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Admit it, generation today is addicted to online shopping. Buying something online makes our lives so much easier. For long, many of shady sellers with inferior products have taken the opportunity of online selling for duping innocent buyers, since there was no way to cross verify a product before purchase. But now, gone are those days when the customer was a sheep. Welcome to the era of customer reviews.

Customer Reviews” are the assessments about a particular product or service by real customers. They explain the pros, cons and their overall experience about a product so that potential customers can take guidance from it. Not only customers but even business profit from customer reviews. Statistics say that 90% of the modern customer reads online customer reviews before shopping and 88% of them trust online reviews for personal reference.yourstrust-tshirt

There are so many reasons why customer reviews are important for you-

  • You can know if a particular product is meant for you.
  • You can ensure that the product you want to buy is not fake.
  • You can find out where you can get this product for a more reasonable price.
  • You can be sure of the effectiveness of the product.
  • You can find out if a particular product is worth the money you are paying.
  • Before trying a new e-commerce site, you can be sure about the user experience on it.
  • You can be certain about the durability of a particular product

In short, the benefits of customer reviews are unlimited for the customer and it should become a crucial habit for the customer before buying anything online.

How do we do it?

Yours trust reviews several products from a variety of sections like Automotive, Tech, Appliances, Home & Kitchen, Office and Tools & Garden. Our evaluation is always in-depth so that just by reading our review the customer can be equipped with enough knowledge of the product. Firstly, we explain what the product actually is and then list the prices on different websites. We do this in order to make you aware of the online location where the product is available for a reasonable rate. We even include the “Buy Now” buttons for the ease of the customers.

Then we start with the actual review of the product. After a short introduction, we move on to explain the Pros and Features of the product. Then we list its Cons. We explain the experience with the product in a precise manner and then provide specific information about the product like the brand, shipping, warranty, customer rating and more. If you are looking for a broad category of products, say, “Best products for smooth skin”, we will provide an entire article where we will likewise review top products of that category so that you can pick the best.

Reading this kind of detailed review may take a little of your time but it will definitely help you make an informed purchase. In this way, you can be aware of each aspect of the product along with comparable products before you decide on one. This helps you choose the one product that satisfies all your requirements and preferences.

What makes us special?

To your shock, most of the review sites online are paid to write reviews. The businesses are obviously aware of the trust customers place in the reviews and many of them pay reviews online to write a favorable review for their product. You will have no way of telling if what you are reading is real or paid and this nullifies the entire reason of the existence of customer reviews.

Fortunately, Yours trust believes in maintaining your trust. For us, your trust is more important than all the money in the world. We never play with the trust you place on us and write our reviews using the methodology of “Customer Feedback”. We think that nobody can know better about the product than who has actually purchased and used it.

We check the genuine reviews and comments of the customers like you for understanding your opinion about a product. We also go through the entire internet database to analyze the views after evaluation of a particular product and understand each aspect of it. We don’t believe in lab testing of the product for reviews but real life applications because the durability or flaws of the product, in the long run, can only be understood by real world experiences.

Lab testing can give you a good amount of information of the product but will that be useful for you? The information that can prove to be useful for you is how it turned out after real people used them at home. We want to keep our reviews as close to reality and actual use as possible and that’s why we mostly depend on real feed-backs from real customers.

Our Team

Yourstrust launching a platform that is completely “from the customer and for the customer”. Abjadoon made it certain that the reviews on his site will be true and useful to its core for providing the best help to the customers.

For making this possible, Yours trust has a great team of highly talented and driven individuals. Each of our members come from a reputed background and has a respectable level of education and expertise. What sets our team apart from the rest is the dedication to what they do. It’s their hard work and analytical skills that ultimately makes our quality rich and detailed reviews possible. Our team is made of the most skilled and greatly enthusiastic people who believe in getting things done in the most efficient way!abjadoon


(Owner, Editor)

           Shahmeer-Khan                                        Rabia-Khalid                                     Rabia-Khalid         

Shahmeer                                            Rabia Khalid                                         Samia


For any quires contact us: ankjadoon01@gmail.com