A Buying Guide to the Best Windshield Wiper Blades

Best Windshield Wipers of 2018 – Buying Guide and Review

Windshield wipers are arguably one of the most important components of your car, yet they’re hardly ever thought of. They’re responsible for cleaning away rain, dirt, or mud from your view during a storm or rough terrain, but in addition, they can deflect ice, snow, and other debris. They may be unnecessary tools on most days, but when they’re needed, it’s vital that they’re up to the task.
So how much do you know about your wipers? Are some wiper models better than others? Do they actually need replaced (that is, before they break or are severely mangled)? And if they do need changed out, how often? Leaving your windshield wipers in poor condition or allowing them to become outdated can be harmful to the value of your car – as well as dangerous to your safety.
But never fear. In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about wiper maintenance, and provide you with a top tier line-up of models for 2018. What are their advantages and disadvantages? How do their specs come into play? Which suit your specific car? We cover all this and more, so you can invest in the best wiper according to its price, durability, and features.
top 5 windshield wiper blades review

Top 5 Windshield Wiper Blades

The popular windshield wipers we recommend are discussed as below:

Rain X 50792811 Screenshot_2 Synthetic Rubber Rain X 50792811 Buy Now
Bosch 26-A Screenshot_2 FX Dual Rubber Bosch 26-A Buy Now
ANCO-313124 Screenshot_2 DuraKlear Rubber ANCO-313124 Buy Now
Rain-X Weather Screenshot_2 Synthetic Rubber Rain-X Weather Buy Now
Aero Premium Screenshot_2 Synthetic Rubber Aero Premium Buy Now

Rain X 50792811

Windshield blades are known for preventing the build-up of snow and rain. If your current blades do not impress you, get the Rain-X Latitude wipers. They will solve issues of visibility when there is a heavy downfall. They are uniquely designed for the extreme weather conditions, such as ice storms.rain x 50792811 wiper blades
You can identify the windshield for its contoured frame design. Most windscreens have a curved surface. The contoured design hugs the screen surface evenly and wipes off all debris, helping the driver to have better vision even at a high speed.
Rain X wipers have developed a substructure rubber that is flexible in its movement. The encased structure of the rubber improves the grip on the screen, and is made with a graphite component known for strength and durability. This translates to the blade which becomes stronger and better able to push debris off your screen.
These windshield blades have no metal exposed; it helps prevent the blades from freezing on the screen in extremely cold conditions. When you buy these new blades, components are packed together, thus making installation easy. They come in different sizes for the different types of windscreens.
The users of Rain X Latitude find them to be highly effective with few complaints.


  • The frame is contoured and that improves the hold on the screen.
  • It cannot freeze since it has no metal
  • It is a rubber blade that is strong and durable


  • Designed for curved windscreens only
Material Synthetic Rubber
Multiple Sizes Yes
Item Weight 8 ounces
Product Dimensions 28.8 x 0.9 x 4.3 inches
Sold By Alliance Automotive
Customer Rating 4.0/5 By 3189 Customers

Rain X 50792811 Wiper Blades Buy Now

Bosch 26-A ICON

bosch 26 a icon wiper blades
Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade is preferred more than others for its durability. It has 40% FX dual rubber which has a longer life than common wipers in the market. Rubber is the most important component, and the dual rubber has a finishing edge that withstands extreme condition, deterioration, and oxidization. Bosch wipers do not deteriorate easily, since they have a resistance property to many weather conditions. In the summer when there is extremely high temperatures, the blade does not crack nor dry, and in extreme weather during the winter, it is not affected.
The design of the patented beam also has shielded connectors to improve visibility. If you are an experienced driver, you know that snow or rain hits the screen at a much faster rate and can really reduce the visibility when you are at high speeds. But with the new Bosch 26A ICON, it has a uniform pressure to the screen, thus resulting to a more powerful thrust across the surface, making the path clear. When driving, Bosch Icon 26 produces less noise, thus will not distract you.
The blade does not have hinges or brackets, which makes them easy to install. They come in different sizes which cover the full length of the windshield. The customers of Bosch have rated the product highly with good reviews.


