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Best Gaming Mouse Review – Buying Guide

Selecting a mouse is very important decision because it is one the vital input devices. User must be well-aware of all its requirements and features while choosing the mouse. It is suitable for one device but may be not a good match with other. Several are the factors to consider for choosing the mouse. Three factors are involved in the choice of the best gaming mouse and these are style, comfort and features with good performance. Due to the huge market of the gaming mouse this selection becomes more difficult. It is a subjective topic and two factors are involved in it. Acceleration and Prediction should be good for competitive game. The other significant aspect is DPI numbers”.

The use of gaming mouse transforms your game into pleasure. It is an open mean to use software and Best gaming Mouse reviewhardware. The efficient mouse enables to read publishing online, messages, finger on button, input light on sensor, turning on LED, motor activation and many more. With the use of the efficient mouse you are able to perform many tasks. It assists you to save you from several other issues of handling the device. It helps you to tell your board about further actions. It gives commands to micro-controller on the board. For this purpose you can use special software and programming language for better processing. It is the best way to raise the productivity of your device in an innovative way. The users are free to edit multiple files with highlighting syntax feature in the text. Among the users these editors are highly famous due to many reasons.

Use 1-shield contains of two parts. Physical board of the gaming mouse is available with the use of micro-controller for transmitting data between system and the device. The other option is Platform and mobile app. It is integrated to open your device’s capabilities and phone’s sensors. It is a virtual shield for gaming mouse. There are many advantages of using gaming mouse. It is intended with the multiple tabs for editing and seeing the multiple files. It is used for highlighting the syntax in the text area. For offering wonderful tool plug-in for files of your system’s software.

It allows the users to save the file in the other text file format. It enables the user to script, programming language files. It consists of a powerful component for raising the functions. It contains 7.37 MHZ operating frequency. It provides support iOS version that start 9.0 and more. It provides android versions that start from 4.0 and more. With rapid page scroll it offers multiple tabs for modifying the files. It is intending with the features of the file formats, File compare, Bookmark file, Full Screen mode. For exporting files to text file format and image. It is very small in size, portable easily and very simple in use. It helps in easy and free use of software for your system. It is user’s friendly device.

  • It is able to extend with scripts, themes, syntax files, plugins.
  • It is Multi-Level/ Unlimited redo and undo
  • Easy to build system and powerful project management
  • Scripts and Snippets
  • Play back and Macro recording

It makes the tasks easy for you by raising the speed of your device. By providing plenty of benefits this device is full of smart features. It is compact and a multi-functional device.

Top 7 Picks – Gaming Mouse Review

A brief review along with specification will make your search easier for a reliable product. This review is good for providing the complete knowledge about the functionality and the technology of the mouse.

Logitech G303 Logitech G303 $ 39.00 Logitech G303 Buy Now
Corsair Corsair $ 49.99 Corsair Buy Now
Cooler Master Cooler Master $ 125.00 Cooler Master Buy Now
SteelSeries SteelSeries $ 49.97 SteelSeries Buy now
Zowie Zowie $ 59.99 Zowie Buy now
Logitech G900 Logitech G900 $ 114.50 Logitech G900 Buy now
Mionix-Castor Mionix Castor $ 59.99 Mionix Castor Buy now

Logitech G303

It is updated for windows 10. It is the wonderful device that gives the high=functionality with unique features. It is called a perfect go to device due to the Daedalus Apex. It is easily adjustable with DPI setting. For easy mouse clicks it offers 200 to 1200 adjustments for the users without filtering and sensor smoothing.

It can help you in playing FPS gaming. It is one of the best devices for claw grip. It acts as a hand freeLogitech G303 Best gaming Mouse review because it can be set up in front of you. For containing the easy to touch interface it helps you in safe gaming. You can communicate through this device. It will help you out in keeping you in a free state of mind. If you are busy in listening music, then automatically you are able to attend the call without getting any panic as well as get the help from device.

There is no extra wire connection that can bother you. You are entirely free for doing your work with concentration. The idea behind the designing this device is the safety of the users. No doubt it has reduced the 90 percent risk of accidents due to the distraction. Now there will be no disturbance due to these reasons inside the cars.

It is safe to use this device. It is very beneficial for safe usage. Due to its advanced technology that has complete control on mobile phones, iPhone with a loud voice and much more. It needs to have it in your car because it helps you in enjoying the driving as well as enjoying the music.

