5 Tips Buying Best Paper Shredders

While buying paper shredder isn’t a rocket science, it’s much more than heading to an online store, looking through a collection and specifications, and then placing your order. When buying a paper shredder for your office, this process is a recipe for disaster.

If you’re looking to buy a good (and affordable) machine, you must keep your eyes and ears open. You must look beyond all the cliched tips and recommendations.

5 Tips Buying The Best Paper Shredders

Here are 5 things nobody told you about buying one of the best paper shredders

5 tips paper shredder buying

  1. You will be confused (a lot!)

Yes, the market is filled with so many types and varieties of paper shredders that you will actually be very confused. All the specifications, features and prices will make you wonder which one to buy. And perhaps this is the biggest reason why you’re always advised to know your exact need and requirement before actually heading out to buy.

  1. “Cheapest” is never good in quality

You may have managed to strike discounts when shopping for clothes and buy premium quality at cheap price. But this scheme doesn’t work when buying paper shredders. Since there’s always a trade-off between quality and price, you must be ready to spend a decent amount to purchase a high-performance paper shredding machine.

  1. You should consider its running time

If yours is a bulk need and you need to shred countless sheets for long, it is imperative that you consider the overall running time of the machine. You should look for a shredder that offers at least 40-minutes running time. Also, factor their cooling time- how quickly will they be ready to work again.

  1. The capacity of the wastebasket

You sure don’t want the frequent inconvenience of emptying the wastebasket, do you? It’s very common that if you’re disposing of bulk of papers, the basket will be filled very quickly. So look for paper shredder that has a large, jam-proof waste basket.

  1. The security level

How fine the does the shredder cuts papers? Can the disposed of papers be read? Do you need to re-shred the papers to be very sure? These are few security questions that should stay in your head when shopping. Look for a machine that shreds papers into very small particles, offering high security-level.

These are 5 important things that people forgo when shopping for the best paper shredders. Keep them in mind and make a perfect purchase online.

Still confused?

We’ve got you covered with a high-performance, economical paper shredder.

Bonsaii C149-C Shredder

This next-generation of paper shredding machine redefines quality and elegance at the very finest.buying best paper shredders Packing a range of advanced features, the high-performance machine vouches to deliver on your bulk shredding needs with high accuracy.

It highlights a continuous 60-minutes running time with patented cooking system for mass documents. Shredding tiny particles measuring 5/32 x 2/5 inches, it guarantees maximum security. Also, it has a large 6 gallons pull-out wastebasket, ensuring you enjoy the full convenience.

On the look-front, the paper shredder looks just as appealing, with clean and sophisticated finishing. Already boasting one of the best paper shredders review on Amazon, were you looking for a good machine, buy ‘Bonsaii EverShred C149-D 12-Sheet Micro-cut Paper Shredder, 60 Minutes Running Time, Overload and Thermal Protection, Draw-out 6 Gallon Wastebasket Capacity, with 4 Casters’.

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