  • The dual-rubber cleans the windscreen excellently
  • Bosch wipers have a spoiler that is included in the system to reduce the noise of the wiper
  • This rubbers is more durable than most of the competitors
  • It uses the spring loaded mechanism to improve its efficiency


  • It is more costly than other blades in the market
  • Bosch 26A Icon does not fit every car
Material FX Dual Rubber
Multiple Sizes Yes
Item Weight 8.8 ounces
Product Dimensions 2.6 x 28.7 x 1.2 in
Sold By Amazon.com
Customer Rating 4.5/5 By 3429 Customers

Bosch 26-A ICON Wiper Blades Buy Now

ANCO 31-series 31” -26” Wiper Blades

Many people prefer this set of blades because they are cheaper than other blades in the market. Apart from being affordable, these are made of a Duraklear rubber compound. That makes them recommended by a lot of car owners, as they provide a streak-free wipe. It is great to replace your worn-out blades with them, especially if you own a newer car.
anco 313124 wiper bladesThe wipers have a kwikConnect installation design system that gives a quick and smooth wipe along the surface. The OE spoiler design gives you excellent blades that clean your screen with ease. The rubbers are designed to face any weather condition.
The cleaning consistency is great with the material, providing durable service to you.


  • The blades are big, thus making the wipers more durable.
  • ANCO 31 blades are great for any harsh condition like snow and ice.
  • They are affordable.
  • The installation process of the wipers is very easy and fast.


  • They need constant repair and checks up. This also increases maintenance expenses.
  • They produce some noise when operating, and it can distract you when driving
  • The blades are made for only a few car models
  • They are not popular within markets in different regions.
Material DuraKlear Rubber
Multiple Sizes Yes
Item Weight 6.4 ounces
Product Dimensions 26.1 x 2.1 x 0.9 inches
Sold By Amazon.com
Customer Rating 4.0/5 By 2084 Customers

ANCO-313124 Wiper Blades Buy Now

Rain-X Weather Beater Blades

Rain –X Weather Beater Blades have been on the market for 15 years, and may have the same qualities as the Rain X Latitude wipers, but they’re a technological improvement on durability and strength. These improvements tackle with ease tough weather conditions that you face as you drive.
rain x weather beater blades
The Rain –X blades have a unique component: a natural squeegee that has been designed as the rubber blades themselves. The rubber can withstand heavy rains, snow, ice, and road salt, as well as other extreme conditions that are potentially dangerous when you are driving.
Weather Beater wipers have galvanized frame steel, an improvement for the fact that they cannot rust and can handle extreme weather. They do not have the curve feature that the Latitude wipers have, but offer four pressure regions on the windscreen, thus covering a wider area on the screen.
It is easy to install Rain –X wipers; you will realize that their components are not as many as in the latitude blades.


  • The Rain-X blades are simple and effective.
  • They have pressure points that improve the way they clean the windscreen.
  • The natural squeegee feature makes them great, strong, and durable.


  • They have an exposed metal frame, thus the windshield can freeze.
  • Rain-X Weather Beater blades cannot operate on a curved surface.
Material Synthetic Rubber
Multiple Sizes Yes
Item Weight 0.2 ounces
Product Dimensions 0.67 x 2.24 x 22.8 in
Sold By Amazon.com
Customer Rating 4.0/5 By 2500 Customers

Rain-X Weather Beater Blades Buy Now

Aero Premium All Season (Frameless)

Aero Premium Wipers should be your fast replacement if your car is brand new. Their All Season Frameless blades have received a high rating and the feedback from the users is also good. For instance, the Amazon customers give this wiper 4.5 out of 5, with few complaints. It is a cost effective set of wipers, and the blades come in a large size range, which is the highest in the market (13” to 28”).
aero premium all season
These wipers have a contoured feature that prevents them from being stuck with snow when there is a huge storm. The blades are designed to last longer, thus giving you a long-time cleaning service.
The rubber is specially blended and provides smooth movement, which leaves the screen clean and streak-free. The Aero Premium blades are made with an aerodynamic design that reduces noise, drag, and wind lift when you are driving at top speeds.The wipers are good for all weather and should make you comfortable when you are driving your car.


  • The wipers are not expensive, so if your old ones are worn-out, you can get these for a small investment.
  • These blades are good for all weather.