  • It has the features that are full of convenience, comfort and protection.
  • It is lightweight
  • It contains easy to push button interface
  • It is designed with easy layout of good buttons
  • It is formed for claw grip
  • It contains no adjustable weights
  • It is the true blend of security, convenience and entertainment.
  • This device is ideal for creating a small network around you.
  • Using Logitech G303 is the true way of listening calls, music and writing texts when your hands are free.
  • You can get information by touching the screen
  • The device is much more efficient due to low lift off distance.
  • You can be able to get approach to your phone list by easy clicking on your system.
  • All these facilities are to make you free, for quick gaming.

Offers bright Display

It is intended with capabilities of dual-orientation to offer the vertical and horizontal display. It allows the cursor to move smoothly on the surface that is excellent for your competitive game.
Check updates

You can check your updates on the device. It offers easy to click interface for the convenience of the users. For offering detailed information and free updates this device is incredible in use.

Unique infrastructure
Due to unique infrastructure and extraordinary sensitivity it is functional device. Its sensor is extra-efficient and offers high quality performance. It is highly beneficial for easy playing and a great assistance for the user to be on the right way to the destination. Offering a solid security to the users by developing software for your system is the mission behind designing this device.

Wireless technology
It is very easy to install because there is no net of wires that makes your work very easy. Due to sleek design it is ergonomic. It is attractive if it is kept with your modern device or system. It contains 6 programmable buttons. It makes your gaming experience memorable. For offering several adjustments it is an ideal device. For offering easy to use user interface it is incredible in many ways. It is built for long term play. It is durable.

It is the recognized and leading international source of innovation that provides the complete protection to your system with the help of the modern technology. In keeping you on, the right way and to have a great convenience it is dynamic. It strives to develop a strong organization that has the solid foundation of technology in the configuration.

Brand Logitech
Programmable Buttons 6
Sensor High-definition optical
On-the-fly DPI control 12,000 dpi
Wireless Type 802.11abg
Hardware Platform PC
OS Support Windows Vista Wind 8, 8.1, Wind 7,  Mac OS X 10.8.x or later
Color Black
Weight 7.2 ounces
Customer Rating 4.5/5 By 805 Customers

Logitech Daedalus BuyNow

Corsair M65

It provides easy gaming on comprehensive lines for the majority of the customers at commercial level as well as residential stage. Manufacturer of this device is the heart of the electronic world, and is extremely popular for the modern and unique style of technology. The manufacturer performs at the epicenter of the technology, innovation and modernism. These uniquely designed products are full of innovation and creativity. They have been designing several sorts of electronics for consumers, especially home appliances and the machinery that can be used at home for many years. It offers devices different Corsair M65 FPS Gaming Mousetechnologies.

For high performance of gaming to your devices the use of Corsair M65 is a right option. While using this device forget about the problems of a poor connection and buffering. Just play and enjoy the solid connectivity due to this device. The wireless technology produces a speedy dual band that means you can enjoy, streaming video, video games and online games with efficient mouse. The user can watch movies online without the problem of poor function of the mouse. It works without any interruption and offers a high speed, scroll for the comfort of the clients. Its processor of dual core enhances the functionality of the device and maintains the running of the internet fast as well smooth.

Description of the Product

  • It contains adjustable weight
  • It is intended with number of hot keys and programmable buttons
  • It offers textures feel with great look
  • The adjustable lift off distance makes it more efficient
  • Right handed device

This Corsair M65 is highly useful for boosting the signals of your game. There is no need to use any tips or techniques for raising the connectivity or high speed network. For containing a bunch of smart features it is admired at global level. Some of the important features are given below.

Wireless Technology

It is a modern device that contains innovative features of wireless technology. It works efficiently by releasing infrared beam and boosts the connectivity for the convenience of the users. For beam forming technology, it makes the connection stronger with assisting the device to focus infrared gadgets. This technology makes your tasks very easy and its execution very simple. There is no net of wires around you and you can place the device wherever you want in the home or office. Fewer wires make its adjustment simple and easy for the users. It empowers the signals due to the dual USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.

Works good with Superior WiFi Coverage

If your wifi device contains high powered amplifiers and 3 dual band antennas to create a solid signal of WiFi across the building then it works more efficiently. Feel free to enjoy the solid gaming with instant results wherever you want. For providing you complete relaxation by reducing the tension of poor connection, it is a powerful device that is popular for an outclass efficiency. It depends on the perception completely. It is very simple to use because there is no computer software is required for this purpose. For offering an easy setup and high functionality it is appreciated by the majority of the users in the global market.

