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The Best Bed Sheets Choosing Guide

You want to buy the best bed sheets online. However, not sure how, you popped Google, searched for some tips and reviews in a hope to get some help. Less did you know that you’re going to end up even more confused with so diverse and contradicting tips and bed sheets review boggling down your mind.

This is quite common. And we’ve all been there!

While it isn’t a rocket science, buying bed sheets isn’t that simpler either. Sure you can head to the store and purchase whatever looks nice and affordable. But given just how important they are for a pleasant and peaceful experience on your bed, that’s not how you should do. There’s a host of things that you need to keep in mind when shopping online, from their size and fabric material to look and thread count.

best bed sheet guide

To help you put your right foot forward, here are 4 ultimate tips—tips to help you buy best bed sheets:

  1. The right fabric material

Bed sheets come in plenty of varieties, in terms of quality. A wide range of fabric materials are used, including polyester, cotton, satin, silk, and flannel. Each comes with their own distinct features. And which one should you go with is your personal choice. If you want something soft, cotton is the best option. Satin is known for their super smooth base. And flannel bed sheet makes up for a perfect winter choice because of their warming properties.

  1. The perfect fit

Buying bed sheets of the right size is very important. Buy a small one and your entire money goes down in drain. Buy something big and you’ll have to deal with the inconvenience of tucking things in; and there will be lot of wrinkles as well. So measure the size (and thickness) of your mattress (twin-size, full-size and more). Like if your mattress size is 40×75”, go for bed sheets of 40×80”.

  1. Factor Thread counts

While as important as it is, many people simply overlook to factor thread counts when buying bed sheets. Thread count is a number of threads used in horizontal and vertical position for synthesizing per square inch of the bed sheet. You must look for bed sheet with high thread counts; of course, the more the count, costly will it be. So know the kind of softness you’re looking for from your bed sheet and then choose accordingly.

  1. The overall design

Of course, in recent times the look of the bed sheet has become more important than ever. Buyers are looking for the most stylish, in-trend sheets. And top brands are delivering on this perfectly. Today, you will find many custom varieties available online. So be careful in picking the right one that suits your needs and preferences. One simple “hack” is to go for bedding sheets which sync in with your room and furniture, in terms of color and style.

Of course, things are easier said than done. So it’s okay if you’re still confused. Screening through a big pile, we have selected one of the best bed sheets for you.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

This bed sheet redefines quality and finesse from every angle. 100 percent polyester, its base is smooth Mellanni Bed Sheet Setand uber soft, vouching you a completely delightful experience. It’s wrinkle free and stain resistant, offering easy wash and care. Coming in ample of varieties, the bed sheet is perfect for every kind of room, kids to adults. To that, you get lifetime guarantee.

So enjoy a luxurious experience at an economical price tag. Add to your room a sophisticated touch and to your ‘bed time’ a high-comfort value. Invest in designer, superior range of Mellanni Bed Sheet Set.

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