  • Aero blades only fit new cars.
  • The blades are not made for the different types windscreens.
Material  FX Dual Rubber
Multiple Sizes  Yes
Item Weight  10.1 ounces
Product Dimensions  20 x 4 x 4 inches
Sold By WiperMaster
Customer Rating  4.5/5 By 1951 Customers

Aero Premium All Season (Frameless) Buy Now

SilBlade FLX 2418 Premium Beam Wiper Blade

This particular blade is known for its smooth glide across the surface, leaving your windshield crystal clean. SilBlade blades have a unique curved design that is frameless. The wiper is able to hug the screens that are also curved with ease. This is a great windshield wiper for sports cars and SUVs.
The blade is fairly solid because of the material used to make it. SilBlade uses the adapter design that can easily be used by many cars. Before you install, remove the plastic cover that comes with the packed wiper, and use the pre-installed adapter that is packed as an asset with the size, model, and the make listed. SilBlade FLX 2418 Premium is rated at 3.8 out of 5 by customers on the Amazon site.


  • It is extremely efficient in cleaning the windscreen surface.
  • The wiper does not make a lot of noise that could distract you.
  • Packaging of the wiper is well kept.


  • SilBlade wipers are not for all weather.
  • They are not recommended especially during the cold season.
  • These wipers are not made for all vehicles.

Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology, 22”

These wipers have smart hinge joints that grip your car’s windshield securely. This top-rated blade uses the smart hybrid blend technology design with a protection against clogging. The blades have independent suspensions that adjust to the shape of the surface of the windshield.
Michelin 8522 has under gone performance tests and has outperformed all its competitors. The wiper is made durable and is manufactured tough to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is the best Michelin blade to be highly rated and have great reviews. We should recommend Michelin 8522 wipers to be your choice when you decide to replace.


  • Performance is high and guaranteed.
  • These wipers are cheap.
  • Michelin 8522 blades are durable: can last for longer than their competitors.
  • The wiper can withstand all harsh weather conditions.


  • Michelin 8522 model is not made for all vehicles.
  • It is not popular to some regions.

Valeo 90022B Frameless ULTIMATE 22”

Valeo blades are the best in aerodynamic designs to be manufactured. The wipers are a performer and have an integrated spoiler. These all-weather blades have no metal structure that therefore do not freeze. They’re made with a new Tec3 technology that is an advanced rubber component, producing a quiet flow across the wipe, which is also great because of its durability.
All of these properties of the Valeo 90022B Frameless wipers are made to impress your decision in purchasing. Valeo wipers give you an optimized performance, with many pressure points that provide a solid grip on the shield. The blades are packed with an adapter, thus making the installation process easy and fast.
It has been rated by Motor Magazine as a top performer blade, and rated by the customers with a 4 out 5 on the Amazon site.
The above seven are just some of the wipers that are highly rated and recommended for replacement. Sometimes when you are driving through in a winter storm, it’s dangerous for you, but having a good pair of rubber wipers can save your life.

The Installation of Wiper Blades

Mostly market blades are provided with adapter that help user to install specific brand products with much more ease. The most common processes use J-hooks for attachment along with small and large pins, side locks, and a top lock. Companies have started to design wiper blades that can be installed in almost every type of vehicle, without a user getting frustrated and annoyed, all thanks to the availability of extra adapters. Thus, the most common adapters are as follows:

  • Kwik Connecting System
  • Multi Adapter
  • Instant Click Adapter
  • Universal Quick Lock
  • SWIFT Adapter
  • EZSNAP Connecting Structure

How to Use Windshield Wiper Blades

Each vehicle has its own required blade size in accordance to the windshield. If you want to purchase new ones for your vehicle, you can easily visit the store to choose the best of the product for your vehicle’s model. Selecting wrongly-sized blades would result in poor cleaning results, due to the extra long or short size of the rubber blade. If the wipers are too long, then they would run over each other and wouldn’t perform the actual function of cleaning – whereas too-short a size would not cover the entire windshield to enable a plain view for the driver or a passenger.
how to use windshield wipershow to use windshield wiper blade
If one of the two blades gets worn out, you should change both of them immediately, because the other may not perform well as the new one and it would affect the view through the windshield. Similarly, even though the back windshield’s wiper blade may not come in use very often, it is necessary to alter the front and back windshields’ wiper blades simultaneously, as with the passage of time, the rubber gets cracked and may not work proficiently.
In addition, it is very important to keep the wiper blades cleaned. Be sure to frequently wash them to achieve efficient results in the long run. For this purpose, it is recommended to wash them every time you wash your car, which would favor their durability along with better performance. The simplest way is to use a piece of cloth to wipe off all the dirt and grubby material glued to the wiper blades, so as to avoid cuts and scratches to the windshield.
Also, even though you have purchased high quality and high cost wiper blades, you should prefer not to use them to clean off the snow unless absolutely necessary. This would directly damage the wiper blades and would bring thin scratches to your windshield. It would also lessen the efficiency of the wiper blades in the long run.