Perfect for Intuitive Mobile Interface and Media Sharing

It is very easy to connect with other external drives due to the USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Its keys and buttons are used to perform your tasks very easily. It helps in easy sharing of data, music, video, photos and files without any cable connection. In this way you can share data from one device to another very easily in the building. For offering a wide coverage area it is a powerful mouse. Enjoy easy gaming for managing and setting up solid infrared signals. It is designed for your system, tabs, laptops and personal computers. It helps in accessing signals on the tablet and on the mobile.

Brand Corsair
Frame Aluminum
Sensor 8200 DPI laser sensor
Color Black
Wireless Type 802.11abg
Hardware Platform PC
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 2.8 inches
Weight 11.2 ounces
Shipping Free
Warranty 2 Year Limited
Customer Rating 4.3/5 By 124 Customers


Cooler Master Xornet II

A simple little trick that will boost your gaming style is to use an innovative and the best gaming mouse. For this purpose Cooler Master Xornet II is a right option. It is one of the efficient devices that is used to provide solid signals. Utilizing this mouse is the right decision for the clients who need efficient mouse for quick gaming.Cooler Master Xornet II Optical Gaming Mouse

Can work with Wi-Fi System
It helps with easy cursor motion in a better way to signing into the Wi-Fi system. It permits the clients to get solid signals and to sign into the expansion. Do not keep any extender in the area where the signals are poor. Signals split in the area that is covered by walls. The other element that must be remembered for getting great signals is to put the switch close to the repeater. It is the secret to give a solid sign by clearing the check between both the gadgets.

Product Description

  • For offering all time technical support to the users it is an ideal option.
  • It facilitates with configuration and setup
  • It offers customize-able settings
  • It contains ergonomic design with sleek look
  • It is intended with adjustable lift-off distance
  • Easy scrolling with sensitive sensor
  • For sharing data media, files and printers across your network it contains USB ports of 2.0 and 3.0
  • It can handle a wireless and wired connection without any hurdle due to the powerful processor of 1 GHz dual-core
  • Contains the modern wireless technology and beamforming innovation
  • This beam-forming technology is helpful in creating a powerful connection
  • For reliability and wireless coverage it contains 3 detachable antennas that perform very well.
  • Powerful and efficient sensor
  • It does not contain adjustable weight
  • It feels little heavier for the users during game
  • It offers smooth scrolling

For containing a modified technology, it is highly efficient. It is the modern technology that helps in catching the strong signals in an effective way. It is the cutting edge innovation that aides in getting the solid signals in a powerful way. The infrared technology will empower to locate or find the signals all around equally. It does not distribute the signals in just a direction. Along these lines the infrared rays will help in expanding the signals here of the home where the signs are weak.

It is a trustworthy mouse that gives the support of 802.11 ac router. It is efficient for sharing data very easily. This double –band innovation is the best approach to raise the signals. It can improve the velocity of the Internet association of the ipad. It is very easy to use and adjust. For containing the wireless technology, it is an innovative device to boost up the gaming. Using this device for powerful performance is the right option for the users. Among the users it gets popularity because of the high functionalities in many ways. It is the device that contains a modern technology. It is an omni-directional device that transmits the signals in all directions because changing the direction is not possible all the time. Due to the unique infrastructure it is very easy to use.

Brand Cooler Master
Grip Rubberized
Sensor 3320 optical
On-the-fly DPI control 500-3500 dpi
Wireless Type 802.11G, 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency, 802.11 a/b/g/n
Hardware Platform PC
OS Support Windows
Color Black
Weight 4.6 ounces
Customer Rating 4.1/5 By 56 Customers

Cooler Master Optical Lighting BuyNow

SteelSeries rival 300

Facing the problems of uneven or weak performance of mouse is a common issue. It can be easily solved by using best gaming mouse. The SteelSeries rival 300 is the device that is used to boost up the gaming efficiency with the help of the lift-off distance. Commonly people use to move the wireless devices from SteelSeries Rival 300the area where systems are kept but this device is highly efficient in empowering the easy movement of cursor.

