bed sheet buying guideHere we’ve gone over the particulars of what makes a fantastic bed sheet in regards to texture, fabric, warmth, ease to clean, heat absorption, and more. Additionally, we’ve saved you the trouble of applying this knowledge to your solo hunt by giving you the best options right here at your finger tips. But as you’re choosing which suits your unique tastes, it’s important to consider that quality and style may clash at times.

For example, certain materials hold certain colors better than others. If you’re looking for the fantastic sensation of Egyptian cotton on your skin at night, then it’s wise to look for it in darker colors, as lighter ones tend to fade faster than other materials. Similarly, if you’d enjoy a light color in satin, then seek a darker shade at first, as a few washes will dull the color. With this in mind, you’re ready to make your buy.

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