Signs of a Needed Replacement

There are three main indicators that you need to change your wiper blades soon:
The Climate: Extreme cold or hot weather would definitely affect your wiper blades.
The Area: A place where you drive your vehicle has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your wiper blades.
The Usage Interval: How frequent the wiper blades are used results in their level of durability.
Having worn-out blades can be a potential danger to you. When your wipers are not clearing the windscreen, you have low visibility. All you need is to replace the blades for a better model that will give your car longer service. Even if you have the best, make sure you regularly check on the windshield blades for better performance.

How to Choose the Best Wipers for Your Car?

What to look for when you want to replace your windshield blades?
In the market today, there are many different models. Apart from the size of the blade, there are other things to consider.  The make and models of wipers are rubber blades, silicon wipers, winter wipers, bracketless wiper blades, and beam blades – among many other blades. There are some blades that are made for adverse weather condition like snowfall as well.
The size, make, and model of a wiper predicts the price. The cost should not be a hindrance to purchasing the right wipers for your car. Wipers that you purchase should be durable. They should be able to stand strong weather conditions such as high temperatures, rain, or snow.
The year that the blade was manufactured should be part of your concern when you are replacing yours. The latest is the best when it comes to durability and technology.
When the blade is worn-out, we advise you to change both of them, even if it’s just one that is the problem. It does not matter how long it has been since you replaced your wipers; when you notice that the wipers are leaving a hazy region on their trail, you should change them out as soon as possible.

Benefits of Using the Best Wipers for Your Car


The material built for the wipers should be resistant to wear and tear. The blade should have strong material that can withstand high temperatures and/or the extreme cold conditions. With the right material, your windshield blades should be durable, thus reducing the need to change them frequently. When the blades are durable, it makes your car maintenance cost effective.


The first windshield blades to be created were manually operated, where you could move the lever from inside the car. Today, the wipers are operated from inside the car and can be adjusted depending on how strong the weather is, using electric motor mechanics.
Modern wipers are designed to operate off and on for a few seconds rather than continuing operation, and are run by a microprocessor. Finally, we have wipers that are rain sensors; they detect the speed of the raindrop so that they can adjust the speed themselves.

Visibility Performance

Visibility performance is how good the blade is cleaning your car’s windshield. A good windshield blade cleans 100% of the trail that it covers with ease. When the blade is leaving dirt on the surface of the windscreen, then, the wiper is either worn-out or it is not for that particular car.
The common wiper should be able to clean 85% of the screen completely.
The above factors are not only the benefit of having the best wipers for your car, but they are also recommended for safety. Good windshield blades are those that perform excellently.

Best Windshield Wipers – the Technical Detailshow to use windshield wiper blades

What you should know before purchasing a good wiper is the size of your windshield. This will help you to select the right windshield blade for your car.
Apart from the size, you should also have knowledge on the connector and wiper blade.


For older cars, they have the following types of connectors:

  • A side pin that connects the wiper arm with the blade
  • A flat and square metal piece known as Bayonet, which slides and attaches to the blade
  • Finally, a hook which goes around the blade.

These connectors are for the old models. The new type uses blade technology called the beam blades. The frame and the blade are thinner as compared to the traditional. If your car has been fitted with the new blade, you will get the following connectors:

  • Pin and hook that fits the arm and holds the pin in the right place.
  • The bayonet is for balance

Types of Wiper Blade

The wiper is made of a rubber material. The rubber for the different types of the wiper is made of different components, and is what predicts the durability of the blade.

  1. Conventional Blade

This blade has a metal frame and a thin rubber strip. They are straight in the make and are effective in removing debris from the screen.

  1. Beam Blades

These have a curve design. They prevent sticking especially in cold conditions, and have no metal that is crisscrossed.

  1. Hybrid Wiper 

These combine the beam blades and the conventional design. They possessed both curved and straight utility, and use modified frames. They are quieter than the beam and conventional blades.

top 5 windshield wiper blades review windscreen wiperPressure Points

All the above-named wipers work by applying pressure on the windshield to clear the way for better vision. The curved pressure provides a wider area of coverage, and this usually prevents wear and tear by a foreign object that lands on the glass.

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