The clients want to avoid the problem of corrupting signals by moving the mouse or other gadgets, for example, wireless devices, mobile phones, monitors and some others. It is the normal truth that some remote gadgets are worked on the same frequency that is the reason of weak signals, if the client is sitting close to the remote gadgets. This model is highly functional and can be placed anywhere with your system. Keep these gadgets in the other room, along these lines the client will have the capacity to show signs of improvement way. But if you have Steel-Series rival 300 then there is no need to worry about.

By utilizing this device you can get quick output because it is extremely reliable. It contains the most dominant technology. It is one of the efficient devices that offer solid signals with infrared beam for web browsing, checking mail, video streaming, video games. For offering 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band it is extremely wonderful for doing routine tasks. It can be adjusted with dual USB ports of C9’s for sharing music, photos and files. The beam-forming technology is highly helpful for strengthening the connection to the device.


  • Supportive
  • Offers a premium technical support
  • 24/7 easy use
  • 2-year warranty Industry-leading
  • Infrared technology
  • Good build quality
  • Response time customize-able
  • Little heavy
  • Limited buttons and layout

For containing the innovative technology it is a right option to enhance the speed of your gaming style. It is the best device that helps you to connect with others. The modified features and the unique configuration make it a must have device for your home to increase the signals. By using these ways and steps signals can be increased.

  1. By Changing the position of the router in the room
  2. By Switching of the wireless devices or keeping it far away from the router
  3. By purchasing an external antenna to catch the signals efficiently
  4. It is difficult to purchase Omni-directional or high gain antenna to boost up signals
  5. By using an extender

But, by keeping this mouse you do not need to do the above tasks for better gaming signals. It will help you in getting rid of all these techniques to perform. It contains all the features that ensure the 100% solid output. The use of modern technology makes it an essential device.

Brand SteelSeries
Programmable Buttons 6
Sensor Optical
CPI & IPS 6500 CPI / 200 IPS
Wireless Type 802.11abg
Hardware Platform PC
Grip Style Palm / Claw
Color Multiple Options
Weight 4.6 ounces
Warranty 30 Days Purchase Warranty
Customer Rating 4.1/5 By 597 Customers

SteelSeries amazon BuyNow

Zowie FK1

The best gaming mouse is the most dependable and eligible device that is extremely efficient in improving your gaming style with smooth scrolling and high-functionality. The use of this device is very safe while you are busy with monitor. These are masters of quick performance and are recommended in competitive gaming. You can be able to keep your hands on the buttons and your eyes only watch the Zowie Gear BenQ Gaming Mousescreen. In this way you will feel safe on game. It makes your gaming quick.


  • It is Ambidextrous
  • It contains high quality sensor that is entirely sensitive for easy-going
  • It is intended with DPI adjustment
  • Its scroll wheel is less efficient that does not offer easy scrolling
  • Its Huano switches are not suitable for all
  • It has lack of customization option
  • It is very easy to use and install in the system
  • Intending with the click button interface for the convenience of the users
  • It does not need any subscription and contains no fee
  • It is a lightweight device that is available at your smartphone, android and iPhone
  • It is helpful for you to share existing data or the important information
  • Assists in displaying data towards nearby services such as hospitals, stores and restaurants.
  • It is an ideal choice for offering updates regarding the route to your destination
  • It offers a clear image of the junction towards your route during game
  • It is an ideal choice for helping to get the right option during game

It contains modern technology. It provides the facility to share data from your cell phone, ipod or other mobile device. It helps you to know the right way immediately without the hassle of driving. It is the device that is having multi-functional technology. It is an automatic device that needs no on or off buttons to regulate. You need not to divert your attention for monitoring it. The modern close range consists of the screen touch interface band, communication device and electronic device. It is extremely secure as the hand free is. It has the quality to entertain you without disturbing and distracting. It provides safe and sound driving. As soon as you start your system it gets ready. It is a cutting edge-technology that does not have messy wires and portable.

Using for getting the right way is very important. For containing easy and simple adjustment features it is very convenient to setup in the car. Due to the unique configuration, it offers a wonderful output. It is efficient and multi-functional device. Among the users, it is highly popular for providing true help to the users. It is very safe to use and easy to set up. It is one of the most dependable devices that offers the efficient services as per the requirement of the current needs.

Brand Addice
USB report rate 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz
Sensor 3310 optical sensor
DPI adjustment 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
Wireless Type 802.11 a/b/g/n
Hardware Platform PC
OS Support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows XP Home Edition, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar
Color Black
Weight 3.2 ounces
Warranty 30 Days Purchase Warranty
Customer Rating 4.4/5 By 474 Customers

Zowie Ambidextrous BuyNow

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

It comes with optical sensor of 10,000 DPI 4G. It is entirely DPI native. It is utilized with ultra-slick feet that allow smooth scrolling and easy gliding. It contains five buttons. This device is great due to the optimized and instant presses. It is hyper-responsive. It is less sensitive. It is intended with extra-ordinary soft-rigged and large scroll wheel. It is responsive and smooth. This best gaming mouse is durable. Its unique infrastructure is highly wonderful for improving the sensitivity of the device.

It is the trend of today that Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is getting popular at the global level. The Logitech G900 Wired Wireless Gaming Mousemajority of users use it for getting quick output in the gaming. It is helpful to lead you properly for competitive gaming in the trade shows, conferences, casinos, restaurants, airports, hospitals and universities. It provides the support to the idea that it has to provide style to the customers to make them unique and different from others. You will not find its technology casual and informal because it always prefers style and class for you. It welcomes you to fix it on your conventional appliance and own it forever. It is designed by knowing the worth of the customer, so it offers custom items for the valuable clients.


  • It is intended with the easy to use user interface
  • It is a user’s friendly device
  • Very easy to install and simple in use
  • It allows you tension free output by displaying the quick result brightly on the screen
  • It is integrated with the comprehensive technology
  • Offers security against online threats and viruses
  • It can be installed all your devices, including tablets, smartphones, Macs, PCs
  • Provides complete protection for driving
  • Allows security and efficiency in output
  • Free updates and detailed map display
  • Intended with best gaming mouse technology
  • It is integrated with smart link compatible
  • Offers a comprehensive guidance for gaming
  • It contains fine tuning software
  • It is adjustable lift-off distance
  • It contains sleek design
  • Its weight is not adjustable

Exclusive Quality
It is Prominent for quality and efficiency. It is known in the business sector for the prominent quality and the most proficient administrations. These are available due safe and secure prediction. It generally delivers the items of amazingly great quality and astounding style. It does not require any introduction due to the distinction of the things and the incomprehensible interest. It is amazingly wanted and requesting by most of the individuals in the business.

Innovative and technical:
It is unique, classy and the innovative. The use of the latest technology makes it demanding and the different form the other devices. The real goal is to make customers happy and to prefer the satisfaction of the customer. The perfection of the devices and the efficiency of your item is the main concern that is due to the good acceleration. It conveys the excel services with greatest contented safety for the customer by maintaining the relationships with them. It performs with immense efficiency and provides you true delight and amusement any place. It utilizes an extraordinary technology with fascinating style. It offers momentous organizations for the immense satisfaction of the respectable clients.best gaming mice

Amazing service:

For containing high specifications this is an ideal choice.

  • Offering quick start manual
  • Contains USB cable
  • Lifetime functionality
  • Offers navigator
  • Easy to use interface

It is an innovative device for guiding you a true route towards your destination. It is popular for its ergonomic design and comfortable use. It is designed with the shape that is fit to the palm. It comes with the rubber side grips and matte surface. It is a perfect device for long term usage. It makes your gaming feasible and fluent for hours. It is lightweight and smoothly run on the surface due to the efficient scrolling wheel. Its weight is not adjustable but it is a smooth and comfortable device. It is scalable with modern technology. It is one of the best gaming devices for the lefties. With the variety of programmable buttons it is very easy to use.

Brand Logitech
Programmable Buttons 11
Sensor High-definition optical
DPI shifting 12,000 dpi
Connection type Wireless + USB corded
Hardware Platform PC
OS Support Windows 10 or later, Windows 8,8.1, 7, Mac OS X 10.6.x or later
Color Black
Weight 3.8 ounces
Customer Rating 4.5/5 By 433 Customers

Logitech Spectrum Professional Wireless BuyNow

Mionix Castor

With efficient prediction the Mionix Castor is the best gaming mouse. It is versatile due to the variety of hardware and software usage. It offers exclusive comfort to its users and smart features. It is a light weight device that offers right-hand grip. Its placement, design, button layout and other features are suitable as per gripping style. It is lighter for claw. It offers easy fingertips grippers.

It is a perfect for racing game that has come back in a modified form. It offers a solid determination for Mionix Castor Multi Color Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouseenjoying these online games in a realistic way. The true way of playing the game by destroying the enemy by hook or crook is to understand the features of the game. There are many devices appear on the screen and the player can use these items after getting them to destroy the enemy. By running over the icon where it has appeared you can avail it immediately. Its polling rate is dynamic that enhances its functionality.

The main objective of the device is to finish your hassle during gaming. The extraordinary efficient sensor is composed according to your advantage and offer sensitivity. It is extremely entertaining for the players due to the six easy to operate programmable buttons. Its DPI switch is adjustable. It gives incredible output with perfect formation of hot keys, scroll wheel and DPI switch. Its outside matte finish is the prime attraction. Its LED colors are amazing.

Offers perfect Game Control:

Getting the control on the game is a little difficult for the player. This device gives you opportunity to hold the game very easily. The user can win the game after getting the game control entirely. It can be done very easily with its programmable buttons at a time; they can have game control in the start of the game. It contains the smart features with mode of single player that gives you the facility to play alone with the computer. It is the fact for playing the game in single player mode; you will have to face a strong opponent in the form of computer.

Game Mode:

It is used for the games that contain multiple modes. The game can be played in three modes. It contains the single player mode for the users who want to play alone, but they will face the computer as their opponent. It gives you the opportunity to play with one, two and three players at a time. They use the mouse to have a control on the game.

It is intended with five separate button profiles. With real-time and record macros it is efficient for the users. It is intended with four layers of rubber coating.
The use of the latest technology in this modern device enhances its efficiency. It is designed in the way that it can provide you long term functionality. These are made up of sturdy material. Due to the modified technology, these are durable and very easy to use.

For containing unique configuration and innovative technology, this mouse is a must have item for your fun. The company replaces the damaged item if it is broken in the early days. It is a solid support for the clients and their convenience.

Brand Mionix
Processor 32bit ARM
Sensor Zero Acceleration 10000DPI
Built-in memory 128 Kb
Coating Rubber (4 Layers)
Hardware Platform PC
Dimensions 4.8 x 1.6 x 2.8 inches
Color Black
Weight 3.2 ounces
Warranty 1 Year
Customer Rating 4.1/5 By 265 Customers

Mionix Multi Color BuyNow

How to choose the best gaming mouse?

There are several ways by using you will be able to choose an authentic device. Some of the important features are given below that should be kept in mind before purchasing the device.How to choose the best gaming mouse

1. Lift-off Distance

It means the efficiency of the mouse before the sensor starts to lose its functionality for tracking the movement of mouse. For quick gaming you need efficient landings and lift-offs. Lower lift-off is admired by the majority because it is effective to safe the cursor from continue motion. It offers good adjustments. High lift-off distance mouse may have unwanted movement of cursor and continue tracking.

2. Weight

Weight is the first aspect in the selection of the mouse. It is a key factor in competitive and precise gaming. A lightweight and adjustable mouse is good for your device. A fine-tuning mouse is helpful in performing comfortable and predictable motion.

3. Programmable button

Programmable buttons is the distinction between gaming mouse and a regular mouse. The best gaming mouse contains many buttons. All these buttons perform as hot keys with the help of the programming. Its action is faster and offers high quality to its users. For different games you need different hot keys in your mouse. For a particular game you need some specific buttons in your mouse, for example FPS gaming requires sniper buttons.

4. Sensor

It is a system that facilitates the user to view remotely, that can be controlled through internet on computer easily. It is the thing on which the functionality of the mouse is based on. These sensors are available in different sizes. It is determined as per the functionality of the mouse.

5. Polling rate

The rate of transferring data between computer and mouse is called polling. The polling rate is measured in mouse in hertz. Higher polling makes your mouse more efficient. The pooling of the mouse is outstanding and that is measured by the hertz lines. If the mouse has, the more hertz then it delivers the best result.best gaming mouse yourstrust

6. Prediction

For good and perfect motion the mouse is the built with prediction software. It helps in easy moving and working in a proper way.

7. Acceleration

The best gaming mouse is always formed for quick moving on the screen. If your mouse is moving smoothly and speedily on the screen it means it is an efficient device. Its speed is measured in Gs. With high quality and unique configuration you can find these devices highly functional. These features make your device highly incredible for you. It is completely comfortable to use if its acceleration is more.

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